Best Spray Moisturizer For Natural Hair

7 Best Spray Moisturizer For Natural Hair 2024 | Refresh And Hydrate Your Curls

Want a good moisturizing spray for 4c hair? Check out a top spray moisturizer for natural hair today. You can use these instead of your DIY hair moisturizer spray for soft hair.

At, we understand the unique needs of natural hair and the importance of keeping it hydrated and healthy. That's why we've put together an essential guide to finding the perfect spray moisturizer for your curls and coils.

In our latest feature, "Spray Moisturizer for Natural Hair," we explore the top products that promise to breathe life into your tresses with just a spritz.

From the key ingredients that make an effective moisturizer to product recommendations tailored for natural hair, we've got you covered.

Whether you're looking to revive dry locks or maintain moisture on the go, join us as we unveil the best spray moisturizers that will keep your natural hair looking and feeling its best.

Here are the best moisturizing sprays for natural hair:

Moisturizing Sprays For Natural Hair Best For Chief Ingredients
The Honest Company Conditioning Detangler Tangled Hair Argan Oil, Jojoba Protein
Carol's Daughter's Hair Milk 4a, 4b Natural Hair Agave, Sweet Almond and Wheat Protein
OKAY Coconut Oil Spray Mist Type 3 Natural Hair Coconut Oil
Cantu Comeback Curl Revitalizer Frizzy Natural Hair Shea Butter
Mizani Style Shifter Dry Natural Hair Coconut Oil
Daily Dose Miracle Moisture Spray Oily Natural Hair Aloe Vera, Vitamin E
Shea Moisture Coconut Oil Leave-In Treatment 4c Natural Hair Coconut Oil

What is the best Spray Moisturizer For Natural Hair?

The best spray moisturizer for natural hair typically contains hydrating ingredients like aloe vera, glycerin, and water as the base, combined with nourishing oils such as coconut, jojoba, or argan oil. One highly recommended product is the The Honest Company Conditioning Detangler. It's known for its ability to refresh, hydrate, and detangle natural hair while providing essential nutrients and a delightful fragrance. Always look for a moisturizer that suits your specific hair needs and is free from harmful chemicals like sulfates and parabens.

Best Spray Moisturizer For Natural Hair 2024

The Honest Company Conditioning Detangler

moisturizing hair spray for natural hair

I was struggling a lot with tangles in my hair even after the first and second day of washing so I was on the lookout for hair detangling sprays. 

I used this conditioning detangler with a wide-toothed comb and it did such a great job on my natural hair.

What attracted me to this spray was the ingredients list that boasts of shea butter, argan oil, Jojoba oil and quinoa proteins.

You should know that shea butter and argan oil are great softening and moisturizing ingredients and it did work really well on my 4c natural hair. 

Quinoa proteins provide sufficient nourishment to your hair that makes it strong and healthy. Jojoba oil is packed with vitamins and minerals that helps in strengthening your hair and reducing hair fall.

hair spray for dry hair

I also use this product to refresh my curls and I absolutely love the sweet fragrance. It did not weigh down my hair even when I used it every day. 

The only drawback I could find was the scent. Yes it was very overpowering. And also, a lot of added perfume isn’t good for people with sensitive skin. So that’s a bummer for sure.


  • Sulfate-free, paraben-free formula that is safe for skin
  • Vegan formula that is good for animal lovers
  • Contains argan oil that makes hair soft and shiny without weighing it down


  • Overpowering scent that is from added perfume sources

My Ratings:

Moisturizing Power: 4.5/5

Detangling Power: 3.5/5

Formula: 4.5/5

Carol's Daughter's Hair Milk

best leave in moisturizer for natural hair

Carol’s daughter is a brand that I trust for my natural hair so I was looking forward to using this hair milk. A major issue with natural hair is that you have to use a lot of products and your bottle gets empty really fast. 

But with this product, a little goes a long way and you only need to use a single pump. The pump dispenser is really convenient to use and reduces a lot of wastage. 

The product is formulated with agave nectar, almond proteins, cocoa butter and shea butter which are highly nourishing ingredients for your hair.  Cocoa butter penetrates deep into your hair follicles to promote a healthy scalp. 

moisturizing hair spray for black hair

My favorite part about this product is that it is very lightweight on hair so it does not weigh it down. 

On application I found that it’s a very potent hydrating formula that will ensure that your hair receives sufficient moisture. 

This unscented hair milk acts as a hair moisturizer and retains moisture in your hair for a long time. 


