Hairstylist Tries Ryo Hair Loss Care Shampoo: Here's The Review (Updated 2024)

Hairstylist Tries Ryo Hair Loss Care Shampoo: Here's The Review (Updated 2024)

Is the Ryo Hair Loss Care shampoo any good? Does it actually control hair fall? What other Ryo shampoos can you try? I’ve explained it all in my article below! 

Korean skincare and haircare involves using traditional recipes and cutting edge technology to create excellent products for everyone

And one such Korean shampoo is the Ryo Hair Care shampoo Korean brand Amorepacific.

I was intrigued by this shampoo because my tresses were damaged recently due to a lot of hair styling and it was also falling out. So, I gave this shampoo a try!

Ryo Hair Loss Care Shampoo summarized:

  • Is It Sulfate Free - No (contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate)
  • Top Ingredients - Red Pine Extract, Panax Ginseng Extract, Silica, Tocopherol
  • Who It’s Suitable For - People with hair fall and oily scalp, scalp acne and inflammation
  • Fragrance - Added Perfume Source
  • Is It Colored Hair-Friendly - No
  • Is It Good For Sensitive Scalp - No it contains both SLES and artificial perfumes
  • Is It Good For Cleaning Scalp and Hair - Yes
  • Does It Increase New Hair Growth - No
  • Price Range - $$ (Affordable)
  • Price - $19.50 for 400ml bottle

Ryo Shampoo Review 2024

Ryo shampoo review

Does the Ryo shampoo actually help with hair loss? And the answer is yes but not directly! Using this shampoo did increase the length and thickness of my hair significantly and reduced strand breakage.

And surprisingly it did not just reduce breakage by detangling my hair, it also promoted new hair growth. 

When I researched this, I found out that sometimes the oil and debris accumulated on your scalp prevents hair follicles from getting adequate nutrition and stops any serum/oil/hair loss treatment from reaching it as well.

So this shampoo helps clear away this debris and allows better nourishment of the hair follicle root, boosting new hair growth.

What I loved about the Ryo shampoo is the incorporation of traditional Korean ingredients into the formula. So you have stuff like Panax ginseng or Korean red ginseng that has such fantastic antioxidant properties that help reduce hair breakage and promote growth. 

I also liked that it contained silica which helps absorb oil particles from your scalp. So when I first used the shampoo it instantly removed grease and dirt and added such volume to my tresses. 

One of the chief ingredients here is tocopherol which is a form of vitamin E. This is very important for the formation of hair keratin and to maintain the elasticity of hair cuticles. 

I found that the regular use of this shampoo made my hair feel so much softer and smoother too. 

Yes, it has SLES and ammonium lauryl sulfate. According to celebrity hairstylist Johnathan Van Ness in this video, sulfates are very strong and strip natural oils from hair but can be useful for oily scalp types that requires cleansing often. And this is the case here. But the latter is a very innocuous surfactant. And SLES actually works on my hair just fine. 

ryo hair loss care shampoo

I have thick hair with an oily scalp and so it can help clarify my hair better without any lasting damage. But if you have color-treated hair or very fine hair or dry scalps I can see why this ingredient might be problematic for you. 

The first thing that I instantly disliked about this Ryo shampoo is that it contains SLES. Yes, it is milder than SLS, but it can still remove hair dye pigments from tresses. 

So if you have colored hair this might not be the best for you.

There is ammonium lauryl sulfate in here as well, which is milder and gentler than both SLS and SLES but it combined with SLES it can make this shampoo a tad too clarifying. 

I also did not like the addition of artificial perfumes in this shampoo. Don’t get me wrong this shampoo smells absolutely amazing! 

But unfortunately perfumes can dry out scalps in the long run and it can also irritate more sensitive scalps, so it’s not the best product for people with conditions like eczema, psoriasis, etc.

What I Disliked About The Ryo Shampoo

There is also alcohol in the shampoo that is added to make the formula lighter and more easy to penetrate your strands. However, it is very drying if used regularly.

So this shampoo might work if you have very oily hair otherwise it can actually dry out hair.

