How To Prevent Flat Hair

How To Prevent Flat Hair

Even after styling, many people are worried about their hair becoming flat over time. So this time, we asked Rena Kumagai, a spanner at Hair Salon SAKURA in Jingumae, Shibuya Ward, to tell us about the causes of flat hair and what to do about it. We will also answer some important questions related to flat hair. So if you are worried about it, please check it out.

The person we spoke to this time is Rena Kumagai, a spanist at hair salon SAKURA in Jingumae, Shibuya Ward.

Belongs to the beauty salon SAKURA in Harajuku. In addition to hair arrangement, hair cuts, and events, she also works as a hair and makeup artist for shampoo and hair treatment advertisements. 

While working as a hairdresser, she decided to pursue a career in "head spa'' that would make people happy with her own "hands'', and became the first hairdresser at the salon where she worked. 

Since then, she has learned techniques for foot pressure point reflexology, body care, and facial esthetics, and proposes care tailored to each customer based on the idea of ​​holistic beauty.


  • 1. Causes of flat hair
  • 2. [Reader Survey] The circumstances of everyone who is worried about flat hair
  • 3. Hair care measures you can take at home to prevent flat hair
  • 4. Editorial department recommended items
  • 5. Q&A regarding flat hair

1. Causes Of Flat Hair

1-1. Excessive sebum secretion

One of the causes of flat hair is sebum produced from the scalp. When sebum is excessively secreted, the surface of the hair becomes sticky and clump-like, giving the hair a flat look.

Causes of excessive sebum production include stress, hormonal imbalance, over-washing, and using the wrong shampoo. If you have a lot of sebum secretion, try switching to a shampoo with more cleaning power than your usual shampoo.

1-2. Damage to hair and scalp

External damage such as hair care items that don't suit your hair and scalp, perm/color agents, and UV rays can also lead to flat hair.

For example, gray hair dyes may contain ingredients that can be harsh. Therefore, people who often use gray hair dye may be putting stress on their hair and scalp.

It is also said that the scalp receives three times as much UV rays as the face. You may be putting stress on your scalp without even realizing it, so taking precautions against UV rays is essential.

1-3. High moisture content due to humidity

People with thin or curly hair often have imbalanced nutrients in their hair or cavities inside their hair due to damage, so they tend to feel sticky due to humidity. When the humidity is high, moisture tends to get into the gaps, which can cause your hairstyle to fall apart.

1-4. Disordered lifestyle habits

Irregular lifestyle habits such as lack of exercise and an unbalanced diet can lead to poor blood circulation, making it difficult for nutrients to reach the hair.

There are three muscles in the head: frontal, temporal, and occipital, and there is a membrane at the top of the head that supports them. When these three muscles become stiff due to stagnation of blood circulation, the membrane on the top of the head is pulled and the skin becomes thinner.

If we compare this to a plant, the soil is shallow and weak, making it difficult for the hair roots to burrow deep and receive nutrients.

As a result, it becomes difficult to create elastic and firm hair, and the hair becomes thinner and falls out more easily. In other words, there is a possibility that the volume and volume of your hair will decrease and your hair will become flat.

2. [Reader Survey] The circumstances of everyone who is worried about flat hair

What worries does everyone have about flat hair? What countermeasures are you taking? First, we conducted a survey of Ozmall readers to find out what people are concerned about. (Ozmall research: 2021/4/1 to 2021/4/6, number of responses: 823 people)

Q. How many people have ever suffered from flat hair?

  1. 33% of people are worried about flat hair

Approximately 30% of people are worried about flat hair. If your hair doesn't have volume, it tends to look plain. Many people are worried about this because it changes the impression they give to others.

Q. What measures did everyone take when their hair became flat?

  1. Many people try to find ways to use the hair dryer.

1st place was "Create the way you use the hair dryer'' with 50 people. It seems that many people have been able to improve their hair by using the heat of a hair dryer. In second place was "Changing shampoo,'' followed by "Using hair growth products'' and "Eating a balanced diet.''

Measures you can take at home to prevent dry scalp

3-1. Use a shampoo suitable for flat hair.