  • Contains natural ingredients that do not trigger sensitivities
  • Silicone free formula that doesn’t weigh down hair or create buildup
  • Paraben-free and petroleum-free formula that is good for scalp health
  • Shea butter formula that is good for dry natural hair
  • Unscented so it’s safe for people with sensitive scalp or sensory issues


  • None that I could find 

My Ratings:

Moisturizing Power: 4/5

Detangling Power: 4.5/5

Formula: 4/5

OKAY Coconut Oil Spray Mist

diy hair moisturizer spray

Coconut oil is one of the most hydrating ingredients for natural hair so I was looking forward to getting my hands on this product. 

On using it, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the OKAY coconut oil spray mist is a great spray moisturizer for damaged hair. 

If you have colored or chemically treated hair, I would recommend this product for you. It made my hair shiny and lustrous in a single-use. It also reduced the flyaways on my hair. 

The main ingredient is, of course, coconut oil. It is a multipurpose ingredient that provides a wide array of benefits for natural hair. Apart from providing moisture to your hair, it also helps in strengthening and building immunity. 

This is a nourishing hair product that helps in reducing hair fall and split ends. 

There is however, one little drawback. It does have a very unpleasant smell that some people might not find to be appealing. 

Other than that this might just be one of my fave moisturizing sprays ever!


  • Prevents split ends thanks to the vitamin-rich formula
  • Makes hair shiny naturally without the use of silicones
  • Reduces hair fall as the coconut oil-based formula is rich in vitamins 
  • Makes hair soft without being too heavy as it’s oil and not butter-based.


  • Unpleasant smell that might not be suited for everyone

My Ratings:

Moisturizing Power: 4.5/5

Detangling Power: 4/5

Formula: 3.5/5

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Cantu Comeback Curl Revitalizer

best hair moisturizer spray for 4c hair

I noticed that this product has a thicker consistency than the other hair sprays but it works really well on people with coarse and coily hair. 

You can simply spray it on your dry hair and see an ocean of difference. If you naturally have an oily or greasy scalp, I would recommend you to use this product from your mid-lengths to the ends. 

moisturizing hair spray for dry natural hair

The product is formulated with 100% pure shea butter which creates a moisture barrier on your strands. It also provides intense moisture to dry and brittle hair. Shea butter can also relieve scalp irritations like itching, dryness etc. 

My hair is pretty thin and has a fine texture so this spray did weigh down my hair a bit. But if you have thick hair, it might not weigh down your hair. 


  • Contains shea butter that nourishes very dry, natural hair
  • Reduces frizz as it smoothes hair thanks to the butter-based formula
  • Suitable for scrunching curls as it can hold hairstyles
  • Sulfate-free, paraben-free formula that is safe on sensitive scalp
  • Silicone free formula that doesn’t cause buildup


  • Might weigh down your hair as formula is too rich
  • Might make your scalp itchy as it contains added perfumes

My Ratings:

Moisturizing Power: 4.5/5

Detangling Power: 4/5

Formula: 4/5

Mizani Style Shifter

moisturizing spray for 4c hair

This hair spray gave a great definition for my hair and reduced frizz drastically. It also helped in the easy detangling of my curls. It has a fresh coconut scent that I love.

The key ingredient of this moisturizing spray is coconut extract which is one of the best ingredients you can use on natural hair.  

It helps in building immunity on your hair and protects it from external damages. Coconut also seals in moisture which is very important for natural hair. 

This is a multi-purpose product that not only moisturizes your hair but also helps in styling and achieving the desired curl structure. You can use it before and after styling your hair to get great results. 

It did not weigh down my hair and helped in instantly refreshing my curls. 


  • Contains glycerin 
  • Contains coconut oil
  • Contains castor oil
  • Multipurpose product
  • Does not weigh down your hair


  • None

My Ratings:

Moisturizing Power: 4/5

Detangling Power: 4/5

Formula: 3.5/5

Daily Dose Miracle Moisture Spray

moisturizing spray for hair

I was definitely drawn by the attractive packaging of the product but it sure does what it says. I was struggling with a lot of knots and tangles on my hair when I came across this product and it helped in easily removing those. 

I usually find it painful to detangle my hair but this spray did the job without causing much pain. The comb was literally gliding on my hair. 

best african american hair moisturizer spray

The liquid has a thick conditioner-like consistency but the spray dispenser makes it fuss-free to apply it on your hair. One drawback would be the scent.