I used it for just one month and it didn’t dry my hair out a lot. However, I do feel it can strip moisture from more dry hair textures. 

ryo hair strengthener shampoo

Ingredients Explained

is ryo shampoo sulfate free

Japanese Red Pine Extract

The Japanese Red Pine has long been used in traditional Asian medicine as a stress reliever and hair growth tonic. 

According to a recent study Japanese Red Pine tea is known to have anti-inflammatory effects thanks to the flavanoids in them. (Kuo, Ping-Chung et al. “Anti-Inflammatory Principles from the Needles of Pinus taiwanensis Hayata and In Silico Studies of Their Potential Anti-Aging Effects.” Antioxidants (Basel, Switzerland) vol. 10,4 598. 13 Apr. 2021, doi:10.3390/antiox10040598)

This ingredient contains several antioxidants including vitamin A that help promote blood circulation to the scalp and increase the hair follicle’s chances of getting into the new growth cycle. 

It also has antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it ideal for use on inflamed scalps, scalps with acne, dandruff, fungal infections, etc. 

Panax Ginseng (Korean Red Ginseng)

Korean red ginseng is an excellent DHT blocker that reduces hair loss and shedding. There are several studies that show that this traditional Korean herb is effective at treating androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness and is also good at promoting hair growth. (Oh, Ga Na, and Sang Wook Son. “Efficacy of korean red ginseng in the treatment of alopecia areata.” Journal of ginseng research vol. 36,4 (2012): 391-5. doi:10.5142/jgr.2012.36.4.391)


Tocopherol is a part of the vitamin E family. It is a form of antioxidant which is very helpful in reducing inflammation. It also prevents hair loss by breakage by adding strength to your tresses as it is a building block of keratin, the hair protein. 

Vitamin E is also helpful in softening hair as it adds moisture to the tresses. It helps control frizz and smoothens flyaways too. 


Silica is very effective at absorbing grease and oil from the scalp. But its main strength lies in the fact that it is a form of a DHT blocker that reduces the effects of the hormone dihydrotestosterone that causes hair loss. So this ingredient can help with hair shedding. 

is ryo shampoo good for hair loss

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ryo shampoo sulfate free?

No, unfortunately not. The Ryo shampoo I tried out was made for oily care so it contained sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). Now SLES is still problematic when it comes to color-treated hair as it can strip hair dye molecules from strands. 
However it is comparatively milder compared to sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS which can strip moisture along with natural oils from the scalp. 
So while this shampoo might not suit color-treated hair, it is still usable on sensitive scalp. However I do suggest trying out Ryo Hair Loss Care shampoo in Dry Scalp and Sensitive Scalp varieties because these are much milder.

Is the Ryo Deep Cleansing shampoo better than the Ryo Hair Loss shampoo?

The Ryo Deep Cleansing Shampoo and Ryo Hair Loss Shampoo are equally effective however they are for completely different purposes. The Deep Cleaning shampoo as the name suggests is a highly clarifying shampoo for removing buildup, grease, dirt and flakes from hair and scalp. The Hair Loss care shampoo helps strengthen hair and reduces breakage and hair fall. These two shampoos are similarly priced too. 

Do I have to use only the Ryo Hair Strengthen & Volume Conditioner with the shampoo?

No, you don't have to use only the Ryo Hair Strengthen & Volume Conditioner with the shampoo. While using the same brand of shampoo and conditioner can sometimes yield better results as they are formulated to complement each other, it's not a strict rule. You can use a different conditioner if you prefer or if you find one that works better for your hair type or specific needs. Just ensure that whatever conditioner you choose is suitable for your hair and scalp type and complements the effects of the shampoo you're using.

Can I use the Ryo Hair Loss Care Shampoo for sensitive scalp?

Ryo Hair Loss Care Shampoo is formulated to address hair loss concerns, but it may not necessarily be designed specifically for sensitive scalps. Some ingredients in hair loss care products might be too harsh for sensitive scalps. For example, it is not sulfate-free. It also contains added perfumes from synthetic sources and denat. alcohol that can potentially cause irritation or exacerbate existing issues.

Which Ryo Shampoo Should I Use?

