14 Best Japanese Volume Up Shampoos For Men

14 Best Japanese Volume Up Shampoos For Men

Lots of people are worried that their hair lacks elasticity and body, and they want to make it look more voluminous. If your hair feels thin due to aging or scalp conditions, we recommend trying a shampoo that increases volume. 

This time, we will introduce 14 popular Japanese volume-enhancing shampoos that we love.

1. What is volume up shampoo?

A volumizing shampoo is a shampoo that keeps the scalp clean and gives firmness and body to the hair. It has the effect of increasing the strength and elasticity of hair, lifting it up from the roots that tend to be flat.

It does not increase the number of hair or have a hair growth effect, but it simply cleanses the scalp environment, gives the hair firmness, and gives natural volume.

2. Why does hair lose volume?

If your hair doesn't have volume, it will be flat and difficult to set. Here we will explain the causes of volume loss, so please refer to it.

2-1. Irregular lifestyle habits

Unbalanced lifestyle habits, such as an irregular diet with no nutritional balance, lack of sleep, and lack of exercise, can have a negative impact on your hair.

Nutrition from food is essential for healthy hair, so eating too much fast food and eating too much salt, fat, and sugar can lead to loss of hair volume. Excessive drinking and smoking also reduce the ability of your hair to receive the nutrients it needs.

In addition, when you are sleep deprived, the ``growth hormone'' that is necessary for forming various tissues in the body is not secreted properly, which can cause various hair problems such as hair breakage, split ends, and hair loss.

2-2. Excessive stress

Stress is said to be the cause of all kinds of illnesses, and it can also affect your hair. When the balance of the autonomic nervous system is disturbed due to stress, blood flow becomes poor and sufficient nutrients are not delivered to the scalp and hair.

Stress has a huge impact on hair, including increased gray hair and alopecia areata.

3. How to choose a volume boosting shampoo

Here, we will explain how to choose a volume-enhancing shampoo. Please use it to find what suits you.

3-1. Choose one that contains ingredients that give firmness and firmness.

To create volume, give your hair some bounce and body. Recommended ingredients include hydrolyzed collagen, which is similar to hair protein, and keratin, a firm protein.

However, it is important to use a product that is suitable for your scalp and hair. Rather than saying that all products containing the above ingredients are good, it is important to choose products that suit your hair type.

3-2. Choose cleaning ingredients according to your scalp environment.

If your scalp is oily or dry, your hair won't have volume if you don't have a healthy scalp environment. The cleansing ingredients in shampoo have a major effect on your scalp, so choose one that suits your scalp environment.

If you are concerned about dryness, we recommend products that contain ingredients that moisturize your scalp. Shampoos based on amino acids are gentle on the scalp and won't dry out easily.

Betaine products also have high water retention and moisturizing properties, so they are often recommended for people with dry skin. On the other hand, if you are concerned about greasiness or stickiness, we recommend using a soap type that can be used to clean easily.

4. Japanese Volume-boosting shampoos recommended for men

Introducing 14 items that the Oz Mall editorial department is paying attention to. Check the condition of your hair and find a shampoo that suits you.

Kao Success shampoo volume up type

350ml 1183 (Amazon) yen

Recommended points

・Just by washing, the hair stands up from the roots to give the impression of volume

. ・A firm finish that resists sweat and moisture.

・No rinsing required, just shampoo to clean

the scalp oil, which is one of the causes of flat hair. Adopts a ``cleansing and volume-enhancing formula'' that removes hair and lifts it up from the roots, giving the impression of fuller hair.

Contains moisture-resistant volume-enhancing ingredients (*) that maintain firm style even in the presence of sweat or humidity. A voluminous finish that lasts even in the evening when your hair tends to become flat.

No rinsing is required and care can be completed with just one bottle, so it is recommended for men who lead busy lives.