It doesn't smell bad but it is too strong and overpowering. For those of you who are used to using unscented products, this might be a little difficult to adjust to. 


  • Easy detangling
  • Makes hair manageable
  • Reduces frizz
  • Repairs hair
  • Color safe
  • Cruelty-free
  • Sulfate-free
  • Paraben-free
  • vegan


  • Overpowering smell

My Ratings:

Moisturizing Power: 4/5

Detangling Power: 4.5/5

Formula: 4.5/5

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Shea Moisture Coconut Oil Leave-In Treatment

diy moisturizing hair spray for black hair

This coconut leave-in spray makes my hair look instantly healthy and shiny. I had a lot of flyaways and frizz that needed taming and this product literally transformed my hair. 

best leave in conditioner for natural hair

This leave-in treatment is formulated with nourishing ingredients like coconut milk and Acacia senegal. Acacia senegal is a miracle hydrating ingredient that keeps your hair moisturized. Coconut milk is composed of fatty acids that also helps in moisturizing your hair. 

This moisturized my hair really well and it has a fresh scent of coconut. The fragrance lingers on your hair throughout the day. You can use this product on both dry and damp hair.


  • Sulfate-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Silicone free
  • Contains 100% virgin coconut oil
  • Sustainably produced
  • Cruelty-free


  • None

My Ratings:

Moisturizing Power: 4/5

Detangling Power: 4/5

Formula: 4.5/5

Quick Comparison Table

Here's a quick overview about the top moisturizing sprays for natural hair

Top Moisturizing Spray For Natural Hair The Honest Company Conditioning Detangler Carol's Daughter's Hair Milk OKAY Coconut Oil Spray Mist Cantu Comeback Curl Revitalizer Mizani Style Shifter Shea Moisture Coconut Oil Leave-In Treatment Daily Dose Miracle Moisture Spray
Price Very Expensive Very Expensive Affordable Affordable Very Affordable Slightly Expensive Slightly Expensive
Hair Moisturizing Properties 4/5 4.5/5 4.5/5 5/5 4.5/5 4.5/5 4.5/5
Frizz Control 4.5/5 4/5 4.5/5 3.5/5 4.5/5 3.5/5 3.5/5
Ingredients Quality 4.5/5 4.5/5 3.5/5 5/5 3/5 4.5/5 4.5/5
Silicone-Free Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes
Suitable For Sensitive Scalps?  Yes Yes No No No Yes No

How I selected the best spray moisturizers for natural hair?

There are a lot of spray moisturizers in the market so it can get a little confusing to select the right one for your natural hair. Nobody wants to splurge on and test multiple products on the hair. 

Here are some of the criteria I considered before selecting the best spray moisturizer for natural hair and rating them on a scale of 1-5. 

  • Hydration-The most important job of a spray moisturizer is to provide sufficient moisture to the hair that lasts long. So I made sure that these products promise ultimate hydration to make your locks look shiny and luscious. 
  • Ingredients- Moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, Moroccan oil, etc are natural-haired girls' best friends so these products must contain these nourishing ingredients. But it is also important to make sure that your hair products do not contain harsh ingredients like silicones and parabens. 
  • Detangling Power- A hair moisturizing spray should also be able to lubricate your hair and help in detangling. Women with natural hair struggle a lot of tangles and frizz so I made sure to select products that will help in easy detangling. 
  • Price- If you are a beginner who is using spray moisturizers for the first time, you might not want to shell out a lot for a hairspray. I have included products for different budgets in this list and made sure that the quality is not compromised. 

How often should I use hair moisturizing sprays for natural hair?

You can use these spray moisturizers for your hair whenever your hair feels too dry and frizzy. Just be careful not to overuse products with heavy ingredients like coconut oil or shea butter as using it too much can cause buildup on hair. If you're using a hydrating water-based spray, you can spray it on whenever you want about 2-4 times a day in fact.

Also make sure that these sprays do not contain any silicone or alcohol. Both of these ingredients can cause harm to natural hair in the long run. Silicone by causing a lot of product buildup and worsening low porosity hair problem and alcohol by actually drying hair further if used too much.


What I like best about spray moisturizers is that you can use them whenever you want. If you ever feel like your hair is looking dull and dehydrated, you can simply spray it on your hair. 

My favorite way is to spray it to revive my hair on the second or third day after washing. This helps in making your hair look fresh. 

Hair spray moisturizers can be used on both dry and wet hair. If you want the best results out of your spray moisturizer, it is important to read the user guidelines on the package. 

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