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Super soft shampoo SUPER MILD aroma of herbs, Shiseido

Super soft shampoo SUPER MILD aroma of herbs, Shiseido

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  • Super soft shampoo with a mild aroma of herbs
  • Gentle caring shampoo that protects hair from damage
  • Protects against dryness and friction
  • Moisturizes hair with ingredients containing vitamin E
  • Refreshing scent of green, giving a sense of lightness
  • Makes hair easy to comb
  • Has low acidity
  • Suitable for all types of hair
  • Available in 600 ml hard package and 400 ml soft pack-refill
  • Manufactured by Shiseido in Japan
    • Introducing the Super Mild Herb Aroma Shampoo by Shiseido - the ultimate solution for soft, healthy hair.

      This gentle and nurturing shampoo is formulated to protect and preserve the vital components of your hair structure, shielding them from damage. It acts as a barrier against dryness and friction, while its enriching ingredients, including vitamin E, provide deep hydration. The refreshing scent of green herbs uplifts the senses, leaving you with a feeling of lightness.

      After using this shampoo, your hair becomes effortlessly manageable, making detangling a breeze. Its low acidity makes it suitable for all hair types.

      To use, simply apply the shampoo to wet hair, lather, and rinse thoroughly with water. Repeat the process if necessary for desired results.

      Please remember to store this product in its original packaging at room temperature, away from the reach of children. Avoid letting water enter the inside of the container to maintain its quality.

      This shampoo comes in two convenient sizes: a 600 ml hard package and a 400 ml soft pack-refill option.

      Shiseido, a renowned manufacturer from Japan, brings you this exceptional hair care product.

      Experience the Super Mild Herb Aroma Shampoo and embrace the beauty of healthy hair.

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