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Dariya Momori Peach Hair Cream

Dariya Momori Peach Hair Cream

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Introducing the Dariya Momori Moist Hair Cream, specially formulated for those with hard-to-manage, thick, and stubborn hair types. This rinse-free treatment comes in a creamy consistency, offering a convenient solution for hair care needs. Each container holds 5.3 ounces (150 grams) of product.

Product Features:

  • Damage Control: This hair cream is designed to provide effective damage control, addressing common concerns associated with styling and environmental stressors.
  • Hair Type: Suitable for normal hair types, providing nourishment and hydration without weighing the hair down.
  • Scent: Enjoy the delightful aroma of peach with the Fruity Fleur scent, offering a sweet and gentle fragrance experience.
  • Liquid Volume: Each bottle contains 3.4 fluid ounces of the product, ensuring an ample supply for regular use.
  • Item Form: Presented in a creamy form, facilitating easy application and absorption into the hair strands.
  • Brand: Produced by the renowned brand モモリ, known for its commitment to quality hair care products.
  • Number of Items: Each purchase includes one container of the product, offering a convenient single-use solution.
  • Unit Count: With a unit count of 150.0 grams, users can expect a generous amount of product to fulfill their hair care needs.
  • Item Volume: Providing 100 milliliters of product volume, ensuring a sufficient supply for multiple applications.

About This Item:

  • Weight: Weighing 5.3 ounces (150 grams), this hair cream offers a substantial amount of product for extended usage.
  • Softening and Moisturizing: Formulated to soften and moisturize even the most challenging hair types, including hard, thick, and stiff hair textures.
  • Fruity Fleur Scent: Infused with the delightful fragrance of peach, offering a refreshing and invigorating sensory experience.
  • Enriched with Peach Extract: This hair cream is enriched with peach extract, known for its moisturizing properties, ensuring optimal hydration for your hair.
  • Peach Oil Blend: Incorporating peach oil, a natural hair protection component, to shield your strands from environmental aggressors and styling tools.
  • Dryness Prevention: Keeps your hair dry and comfortable, even in humid conditions, for a refreshed and manageable look throughout the day.
  • Heat Protection: Featuring a heat protective formula, this hair cream safeguards your strands from the damaging effects of heat styling tools like hair dryers, preserving the health and integrity of your hair.

Please use this product with caution if you notice any abnormalities on your skin or scalp. Cease usage immediately if the cosmetics do not suit your skin or scalp, as continued use may exacerbate symptoms. We strongly advise consulting a dermatologist in such cases. Discontinue use if you experience any of the following during application: (1) Redness, swelling, itchiness, irritation, color loss (including white spots), or dark spots. (2) Sun-induced abnormalities on your skin or scalp. Avoid application on areas with existing abnormalities such as scratches, swelling, or open wounds. If contact with eyes occurs, rinse thoroughly. Keep out of reach of infants. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, high temperatures, humidity, and rapid temperature changes.

Ingredients Water, Propylene Glycol, Dimethicone, Myristyl Alcohol, Butylene Glycol, Ethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Gamma-Docosalactone, Glycerin, Steartrimonium Chloride, Tri(Caprylic/Capric Acid) Glyceryl, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Phenoxyethanol, Behentrimonium Chloride, Momordica Charantia Seed Extract, Disodium EDTA, Fragrance.

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Product Description Enriched with peach extract (moisturizing agent) and peach oil (hair protective component), this product leaves your hair soft, moisturized, and delicately scented."

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