To prevent flat hair, we recommend using shampoos that contain amino acids or shampoos that can replenish protein. However, using an inappropriate shampoo can lead to scalp problems, so "Basically, it is important to choose a shampoo that is suitable for your scalp and hair,'' says Kumagai.

Cleaning ingredients are especially important when choosing a shampoo. While choosing the cleaning ingredient that suits you, it's a good idea to check other ingredients as well. The differences depending on the cleaning ingredients are as follows.

・Amino acid-based: Weak cleaning power

・Alcohol-based: Foams well and has strong cleaning power

・Soap-based: Strong cleaning power

Also, if you are concerned about the condition and texture of your hair, try using a different treatment instead of shampoo. So choose the type that suits your hair type and take care of your hair.

3-2. Use hair growth products

Hair growth products have the effect of moisturizing the scalp and are perfect as a preventive measure if you feel your hair is thin or are worried about thinning hair.

However, hair volume and thinning hair are often due to the hair cycle, which is the cycle of hair growth, and are often the result of the previous scalp condition rather than the current one, so it can be improved immediately with care. It's not a thing.

It is important to take care of it as early as possible or in advance, so if you are concerned about the appearance of volume, please consider using it.

Recommended Products 

Segreta hair growth essence

150ml 2080 (Amazon) yen

If you are concerned about hair loss, parting, and whorls, try Segreta Hair Growth Essence.

The uniquely developed ingredient "t-flavanone (*1)" acts directly on the hair roots. Grow your hair thicker and longer from the root, making it firm and hard to fall out. In addition, the herbal medicine 

"Japanese cabbage extract (*2)'' promotes blood circulation to the scalp and prevents hair loss. Since it is a direct nozzle type, it can be applied easily to the scalp.

Recommended item for women who are concerned about hair loss, parting, and whorls.

*1 Trans-3,4'-dimethyl-3-hydroxyflavanone

*2 Suerciamarin KI

2-3. Dry thoroughly with a hair dryer

Hair retains its shape when it cools down from a warm state, or when it dries from a wet state. It is a good idea to use this to dry your hair thoroughly with the heat of a hairdryer, and at the same time, style it to add volume.

Although a certain amount of heat is necessary, be careful as drying with high heat is not good for your scalp. When drying, do not hold the hair dryer too close to your scalp, but rather keep it 15cm to 20cm away and shake it while using it to avoid applying heat to the same area.

If your hair becomes flat, try adding volume to your hair using the methods below.

  1. Gently pull the hair so that it stands parallel to the scalp and apply a hair dryer
  2. Leave the hair to cool for a few seconds while keeping it up.3

. restore hair naturally

3-4. Review your eating habits

Nutrients reach the hair through the blood after passing through the internal organs, so it is important to maintain a balanced diet. In particular, make sure to take in nutrients that are important for healthy hair, such as protein and vitamins.

・Protein: soybeans, tofu

・Amino acids: pork, horse mackerel, egg and wax

・Zinc: oysters , dried

squid ・Vitamin: meat, egg yolk, green and yellow vegetables

・Minerals: wakame, hijiki, seaweed・Calcium: milk ,

cheese, small fish

To maintain your health, it is best to avoid foods that are high in fat, sugar, and instant foods that contain many food additives.

3-5. Relieve sleep deprivation

During non-REM sleep, which is a high-quality sleep, the body releases growth hormones that promote repair and growth of the body. Growth hormone has the function of causing hair to grow and grow, leading to the growth of shiny and firm hair.

Also, continued lack of sleep can lead to poor blood circulation, making it difficult for nutrients to reach your hair, which can lead to loss of volume. Adjust your life rhythm and make sure you get enough quality sleep.

3-6. Relieve stress

When the balance of the autonomic nervous system is disrupted by stress, the blood vessels and cells in the scalp become weakened, which can lead to flat hair with no volume.

Also, one of the causes of hair thinning in women is hormonal imbalance. Hormones are closely related to hair, and they are also closely related to the autonomic nervous system, so it is important to adjust the autonomic nervous system to prevent hair thinning.

If you tend to get stressed out easily, try finding ways to relieve stress that work for you.

