Nexxus Shampoo Review

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Nexxus shampoo, in addition to "strengthening hair from the inside," generates a "weightless, invisible barrier surrounding every strand to battle humidity and frizz."

This shampoo is great since it deep cleans your hair while also keeping it hydrated. That's a major issue for me because I've been shampooing my hair every day.

It softly cleanses, purifies, and revitalizes hair. This shampoo has a Protein Infusion made up of Elastic protein and marine minerals. This helps to preserve and protect the natural protein in your hair.

There are no silicones, sulfates, parabens, or colors in the shampoo. It is suitable for all hair types.

Almost everything in the description is correct. My hair feels clean yet also nourished. My hair has a lot of movement and body. It's highly sparkly while being soft to the touch.

In this piece, we'll look at these statements based on medical data to evaluate if we think they're true. We'll look at each component of Nexxus Shampoo to discover if it's safe and effective.

Nexxus makes some claims that, while theoretically possible, have not been proven to be correct, as stated in the introduction of this article. They make no mention of any medical research that shows (or even hints) that their shampoo may effectively decrease or prevent frizz or establish an "invisible barrier" around the hair.

There is no medical study that supports the usefulness of the jasmine flower (Jasminum) as a topical moisturizer.

We do not have access to medical studies that show this drug can lower humidity by increasing "natural hydrophobicity."

What is Nexxus Shampoo?

Source: Instagram (@nexxushaircare)

Nexxus shampoos offer the claim that they may hydrate extremely dry, damaged hair. It uses effective natural components to rebuild the hair proteins that provide your hair strength. Nexxus provides strong components to address all of your hair troubles.

Nexxus Shampoo's elastin protein and green caviar strengthen the strands' anchor, while also supporting hair health and beauty. The shampoo is intended to save visibly repaired dry hairs.

Therappe shampoo claims to transform damaged or dry hair into smooth, lustrous, salon-like hair.

It hydrates the follicles, heals damaged hair, and nourishes the hair, making styling easier and improving smoothness, gloss, and manageability.

The brand also claims to repair, revitalize, and replenish hair with a lightweight, silicone-free lotion. Nexxus has shampoos and conditioners for every hair type that will treat your hair and keep it looking wonderful all day.

It was difficult to find a shampoo that could restore healthy hair.

Our View on NEXXUS Therappe Shampoo

Let's start with the good news and work our way down to the bad. Using Nexxus shampoo on dry hair can be beneficial, especially during the winter. It hydrates dry hair, protects against split ends, combats static or twisted strands, and makes them bouncy.

Generates nice bubbles; eliminates dirt or impurities from its initial wash The Nexxus shampoo smoothes and shines the hair without eliminating natural nutrients. It also hydrates quite well.

It does not, however, strengthen hair and does not work well on excessively fine hair.

The pricing of shampoo is prohibitively expensive, and the container is not particularly enticing. Chemicals that can irritate the scalp account for nearly 10% of the contents.


  • For hair that is frizzy or dry, shampoo is ideal.
  • The damaged strands are revitalized and replenished with Nexxus shampoo.
  • It provides hair with a lustrous, silky appearance.
  • It effectively moisturizes the strands.
  • It thoroughly cleans the scalp and gets rid of all the dirt.
  • It produces a good lather.

Does Nexxus Therappe shampoo make your follicles stronger?

The answer is no. If you have thin or falling hair, using the Nexxus Therappe shampoo would be a waste of money. Therappe shampoo does not prevent hair loss or strengthen hair.

Is Nexxus Therapee shampoo a good investment?

Therappe shampoo does an excellent job of smoothing and silkening thick or dry hair. It also protects hair from split ends and dryness.

Is Nexxus Shampoo Worth It?

Source: Instagram (@nexxushaircare)

Nexxus, a shampoo brand, uses cutting-edge technology to create products that provide maximum hydration to hair. Nexxus will deep condition your hair, leaving it silky and smooth owing to the caviar complex and elastin protein.

The brand promotes itself as the ideal solution for severely damaged hair. Nexxus shampoos contain hydrolyzed collagen amino acids, hydrolyzed keratin, and hydrolyzed elastin, according to the ingredient list. All of these elements contribute to hair strength.

Does Nexxus Shampoo Contain Sulphates?

