OGX Shampoo Review

One of the brands that had significant social media buzz in 2021 was OGX. Almost everyone was seen purchasing an OGX shampoo.

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What Is OGX Shampoo

A haircare company that is now dominating the market is OGX. This brand's shampoos are all created specifically to treat various hair issues.

Additionally, OGX shampoo is typically created using natural components.

These shampoos don't include any harsh ingredients like sulfate or parabens that could harm your hair.

Whether you have 4c hair or thin, smooth hair, there is an OGX shampoo for you.

OGX shampoos include silicone, however, silicone does not harm hair as much as sulfates do. The fact that OGX shampoos are not vegan is another thing I dislike about them.

OGX purchases albumen and whey from animals at a time when all brands are shifting to ingredients supplied responsibly.

Furthermore, the OGX company does not practice cruelty-free business practices, therefore we cannot be certain if they test their products on animals.

To make its shampoos mild and ideal for all hair types, the firm incorporates unusual ingredients.

If you use OGX shampoo along with a conditioner and a hair mask, you can think of it as a treatment.

This is due to the high grade and quality of these shampoos' ingredients, which also contribute to their high level of efficacy.

However, one generic brand, OGX, sticks out. What makes it so unique? For starters, even the best OGX shampoo is fairly affordable.

Another benefit is that the ingredient list is soft and natural, which is good for your hair.

Some shampoos contain a lot of harsh chemicals and other ingredients that could be more harmful than helpful.

You can use all the hairstyle products you want, but you can forget about having those healthy, luxurious locks if your shampoo is subpar.

Stop using all the chemicals and start loving your hair! OGX is one of the many companies that have created natural, organic products simply because they are in demand right now.

Source: Instagram (@ogx_beauty)

Certain substances in shampoo should be avoided if you're looking to buy some. These consist of:

Sulfates: Has anyone still not heard of sulfates? If sulfates were a movie, they would be the real villain.

But how dangerous are sulfates really? So, yes, some are. mostly sodium lauryl and laureth sulfates (SLES).

Surfactants are a class of chemicals that are applied to clean your hair of oil and grime.

The drawback is that they could be excessively harsh on the scalp and remove natural oils in addition to any hair debris. In addition, sulfates can gradually remove hair color from your hair if you have colored hair.

Fragrances: Do you have a favorite shampoo with a delicious scent? Yes, it harms your hair greatly.

No, this does not imply that your shampoo must smell unpleasant. This implies that any perfumes must be derived from natural sources.

It's acceptable if the shampoo contains fragrances made from botanicals like flowers, fruit extracts, or essential oils.

The issue is brought on by synthetic smells. These frequently have alcohol in them, which dries out your scalp. To avoid them is therefore advisable.

Parabens: To extend the shelf life of your shampoo, parabens are typically added as preservatives.

The only issue is that they resemble your body's natural hormones in structure quite a bit.

This could lead to a lot of problems. Additionally, even if there isn't a lot of evidence to support the claims, you are better off not using parabens in your shampoo.

Buying Guide: Choosing an OGX Shampoo for Your Hair

Girl, choosing a shampoo might be really difficult! The wording used on the box is also ineffective. moisturizing, strengthening, volumizing, or smoothing? What does that even mean, exactly?

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Even if you manage to resolve that issue, choosing a shampoo that complements your scalp remains a challenge.

There is an easy way to resolve this, so don't worry. Just keep in mind your scalp type and hair requirements.

Avoid products that are marketed as hydrating, nourishing, rich, or "excellent for curly hair" if your scalp is oily.

These shampoos are designed to moisturize the scalp, which is counterproductive if the scalp is already oily.

Source: Instagram (@ogx_beauty)

However, if your scalp is dry, flaky, or itching, pick the nourishing and hydrating ones.

Using shampoos with menthol, aloe vera, and tea tree oil may help soothe sensitive or irritated scalps.

Before purchasing shampoo, you should also think about what it will do specifically for you. Are you hoping the shampoo would stop hair loss? Remove dandruff? Do you desire frizz control from your shampoo?

You should use a volumizing shampoo if your main issue is limp or dull hair.

Choose products with keratin or those that are labeled as strengthening or damage-repair for brittle, damaged hair.

Shampoos that smooth out the hair can be helpful if you desire silky, straight hair because they reduce frizz.

Additionally, balancing shampoos are clean without damaging the hair and are designed for sensitive scalps.

Are OGX shampoos effective?

Given that their products are manufactured from natural components and don't contain sulfates or other harsh chemicals, OGX is a decent brand of shampoo.
There is an OGX shampoo for every hair type, and they offer particular formulations for every hair issue.

Which OGX shampoo suits oily hair the best?

The best shampoo for greasy hair is the OGX Weightless Hydration + Coconut Water Shampoo if you want to clean your hair while keeping it hydrated.
Look into the OGX Purifying Charcoal Detox Shampoo if you want something more clarifying.

Does OGX Shampoo Really Work Well For Hair?

Source: Instagram (@ogx_beauty)

Yes, OGX shampoo is excellent for your hair. It left the hair feeling incredibly clean, soft, and silky.