4. Editorial department recommended items

Segreta [Medicinal] Hair growth essence

150ml 2080 (Amazon) yen

Recommended points

・Contains 3 types of active ingredients, including the uniquely developed ingredient t-flavanone (*1)

・Grows hair thicker and longer from the root with each use・Also popular as a

lotion shampoo with a direct nozzle that is easy to apply to partings and whorls

A hair growth agent released by Segreta. Recommended for people who are concerned about hair loss, parting, and whorls.

The uniquely developed ingredient "t-flavanone (*1)" acts directly on the hair roots. Improves the hair growth cycle, grows thicker and longer from the root, and creates firm, hard-to-fall hair. The herbal medicine "Cybernia japonica extract (*2)" promotes blood circulation in the scalp and prevents hair loss.

A lotion type that can be applied directly to areas of concern on the scalp.


*1 Trans-3,4'-dimethyl-3-hydroxyflavanone

*2 Suerciamarin KI

Check the Price on

Anfer Scalp D Beaute Medical Estology Scalp Serum

80ml 7945 yen

Recommended points

・Contains 3 types of active ingredients, including the female hormone "ethinyl estradiol''

・Contains 30 types of naturally derived ingredients and "fermented soy milk liquid (soy serum)'

' ・Six additive-free ingredients

If you want to maintain beautiful black hair, use Scalp D's hair growth agent Check it out. Contains three types of active ingredients for hair growth, including the female hormone ethinyl estradiol and dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, which improves the scalp environment.

In addition, it contains 30 types of naturally derived ingredients such as "Ashitaba extract'' and "Rice extract hydrolyzed liquid V'', as well as "fermented soy milk liquid (soy serum)'' as a humectant.

Furthermore, 6 ingredients such as silicone, synthetic colorants, and mineral oil are not added. The same series of shampoos cleans dirt that prevents hair growth products from penetrating, so we recommend using them in conjunction with hair growth products.

Check the Product on


Shiseido The Hair Care Adenovital Advanced Scalp Essence

180g 7700 yen

Recommended points

・Contains a unique medicinal active ingredient "adenosine"

・Contains moisturizing ingredients that moisturize the scalp

・Medicated hair growth product for women that also repairs the cuticle and

helps women with hair loss and thinning hair for beautiful hair. Contains a unique medicinal active ingredient, adenosine, to help you achieve healthy hair and scalp.

It also contains the moisturizing ingredient "AP Complex'' derived from apricot juice, and the moisturizing ingredient "AG Complex II'' derived from "Agitaba extract'' and "dipropylene glycol.'' Moisturizes the scalp and keeps it healthy.

Additionally, it contains Ononis Extract, which repairs hair cuticles. Recommended for people who want to care not only for their scalp but also for their hair.

Check the Product on


Five. Q&A regarding flat hair

Why does my hair become flat in the afternoon?

Hair that tends to become flat in the afternoon is common among people who secrete a lot of sebum or whose hair is not thoroughly removed with shampoo. There are many cases where the dirt from the scalp is not completely removed, so please reconsider the frequency and method of shampooing.

Can flat hair due to aging be improved?

Even flat hair due to aging can be increased in volume by improving the scalp environment and improving blood flow. What's especially important for your scalp environment is to keep it moisturized, so consider hair care items such as oil and hair growth products.

We also recommend the following massage methods to promote blood flow.

  1. Spread your fingers apart like a par and insert it into your scalp.
  2. Close your fingers so that they are pinching your hair.


3. Pull the entire scalp parallel to your head and lift it up for about 3 seconds. Slowly lowering the hair for 3 seconds helps train the muscles known as the arrector pili muscles, which are responsible for the rise of the hair. Therefore, it is possible to make your hair look like it has volume.

What should I do if my hair becomes flat due to humidity?

Dry shampoo is recommended for those who are concerned about volume loss due to humidity, which allows them to wash their hair without getting it wet. In particular, if it contains ingredients that make it silky smooth, it can restore the fluffy feeling and improve the feeling of stickiness. It may also eliminate odors caused by humidity. Many dry shampoos are portable, making them convenient to use on the go. Find what suits you.

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