Ryo is a popular Korean haircare brand known for its natural ingredients and effective shampoos. Choosing the right Ryo shampoo depends on your hair type, scalp condition, and specific haircare needs. Here's a breakdown of some of their popular shampoos and their suitability for different hair textures and scalp types:

Ryo Jayang Yunmo Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo:

Suitable for: Oily scalp, thinning hair, and hair loss concerns.

Key Features: Contains ginseng, which is known to strengthen hair and stimulate hair growth. It also helps control excess sebum production on the scalp.

Which Ryo Shampoo Should I Use

Ryo ChungAhMo Shampoo for Oily Scalp:

Suitable for: Oily scalp and fine, limp hair.

Key Features: Formulated with natural herbal ingredients to control excess oil production, balance the scalp, and add volume to the hair.

Ryo Damage Care Shampoo:

Suitable for: Damaged, dry, or chemically treated hair.

Key Features: Contains natural ingredients like camellia oil and ginseng to repair and nourish damaged hair, leaving it soft and manageable.

Ryo Hair Loss Care Shampoo for Sensitive Scalp:

Suitable for: Sensitive scalp prone to irritation and hair loss.

Key Features: Designed to soothe and nourish the scalp while promoting healthier hair growth. It's gentle and free from harsh chemicals.

does ryo help with hair loss

Ryo Agave Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

Suitable for: Dry scalp and hair loss concerns.

Key Features: Enriched with agave extract to provide moisture to dry hair and scalp, while also addressing hair loss issues.

Ryo Damage Care Shampoo for Dry Hair:

Suitable for: Dry and damaged hair.

Key Features: Formulated to hydrate and repair dry, brittle hair. It contains natural ingredients like camellia oil and ginseng to restore moisture and vitality.

Ryo Scalp Deep Cleansing Shampoo:

is ryo a good hair brand

Suitable for: All hair types, especially those dealing with product buildup and dandruff.

Key Features: Provides a deep cleanse to remove excess oil, dirt, and product residue from the scalp, leaving it refreshed and revitalized.

When choosing a Ryo shampoo, it's essential to consider your specific hair and scalp needs. Pay attention to the ingredients and targeted benefits to select the one that aligns with your goals. Additionally, remember that haircare routines may need adjustments based on the changing needs of your hair and scalp, so don't hesitate to switch to a different Ryo shampoo if necessary.

What is the best Ryo Shampoo For Colored Hair?

What is the best Ryo Shampoo For Colored Hair

For colored hair that requires a sulfate-free and gentle formula to maintain vibrancy and prevent premature fading, you can consider the Ryo Damage Care Shampoo. This particular Ryo shampoo is formulated with natural ingredients such as camellia oil and ginseng to repair and nourish damaged hair. It provides moisture to dry hair without harsh sulfates or surfactants that can strip away color.

The Ryo Damage Care Shampoo not only helps restore moisture and shine but also strengthens and revitalizes your hair. By keeping your hair in optimal condition, it can indirectly contribute to preserving your hair color for a longer duration.

Please note that product formulations can change over time, so it's a good practice to check the product label for the most up-to-date information on ingredients and suitability for colored hair. Additionally, consider using a sulfate-free conditioner and a color-protecting treatment to further enhance the longevity of your hair color.

Summary on the Ryo Hair Loss Shampoo Review 

Ryo Hair Loss Care is a natural shampoo that contains botanical extracts, oligosaccharides, and vitamins to help restore and strengthen hair. It is made in Korea using the latest technologies for manufacturing and has been clinically tested for quality control.

Some of the key ingredients present in Ryo Hair Loss Care are Korean ginseng root extract, tangerine peel extract, licorice root extract, spirulina platensis algae powder (a source of protein), corn silk amino acid enriched water soluble complex (soothes scalp), stigmasterol (antioxidant). 

Together these ingredients work together to improve overall hair growth by promoting cell renewal while helping eliminate dandruff and psoriasis symptoms.

While it isn't designed specifically for hair loss relief or regrowth, many people who have tried this product report positive results - including improved thickness and density of hair as well as reversal or prevention of baldness. 

Therefore if you're looking for an all-natural option that may help with your concerns related to thinning hair or balding head syndrome then Ryo Hair Loss Care might be a good choice for you!

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