*Polysilicone-9, PPG-2 hydroxypropyltrimonium cellulose (hair styling aid)

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ZERO PLUS Uma Shampoo Premium

300ml 3880 yen

Recommended points

・A quasi-drug shampoo for men that prevents dandruff and itchiness・Rich lather and smooth

lathering Medicated shampoo for men. Contains 2K glycyrrhizic acid as an active ingredient to prevent dandruff and itchiness, leading to a healthy scalp. Amino acid-based cleaning ingredients gently remove excess sebum and dirt from the scalp. It lathers up well with just one push and rinses off smoothly as it cuts well. It also contains ingredients that moisturize and firm the scalp and hair, such as horse oil, gagome kelp, hydrolyzed keratin, and amino acid BCAA. Supports an ideal scalp environment that can stand against external stress such as dryness.

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Social tech chap up shampoo

300ml 5300 yen

Recommended points

・Non-silicon shampoo that gives a smooth finish with no squeaks ・

Removes dirt from the scalp with amino acid-based and plant-based cleansing ingredients

・For firm, elastic, and easy-to-style hair

Create an ideal environment for men's scalp and hair A non-silicone scalp shampoo that guides you. Even though it is non-silicone, you can experience the lightness of your fingertips without any squeaks.

Keep your scalp healthy every time you wash with 5 types of amino acid-based and plant-based cleansing ingredients. It thoroughly cleanses the scalp to the pores, leading to smooth and firm hair.

It also contains 10 types of organic plant extracts to add firmness and body to your hair. By using an ion adsorption formula that protects hair's moisture, it also takes into account the ease of styling.

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&GINO premium black shampoo

400ml 5280 yen

Recommended points

・Cleanses dirt with carbonized clay and amino acid cleaning ingredients

・Natural ingredients moisturize and keep your scalp and hair healthy

・Special care with massage + 3-minute foam pack

The impressive black shampoo liquid is made with a unique technology. Made from carbonized clay (mud). Dense foam that also contains amino acid-based cleaning ingredients firmly absorbs dirt and unnecessary dirt from the scalp.

Furthermore, it is rich in natural ingredients including plant-derived extracts. It keeps the scalp healthy and leads to smooth, manageable hair even without treatment.

After thoroughly massaging your scalp, we also recommend covering your scalp with foam for 3 minutes and applying a pack. Please try incorporating it as a special care when you have time.

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ZIGEN shampoo & body wash

500ml 4180 yen

Recommended points

・Wash your entire hair, body, and face with just one bottle

・Moisturize and smooth your skin, hair, and scalp

・Rich aromatic scent. This is a multifunctional shampoo that can be shared by the

whole family and can wash your hair, body, and even face. We use pure soap as the cleaning ingredient and are conscious of the simple design of the ingredients so that you can gently wash your entire body.

Not only is it convenient, but it's also moisturizing. Contains SDL (sodium dilauroylglutamate lysine) and loquat leaf extract to create smooth hair even without rinsing.

It also has an attractive fragrance that is a blend of nine essential oils, including orange oil, ylang-ylang flower oil, and lavender. Children and women can also use it, so it's recommended to share with your family.

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SORA scalp shampoo GOLD

200ml 10,350 yen

Recommended points

・“Horse placenta” leads to a healthy scalp

・“Capixyl” and naturally derived ingredients give a more lively impression

・“Raw” shampoo with no preservatives

Known for being rich in amino acids, minerals, and vitamins A scalp shampoo containing ``horse placenta.'' Prevents dryness and roughness of the scalp, leading to a healthy condition.

In addition, we have added ``Capixil'', a composite ingredient of ``Red Clover Flower Extract'' and ``Acetyl Tetrapeptide 3'', to support a lively scalp. It also contains 32 naturally derived ingredients, including camellia oil, Sato-Oka extract, and Caninabara fruit extract.

Also, since it is a "raw" formula that does not use preservatives, it is also possible to deliver it by cool delivery. Store it in the refrigerator at home and use it up until the end while it stays fresh.

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MARO 3D Volume Up Shampoo Cool

440ml 1650 yen

Recommended points

・Cool type that provides long-lasting comfort

・Prevents dryness and creates voluminous hair that is easy to style・MARO's cool type, a classic men's shampoo

that cleanses even the pores of the scalp with dense foam .

It's finished to give you a slight sense of warmth, so you'll stay comfortably cool.

