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Shiseido DRY Shampoo, Dry shampoo for all hair types , bottle, 250ml

Shiseido DRY Shampoo, Dry shampoo for all hair types , bottle, 250ml

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  • Shiseido DRY Shampoo
  • Dry shampoo for all hair types
  • Comes in a bottle, 250ml
  • Convenient for busy people, travel, or cold weather
  • No water or hairdryer needed
  • Removes dirt, grease, and smell from scalp and hair
  • Eliminates itching and dandruff, provides freshness to scalp
  • Made by Shiseido, from Japan
    • Introducing the Shiseido DRY Shampoo, a dry shampoo suitable for all hair types. This convenient bottle contains 250ml of product, making it perfect for those on the go.

      Ideal for busy individuals, travelers, or during colder weather when washing hair with regular shampoo may not be possible. This dry shampoo allows you to cleanse your hair anytime and anywhere without the need for water or a hairdryer.

      The Shiseido DRY Shampoo effectively removes dirt, grease, and foul odors from your scalp and hair. It also helps alleviate itching and dandruff while providing a refreshing sensation to your scalp.

      To use, simply apply the shampoo to dry hair several times, adjusting the amount according to your hair length. Massage it thoroughly, and then gently towel dry your head.

      Shiseido, the manufacturer of this high-quality product, hails from Japan. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of this dry shampoo today! Available in a 150ml size, which can be purchased here.

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