No, Nexxus shampoos contain sulfates; however, they contain very low levels of SLES, or sodium lauryl ether sulfate. Anionic detergents sodium lauryl ether sulfate and sodium Laureth sulfate are utilized in shampoos and other cosmetic products due to their foaming and cleansing properties.

Although sulfates are good in removing all debris and oil from the hair, using too many sulfates can cause dryness and damage to the hair. Furthermore, long-term SLES use may irritate.

Overall, the shampoo is fantastic, and if you haven't experienced any adverse effects such as redness or rashes, it must be working for you. However, if you encounter any redness or discomfort, you should visit your doctor.

Does Nexxus Shampoo Prohibit Cruelty?

Nexxus claims that they do not employ animals in their testing processes and are aiming to eliminate them. However, Unilever's Nexxus brand is infamous for producing products that have been subjected to animal testing. Animal testing is used by all brands that are owned by Unilever, either directly or indirectly.

According to Unilever, finished goods and ingredients are tested on animals by either its suppliers or other parties. Nexxus may sell vegan products, but it is not a cruelty-free enterprise.

Can You Use Nexxus Shampoo On Curly Hair?

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Let's get one thing out of the way: dealing with curly hair is a difficult problem to solve. Additionally, it seems impossible to locate a shampoo that will work for them if they are damaged and dry.

Nexxus asserts that the potent formulations in their products will provide your hair with tremendous moisture, elasticity, and strength. However, internet experts claim that Nexxus products include SLES, which is bad for curly hair. Even if the brand claims that SLES is not widely used, it is nevertheless dangerous to use.

As a result, Nexxus shampoos are excellent for those with curly hair in general.


  • lower-sodium lauryl sulfate concentrations
  • nurture and moisturize hair
  • Vegan items exist.
  • Elastin and keratin hydrolyzed in the same solution


  • could irritate skin that is already sensitive
  • Lack of disclosure regarding animal experiments
  • has DMDM Hydantoin in it

One of the active chemicals that we believe to be beneficial is coconut acid, which is often a combination of fatty acids derived from coconuts. Coconut raised the number of helpful bacteria on the scalp while decreasing the amount of inflammatory and harmful bacteria, according to a medical review published in the journal Scientific Reports (yes, we do have bacterial colonies on our scalp).

Another Nexxus component, hydrolyzed keratin, is an excellent choice for a shampoo formulation because it has been demonstrated to increase hair health, particularly in damaged hair. Keratin, a structural protein, has been shown in clinical studies to repair damaged hair and "reshape" curly hair. This shows that Nexxus' claims about treating frizzy hair are most likely correct.

Hydrolyzed wheat protein is another beneficial component in this formula. According to study, it is a safe and effective hair conditioner. Hydrolysis improves wheat protein for topical application.

Although there is no evidence to support the usefulness of hydrolyzed sweet almond protein for hair, animal studies show that it is helpful for skin healing, therefore this component may be included to promote scalp health. In our Meaningful Beauty review, we looked at the science behind this ingredient for skincare and talked about a cosmetics line that employed sweet almonds in a topical serum.

This mixture clearly comprises a range of botanical components that have been proved in medical tests to be beneficial for improving hair and scalp health and maybe reducing "frizziness."

While Nexxus has some effective substances, it also contains a number of filler compounds that we recommend avoiding for health reasons.

The most common item we advise health-conscious consumers to avoid is fragrance. Despite medical research indicating that it may be harmful to human health, it is found in many personal care and cosmetics products.

Simply put, "fragrance" refers to a wide spectrum of chemical chemicals. While some are undoubtedly safe, consumers are left in the dark about what genuine chemicals are used when a manufacturer just lists "fragrance" as an ingredient. Because of this, we recommend that you avoid using this substance entirely.

This shampoo also contains sodium benzoate, a synthetic preservative. According to medical research, this chemical may irritate some persons, causing skin irritation.


Despite the fact that Nexxus shampoo contains fragrance and preservatives, it may be helpful to prevent frizz. It's also pretty costly at roughly $20 for each bottle.

In general, I find it strange that Nexxus makes health and beauty claims about a number of active ingredients that don't appear to have much research backing, such as jasmine flower, without providing any citations or proof, but none about ingredients with substantial research backing, such as hydrolyzed keratin.

I hope that more shampoo companies will eventually go fragrance-free because there are so many natural fragrance components, such as lemon oil, that could be switched for a healthier overall formulation.

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