In addition, "Defense Calp R (Willow Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract)" is added as a moisturizing ingredient to prevent dryness that can lead to various scalp problems. Furthermore, the styling ingredients wrap the hair, giving it a firmer look that is easy to stand up from the roots.

The dense foam reaches the roots of the hair, where dirt tends to accumulate, and also cleanses the pores on the scalp. Recommended for those who want a refreshing feeling and those who want to feel properly washed.

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P&G h&s for men volume up shampoo

370ml 551 (Amazon) yen

Recommended points

・Cleanses the scalp with rich foam

・Active ingredients prevent dandruff and itchiness

・Sunny citrus scent that makes you feel refreshed

Focusing on men's scalps, which have more sebum than women, the lathering rate was 130% compared to conventional products. %up. Rich foam that cleanses deep into the pores, leaving your scalp feeling refreshed.

The active ingredient "Micro ZPT (zinc pyrithione liquid)" containing minerals prevents itching and dandruff and keeps the scalp healthy. Every time you use it, it supports your hair with firmness and body from the base.

With a refreshing sunny citrus scent, it not only refreshes your scalp but also your mind. Use with the conditioner from the same series for hair that stands up from the roots.

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Sun star MAGMAS shampoo

400ml 3520 yen

Recommended points

・Replenishes zinc, which decreases with age, for firmness and firmness of hair

・Removes dirt with fine foam and supports absorption of hair growth products

・The scent of energy herbs and the refreshing feeling of menthol leave

your hair feeling refreshed and refreshed. We focused on the fact that the zinc present in the cuticle decreases with age. Zinc, a hair repair ingredient, penetrates the inside of the cuticle, creating firm, bouncy, and voluminous hair.

Fine foam created by amino acid-based cleaning ingredients thoroughly removes sebum and dirt clogged in pores. Supports the absorption of hair growth products used afterwards.

It also contains ginger root extract as a moisturizing ingredient for a healthy scalp. It has a herbal scent with a woody spicy accent that will make you feel refreshed.

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P&G h&s PRO Series Energy Shampoo Pump

350ml 1320 yen (Amazon)

Recommended points

・Creamy foam washes away the causes of dandruff and itchiness

・Moisturizing ingredients give hair firmness and body

・Hair stands up and becomes easier to style

The creamy foam quickly rises and approaches Malassezia bacteria hidden deep in the pores. It thoroughly washes away the causes of dandruff and itching, leading to a clean scalp.

It also contains the moisturizing ingredient ``niacinamide'' to create voluminous hair with firmness and elasticity.

By removing dirt from your pores, your hair will be able to stand up from its roots more easily, giving you more time for daily styling. Pursue your ideal style while taking care of your skin health.

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Scalp D Medicated Scalp Shampoo Dry (for dry skin)

350ml 3973 yen

Recommended points

・Choose from 3 types depending on your scalp type and condition

・Produces voluminous hair with moisturizing and firming ingredients

・With amino acid-based cleansing ingredients that won't strip away too much moisture

Scalp D has undergone numerous renewals since its release. It features a lineup that allows you to choose according to the condition of your scalp, and in addition to products for dry skin, there are also products for extremely oily skin and oily skin.

If you are suffering from flaky dandruff or dry scalp, use a foam containing moisturizing ingredients such as Kakkon Extract and Soy Milk Fermented Liquid to moisturize your skin. Furthermore, it contains 6 types of harikosi ingredients, so it gives the appearance of voluminous hair.

The secret to cleansing while retaining the necessary moisture is an amino acid-based cleaning ingredient. The refreshing scent of eucalyptus and orange essential oils is also pleasant.

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CSC Polypure EX scalp shampoo

350ml 3800 yen

Recommended points

- Thoroughly cleanses scalp odor and sebum clogged in pores

- Replenishes moisture to the scalp and hair with a variety of moisturizing ingredients

- No conditioner required, saves time -

Polypure EX is perfect for people who are concerned about their scalp's stickiness or who want to cleanse thoroughly Recommended for. Amino acid-based cleaning ingredients and "persimmon tannin extract" thoroughly wash away unpleasant odors and sebum clogged in the pores of the scalp.

