Red Ombre Hair With Highlights

22 Eye-Stealing Red Ombre Hair With Highlights 2024

Looking for a Red Ombre Hair With Highlights? We have the latest trends and styles in hair color, so you can choose the perfect shade to suit your personality. From natural to dramatic, we have everything you need to get the look you want.

Bolder hues are in the trend. Everyone wants to go for something different. A wide range of tones comes with red ombre hair, ranging from burgundy tones to vivid, eye-catching reds.

When selecting the hue, be attentive because not all shades of red are flattering on every skin tone. You will definitely need to pay close attention to the undertones of your complexion. 

Top Red Ombre Hair With Highlights

Light Copper Ombre

With a softer red ombré highlighting the length as well as thickness of the hair, rich coppery red hair appears particularly fashionable.

Red Ombre Hair With Highlights
Source: Instagram @escaniahuggins

A bright red color option at this length is perfect. When the straight hair transforms into shining bright copper tips, it adds texture for a stunning summer style.

Coloured Blunt Cut

When it comes to looking modern, so many hairstyles depend on angled cuts as well as wispy strands, but for this style, a rough, blunt cut is all you need to get the job done.

red ombre hair color ideas
Source: Instagram @stylesbysharnee

Begin with a burgundy color, then gradually work your way down to a tint that looks like honey caramel. Alternatively, if you want to shake things up, you may go with a blonde-to-red ombre or a black-and-red ombre.

Multiple Beauty Shades

Choose a multilayer hair color job for yourself that contains both a deep burgundy shade and a bright red hue.

red ombre hair color short hair
Source: Instagram @lainisaligram

The end outcome is breathtaking. The more layers there are in your hair and the longer they are, the nicer your hair will seem.

Bottom Bright Ombre

There is a wide range of shades available for ombre red hair, but the brighter the colour, the more desirable and noticeable it is. If you do wish for boldness, then create a stylish style that you'll like.

ombre hair red and black
Source: Instagram @sivzmusic

For this, you will have to curl your dark hair and let the red dye work its way into the twists and turns of your strands.

Ombre in Red and Blonde Colors

When you begin with red, there aren't many options on the color scale other than pink. If you feel like that's a little too feminine for you, try switching to a blonder color instead.

ombre hair red and brown
Source: Instagram @legends_hair_

A totally new personality may also be given to your look by adding bangs to it.

Plain Ombre

People often use light red for a variety of reasons, mostly to highlight the Ombre pattern and highlight the darker base colour. Red hues quickly give your complexion a warm glow.

natural red ombre hair
Source: Instagram @la_ela_feudenheim

Everyone immediately falls in love with it since the colour appears to complement every skin tone. The hair emits a healthy glow that is visible. Plain ombre is considered to be fashionable, stylish, and modern. 

Accented Ombre Hair

If you are hesitant to have red hair all over, an ombre may be a stepping stone that gives you a wholly unique look.

dark red ombre hair
Source: Instagram @mexikat

Get half of your hair coloured red from the roots up, and then try fading to a more natural shade. You can arrange and highlight your new color in a number of different ways using braids and twists.

Ombre Light Burgundy Hair

Red hair colour does not have to be always bold and dramatic; it may be understated and faded into a soft gold. Longer hair will make this look more attractive.

ombre black hair with red highlights
Source: Instagram @nela_hair_stylist

Ombre Against Dark

It's possible that the most flattering way to wear a red ombre style is as occasional bursts of ombre against black strands.

red hair with ombre highlights
Source: Instagram @juliehairstylist2022

Buy a cherry red dye that you can highlight in a lovely pattern if you have dark brown or black hair. This will make your hair stand out.

Short Ombre

Any red ombre may be made to seem absolutely stunning when styled as an inverted bob. Maintain the natural blonde color of your hair and shift gradually to an eye-catching shade of red at the ends with this style.

brown hair with red ombre highlights
Source: Instagram @breahanna_hairgram

Raspberry Ombre Black

Raspberry red and black look stunning together. If you colour your hair yourself, it might be challenging to accomplish this progressive Ombre look.

red hair with blonde ombre highlights
Source: Instagram @hair_by_sam2

Make careful you carefully incorporate the darker portion into the lighter red portion. It is best to leave the top part of your hair black so that you won't need to worry about having your roots done.

