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YOLU Hair Oil [Relax Night Repair] 80ml

YOLU Hair Oil [Relax Night Repair] 80ml

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Product Description

The Nighttime Beauty Hair Oil is a lightweight, easily absorbed hair oil designed to protect and nourish your hair while you sleep. With the concept of a night cap, this product shields your hair from friction and dryness damage that can occur during sleep. It contains beauty essence ingredients that intensively target and repair the damage sustained during the day. The oil is infused with a calming Jasmine and Petitgrain fragrance, designed to promote restful nights. With its intensive overnight repair, you can wake up to manageable, silky smooth hair every morning.

Product Specification

This product is a nighttime hair oil that contains beauty essence ingredients. It is designed to protect hair from friction and dryness damage during sleep. The oil is scented with Jasmine and Petitgrain fragrance.


Apply the Nighttime Beauty Hair Oil to your hair before sleep to protect it from damage and to nourish it overnight. The oil will leave your hair manageable and silky smooth the next morning.

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