It doesn't just remove it, it also contains ``Volume Up Keratin EX'', ``Activated Soy Isoflavone'', and 24 other plant extracts as moisturizing ingredients. Replenishes moisture to the scalp and hair, keeping them healthy.

What's more, you don't need a conditioner, which saves time, and you can use just one finger to make your hair smooth. Also suitable for days when waxing is applied.

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Aderans Hair Repro Medicated Scalp Shampoo Normal & Dry

370ml 3960 yen

Recommended points

・A combination of research findings from hair professionals Aderans

・Combines three cleaning ingredients for gentle yet refreshing cleansing

・Suppresses dandruff and itchiness for healthy hair and scalp

Aderans has been looking after men's hair for 50 years. A salon-quality medicated scalp care shampoo. By cleaning the scalp, you prepare the foundation for hair growth.

Based on his own research results, he developed "Amino Strong Wash α", which combines three amino acid-based cleaning ingredients. It has both a gentle feel and cleansing power, and cleans thoroughly.

Furthermore, it contains the moisturizing ingredient ``Lotus Seed Lactic Acid Bacteria Fermented Liquid'' to add firmness, body, and shine to your hair. It leads to healthy scalp and hair while suppressing dandruff and itching.

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Seiseido SIMFORT Sparkling Scalp Shampoo

150ml 8778 yen

Recommended points

・Adsorbs and washes away dirt with foam with a carbonated concentration of 8000ppm

・Prepare the scalp with 7 beauty ingredients

・No need for lathering, convenient and time-saving

carbonated shampoo that lets you feel like a spa at home. Carbonated foam with a concentration of 8000ppm firmly absorbs and washes away sebum and dirt clogged in pores.

Contains ``charcoal'', ``Japanese flower extract'', ``button extract'', ``rice bran extract'', ``Iyo lemon extract'', ``algae extract'', and ``scutellaria root extract''. Prevents roughness and dryness of the scalp and keeps it healthy.

Just shake the can well and push to release carbonated bubbles, which saves time and is convenient. Experience the clean and refreshing feeling of washing.

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Five. Use volume boosting shampoo correctly to maximize its effectiveness.

If you are going to use a volume boosting shampoo, it is important to use it correctly to maximize its effectiveness. Please try using the steps explained below.

5-1. Brush to condition before shampooing

Brushing your hair before shampooing will help remove dust and prevent tangles.

If you brush your hair beforehand, it will be easier to clean your scalp and hair when shampooing, so be sure to try it out.

5-2. First, pre-wash thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Instead of applying shampoo straight away, first pre-wash your scalp with lukewarm water to remove dirt from your scalp.

If you shampoo only the surface of your hair without pre-washing, the shampoo won't reach the scalp properly, causing unwashed hair.

To prevent scalp problems, be sure to wash your entire scalp thoroughly with lukewarm water.

5-3. First, lather the shampoo with your hands.

When applying shampoo, first lather it up with your hands instead of applying the liquid directly to your scalp. You don't have to whip it up until it's fluffy, but try mixing it with hot water in your palm until it's fluffy.

When shampoo is applied in liquid form, it tends to cause friction between the hair, causing tangles and damage.

Also, lathering makes it easier to distribute the shampoo to your scalp, so try lathering it up with your hands before applying it.

Recommended item [PR]

Success Shampoo Volume Up Type for those who are concerned about the volume at the top and parting of the head.

This shampoo is recommended for people who are concerned about the volume of their hair or their hair becoming flat over time. Just by washing, your hair will stand up from the roots, giving you a soft, full-bodied look.

Contains moisture-resistant volume-boosting ingredients (*) that stand up strong even in the presence of sweat or humidity, so your hair will stay voluminous and stay voluminous, even in the evening when you tend to be concerned about your hair's volume. Cleans oil from pores and the source of odor. No rinsing required.

*Polysilicone-9, PPG-2 hydroxypropyltrimonium cellulose (hair styling aid)

Brand name: Success Shampoo V2

View item details

5-4. Wash by massaging the scalp

After applying the shampoo, massage your scalp while rubbing the dirt out. Try massaging gently with the pads of your fingers, being careful not to scratch your nails.