Burgundy Ombre

Tones of red and orange are both considered to be warm colors. They provide a beautiful, warm finish that will enhance the natural glow of your skin and impart a touch of liveliness to your hair.

dark brown hair with red ombre highlights
Source: Instagram @hairaffair_rocio

Bangs with Ombre

Those with very long hair often want some form and depth, which may be achieved by cutting blunt bangs to their style.

what is the difference between ombre and highlights
Source: Instagram @stilist_colorist_leyla___

These will make a face seem brighter and will highlight your ombre from brown to red or whatever colour combination you decide to go with.

Angled Ombre

A cut at an angle can work wonders for thin hair that is straight. Coloring it will only enhance its natural beauty. Choose a shade of red that is mostly pink, and then highlight the ends of your hair with a blonde color.

can you do ombre on highlighted hair
Source: Instagram @delakezas_hair_boutique

This is a charming and bright color mix that is great to wear. If you want your hair color to last longer, you should make it a habit to use a shampoo that is suitable for coloured hair whenever you wash it.

Red Cherry

If you already have dark hair, adding a deep red hue to it can make you seem really lovely. This is an easy way to have hair color that makes a bold statement without seeming to be too much, either. Try a shade that is either very dark burgundy or very bright cherry.

is ombre considered highlights
Source: Instagram @shahrukhairhouse

Vibrant hair colors are really popular right now and are seen as being contemporary and ahead of the fashion curve. This hairstyle will make you fit into the trend.

Bob Ombre

The gorgeous ombre bob cut is great for individuals who aren't wild about having long hair and want to experiment with some unique colour possibilities.

what is ombre highlights
Source: Instagram @coralsbeautysalon

It's also great for those who don't want to deal with the hassle of maintaining long hair.

White Ombre

This hair starts off white and gradually becomes red. It is not very wild and can be worn by people of any age and on any kind of hair, but your own hair should have layers in it so that the varied colors can be seen more clearly.

black hair with red highlights in front
Source: Instagram @angellus_hair_designer

Brunette Ombre

If you have dark hair, you can rule out opting for a solid flaming red hue. However, this ombre would be perfect for brunettes who want to seem even brighter than they currently do.

black hair with dark red highlights
Source: Instagram @theocelittle_twitch

An exciting colour combination would consist of deep burgundy colouring for the roots, fiery-colored streaks in the centre, and reddish-blonde colouring for the ends.

Natural Ombre

This particular ombre style is the one that requires the least amount of upkeep for natural redheads. Ask your hairstylist to maintain your natural red color at the roots while giving your hair a lighter shade at the ends.

red highlights on black hair short
Source: Instagram @hairtonik77

With this, you may continue to flaunt your chic ombre hair that has a natural appearance while appearing totally on-trend.

Black And Purple Ombre

Despite the fact that the majority of these Ombre hairstyles only use two colors, you may always add a third. There are no laws stating that it must be two colors.

When using red color, we advise you to try to stick to red. By doing this, you will stick to warm tones. Black, ombre and purple are merged together in this hairstyle.

how to red highlights on black hair
Source: Instagram @neena_lynn.hairstylist

These hues will surely blend very beautifully. The ends are ombre, and the base would be black with a tint of purple. This is surely a powerful and stunning look.

Rustic Ombre

The excellent contrast can be seen between these two colours, the rustic red and the black. You can go for this contrast if you're looking for a difference and want your ombre hair colour to be unique from the rest.

how to get red highlights on black hair
Source: Instagram @katierayebeauty

Getting Ombre hair looks incredible when you let it down, but it also looks wonderful when you put it into a ponytail.

What’s Better Than A Red Ombre? 

Highlights are something that doesn’t cover each of your hair. There are some of the coolest red ombre hairstyles for you if you wish to experiment with bolder hues for highlights.

There is a shade of red ombre hair to match most skin tones since it comes in a variety of colours copper, orange, burnt orange, coral, purple, red, and cherry.

how to do black hair with red highlights
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Both light and dark hair hues look fantastic with red ombre hairstyles, which range from a rose-pink to a deep crimson.

If you have warm undertones, choose a red that is similar to ginger, and in the case of cool undertones, choose a red that is similar to cinnamon or cherry.

With this write-up, we will walk you through the best Red Ombre hair highlights ideas. You can pick from the list and let us know how you looked. Let’s explore the beauties without any further ado. 

dark brown hair with red ombre highlights
Source: Instagram @sivzmusic

Final Tip!

Whatever style you pick, try to keep it for two-three months. Take endless pictures and make a folder. After a few months, change the look. By changing the look, you will understand what fits the best. 

With all these looks for ombre hair, we are sure that you will have fun experimenting with this hue and mixing and matching colours to highlight it. Let us know in the comment section if you got something different. 

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