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Ichikami [Smooth Care] Shampoo Pump 480ml

Ichikami [Smooth Care] Shampoo Pump 480ml

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[Unlocking the Essence of Japanese Hair]

- Dive into the essence of Japanese hair care with a brand dedicated to repairing and preventing damage using the power of Japanese herbs, meticulously researched to cater to the needs of Japanese hair types. Achieve silky, shiny hair with beautiful movement that begs to be admired.

🌸 [Preventive Hair Beauty Ingredients for Silky Hair]
- Ichikami delves into extensive research on Japanese women's hair, incorporating pure Japanese herb premium extracts known for their moisturizing properties, repairing and preventing damage caused by dryness and friction. The inclusion of "Asuha" extract, rich in nutrients like polyphenols, amino acids, and vitamins, further enhances damage repair and improves hair suppleness.

🌸 [Silky Smooth Hair Finishing]
- Experience the transformative effects of fine foam, adept at repairing damage from friction and preventing cuticle peeling. Even hair prone to tangling and stiffness can be effortlessly smoothed with just your fingers.

🌸 [Gentle Care for Hair and Scalp]
- Embrace the sulfate-free formula across the entire series, ensuring gentle care for both hair and scalp. The shampoo boasts a non-silicone formula featuring plant-derived amino acid-based cleansing ingredients such as Lauroylsarcosine TEA and Lauroylmethylalanine Na.

🌸 [Cherry Blossom-inspired Fragrance]
- Immerse yourself in the anticipation of Japan's cherished moment—the blooming of cherry blossoms—with a fragrance evoking the freshness and loveliness of wild cherry blossoms. From the shampoo's "Full Bloom Scent" to the conditioner's "Seven Bloom Scent" and the treatment's gradual bloom of the "Full Bloom Scent," experience the essence of cherry blossoms with each use.




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