It's best to start massaging from the bottom, starting at the back of your head, then moving from the temporal region to the top of your head, to the front of your head, and then to your hairline. Remember to massage from the bottom to the top.

Massaging your scalp while shampooing improves blood flow to your scalp and helps nourish it. Also, the relaxing effect will help you sleep better, so be sure to try it at night.

5-5. Rinse thoroughly so that no residue remains

After washing your hair thoroughly with shampoo, rinse it off with lukewarm water to avoid any residue.

If there is any residue left after rinsing, it can lead to scalp and skin problems, so be sure to rinse thoroughly.

5-6. Be careful not to apply the treatment to your scalp!

When using a treatment, it is important to be careful when applying it so as not to get it on the scalp. If the treatment gets on your scalp, it can clog your pores and cause volume loss and stickiness.

When applying the treatment, be careful to only apply it to the lower half of your hair.

5-7. Dry thoroughly with a hair dryer from the roots

After rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water, gently wipe off the moisture with a towel dry. To prevent damage from the heat of the hair dryer, we recommend that you thoroughly towel dry your eyes.

After towel drying, use a hair dryer to dry the roots. By drying from the roots, you can shorten the time you use the hair dryer, minimizing heat damage.

6. Check out methods for preventing and countermeasures against volume loss.

Daily lifestyle habits are important to prevent hair volume from decreasing. Please review your daily habits by referring to the following.

6-1. Get balanced nutrition from your meals

Make sure to get the nutrients your hair needs in a well-balanced diet. Basically, take a well-balanced intake of vitamins, minerals, protein, and carbohydrates.

Protein is especially important for hair growth, so it's a good idea to actively consume meat, fish, eggs, and bean products. We also recommend seaweeds such as wakame, kelp, and hijiki, which promote hair growth.

6-2. Get good quality sleep

Good quality sleep is an essential element for beautiful and healthy hair. Growth hormone and sleep hormone secreted during sleep have a positive effect not only on your hair but also on your skin.

In order to get good quality sleep, it is important to get sunlight during the day and do moderate exercise. Also, avoid using your smartphone or TV within an hour before going to bed, and try to finish strenuous exercise at least 3 hours before bed.

Eat your meals at least 2-3 hours before bedtime, and avoid caffeine and nicotine.

6-3. Incorporate moderate exercise to increase your metabolism

Moderate exercise also helps in creating beautiful hair. Aerobic exercise in particular improves blood flow and increases metabolism, which improves blood circulation and distributes the nutrients your hair needs.

Even if you don't have a lot of time, try incorporating simple exercises like the ones below.

・Walk for one station

・Use the stairs more actively

・Go to a supermarket a little further away

・Walk on your day off

6-4. Make it a habit to shampoo properly. Be careful not to wash too much

In addition to shampooing in the correct way as mentioned above, be careful about how often. Washing your scalp multiple times a day just because you're concerned about dirt, stickiness, and sweat can cause scalp problems and lead to a loss of volume.

Get into the habit of doing it once a day in the right way.

6-5. Quit smoking if possible. Drink alcohol in moderation

Smoking causes no harm and no benefit. It is recommended that you quit smoking if possible, as it will prevent your hair from getting the nutrients it needs.

Drinking alcohol in moderation is good for your health, but of course drinking too much is no good. Be conscious of keeping the amount in moderation, such as one long 500ml can of beer, two glasses of wine, and one 350ml can of chuhai.

7. Q&A about volume up shampoo

Does volume boosting shampoo also have a hair growth effect?

There is no hair growth effect. It's all about creating a healthy scalp environment, giving your hair firmness and body, and making your hair stand up from its roots by giving it more elasticity.

It does not have the effect of growing hair itself or increasing the number of hair strands.

If you use volume boosting shampoo and treatment together, your hair will become heavier. What to do in this case?

The treatment contains silicone, so if it gets on your scalp, it can clog your pores, make it sticky, and make your hair feel heavy.

When using the treatment, it is best to apply it only to the lower half of your hair. If it still feels heavy, the type of treatment may not be suitable.

We also recommend switching to a treatment that leaves your skin smooth rather than one that is too moist.

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