OGX shampoo thoroughly cleans your hair and is sulfate-free, unlike the majority of shampoos that don't remove buildup from the hair.

The OGX shampoo will make your hair much easier to manage because it contains moisturizing ingredients.

Whatever variety of OGX shampoo you use, it will undoubtedly contain some moisturizing elements. And for that reason, those with dry, brittle hair adore this shampoo.

You may get an OGX shampoo to treat any such issues, whether you have dandruff or a dry scalp.

If we exclude the silicone component, the elements in this shampoo also make it a highly respectable and mild shampoo.

It is a deal-breaker, though, because OGX shampoos include silicone. However, if you can get beyond the silicone issue, this would be the ideal shampoo for you.

Additionally, OGX shampoo poses no discernible danger to color-treated or damaged hair, so you can use it on both.

Is OGX Shampoo Safe?

Other than the silicones in the shampoos, OGX shampoo is generally harmless. The inclusion of dmdm in this shampoo adds another element that renders it dangerous.

Due to OGX's history of incorporating dmdm into their haircare products, a large "cancel ogx" movement took place on Instagram for several days.

The dmdm section is also available online in the OGX shampoo review.

Dmdm is a preservative that extends the shelf life of your items by producing formaldehyde. Additionally, it has ties to cancer and other dangerous conditions.

People were upset that OGX was using a substance that had the potential to cause so many ailments.

As a result, OGX apologized and declared that they will stop using dmdm in September 2021.

Despite the fact that it is a fantastic initiative on their part, many shampoos still contain dmdm because they were produced before September.

But every time you purchase an OGX shampoo, check to see if it was produced after September; if it was, it contains dmdm. It won't be safe to use one of these shampoos.

OGX Shampoo: Is It Safe For Curly Hair?

The major reason I would not advise using OGX shampoo for curly hair is that it contains silicones, which are dangerous for those with curly hair. Furthermore, it contains not just one type of silicone, but two.

Both of which are viewed negatively in regard to girls with curly hair. These silicones are disliked because they promote buildup in curly hair, which is why they do.

Although these sulfates soften your curls, silicones are coated on your strands.

These silicones will keep accumulating, and the only way to get rid of them is by using a sulfate-containing shampoo.

Guess what, though? How are we even expected to wash all that additional buildup off of us because the OGX shampoo designed for curly hair does not contain sulfate?

If you have been using OGX shampoo for a while and it is producing positive results for you, maintain doing so.

Use whatever you believe will improve your hair; it is not required for what works for you to also work for others.

Overall, I would not say that OGX is a really worst shampoo but just not the one that curly-haired people would want.

Can OGX Shampoo Prevent Hair Loss?

Yes, OGX sells a line of shampoo designed expressly to stop hair loss, and it is really effective.

The internet has been overrun with individuals praising OGX for producing shampoos that genuinely stop or at least lessen hair fall.

Yet many online users swear by the OGX anti-breakage line for its ability to stop hair fall.

This product's effectiveness against hair loss is also due to its components.

Both keratin oil and argan oil are present in this shampoo. These two are in charge of making your strands stronger. You might even attempt the OGX hair development shampoos since many people claim that they function similarly to

Furthermore, the OGX shampoos in the anti-breakage range don't contain any components that could dehydrate your hair, making them safe to use.

If you frequently experience hair loss, I would strongly recommend this line.

Can OGX Shampoo Give You Volume?

Lack of volume is one of the greatest issues faced by those with thin hair. They are unable to effectively create any hairstyles due to this.

A shampoo called OGX biotin and collagen was introduced by OGX and is marketed toward persons with thin hair.

The shampoo promises to thicken and revive your lifeless strands. Therefore, those who no longer desire thin hair can use OGX shampoo.

However, I don't believe that utilizing shampoo alone will genuinely result in thick hair within a few washes. The shampoo must be used in conjunction with OGX shampoo and hair mask from the same line.

 Flat hair is not every girl's dream, but OGX collagen and biotin give flat hair life.

The effects this shampoo produces even if it also has a number of chemicals that shouldn't be in shampoo. Additionally, it does make your hair appear fuller, therefore in my book, it is a victory.

The fact that OGX shampoo is neither vegan nor cruelty-free is something absolutely detest.

Therefore, if there was a reason wouldn't buy their shampoo, it would either be because of the silicones or for one of these two reasons.

People want to purchase items that are made with more ethical sourcing, thus it is about time OGX realized this and changed its policy toward its ingredients.

Final Thoughts on OGX Shampoo:

The list of the top OGX shampoos is now complete. Make sure the product you choose is appropriate for the type of hair you have, your scalp, and your budget.

Each range's corresponding conditioner is also available from OGX. Don't forget to use one if you want the greatest results for your hair.

To assist you style your hair, they also have hair treatments, serums, hair sprays, and toners.

However, we're moving too quickly. Don't skimp on your shampoo; it's possibly one of the most crucial components of your cosmetic regimen.

I sincerely hope you found this post to be useful and enjoyed reading about OGX shampoo.

Just a friendly warning not to purchase OGX shampoo produced before September. Also, if you have curls, you might want to completely avoid using this shampoo.

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