Maui Heal and Hydrate + Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner

Maui Shampoo and Conditioner Review 2024 | A Hair Expert Tries the Heal & Hydrate + Shea Butter Shampoo

Check out my full review of Maui Heal and Hydrate + Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner here. It helps moisturize and hydrate hair.

The first thing they teach you in cosmetology is that dry hair craves hydration and that it's different from moisturization. You need something to ADD moisture content to hair and not just preserve it. And I have always looked for shampoos that do just that and then look into conditioners to seal moisture.

So I did my research and found that this Maui Heal and Hydrate + Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner could be the right one for me, as it is specifically made for dry and damaged curly hair. Well, that’s how I decided to give it a try.

Here’s my review after using it for two months now!

  • Who can use it – Dry, damaged and curly hair types
  • Top Ingredients – Shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera, macadamia oil
  • Main product benefits – Hair hydration and moisturization
  • Gentle on the scalp – Yes
  • Colour-treated hair safe – Yes
  • Free from harsh chemicals – Yes, free from sulfates, silicones and parabens
  • Fragrance – Citrus-fresh, melon and shea butter
  • Item form – Cream
  • Quantity – 385 ml
  • Price – $19.50 (for both shampoo and conditioner)

Maui Heal and Hydrate + Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner Review

So the fact that this product was free from all types of harsh chemicals like parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, etc, it enticed me to try it out and I must say that it felt super gentle on my scalp and hair, while some of the previous shampoos had caused my dry scalp to feel itchy.

The conditioner is free from silicones and thereby left my hair moisturized and smooth, without weighing down my hair strands. Both the shampoo and conditioner is rich in shea butter which is known for it's anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. (Verma, Nandini et al. “Anti-inflammatory effects of shea butter through inhibition of iNOS, COX-2, and cytokines via the Nf-κB pathway in LPS-activated J774 macrophage cells.” Journal of complementary & integrative medicine vol. 9 Article 4. 12 Jan. 2012, doi:10.1515/1553-3840.1574)

My hair is colour-treated and I was apprehensive whether it would make my hair colour fade, but it didn’t drastically fade my hair colour at all, so that was a relief.

Overall, it made my hair and scalp feel fresh and well-moisturized. My hair dryness reduced considerably after two to three weeks of using this product.

The tangles in my hair reduced, as it became softer and smoother, making my hair become more manageable and easy to brush. I also noticed lesser hair breakage and split ends with reduced hair fall.

Talking about the fragrance of this shampoo, the product description stated that the shampoo would have a citrus-fresh, melon and shea butter fragrance, but the only scent I got was that of coconut.

Maui Shampoo and Conditioner

So that was something I didn’t like, even though the smell was good, the product description was deceptive.

The item form is creamy and needs to be diluted before application, failing which I found it hard to get a good lather. I’d like to make a special mention about the product pricing.

So I bought this shampoo and conditioner as a set, which cost me $19.50, but it was only later that I realized that buying either the shampoo or conditioner separately is just $6.62, which would have worked out cheaper even if I bought both separately. So this is something you could consider when buying this product.

Key Ingredients And Their Benefits

The key ingredients of this product are mentioned below along with their benefits:

Shea Butter

Shea butter is a great natural ingredient for dry hair as it can increase hair lustre, by adding moisture to the hair and renewing one’s hair shine like never before.

It can reduce hair dryness considerably and tame frizz. Shea butter helps keep the hair moisturized and reduces hair breakage and split ends to a large extent.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid that is a super nourishing ingredient for the hair. It can help nourish the hair strands from within, as it can penetrate easily into the hair strand and make the hair strong, thus reducing hair brittleness and breakage.

It can help reduce scalp conditions like dandruff, dryness and flaking as it is loaded with antioxidants.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is high in its anti-inflammatory properties and can thereby help treat  and prevent all kinds of scalp conditions and also keep scalp irritation at bay, which is caused by dryness and flaking.

It is good for those with sensitive scalp skin. It can nourish and strengthen the hair strands right from the hair follicle and reduce hair fall.

Macadamia Oil

Macadamia oil acts as a natural emollient agent to the hair and this is the perfect ingredient for dry and damaged hair as it can help hydrate and repair the hair strands and prevent further hair damage by coating the hair strands and acting like a protective external layer.

It can make the hair look smoother and shinier in appearance.

Parameters and Ratings

I like trying out new products and testing them. One thing I always make sure to do is give my rating and review based on a set of parameters that I come up with, so that the reader would get a better idea of the product they may decide to finally buy.

So here are my parameters:

Ability to cleanse the hair:

My hair is dry, but tends to get greasy quite soon as I am prone to excessive scalp sweat. Also, I try a lot of hair care products and I now have hair and scalp buildup.

So I look out for products that can cleanse my hair and scalp well and make it feel fresh, without it leaving any residue or film on my hair and scalp once it has been washed off.

Scalp and hair gentleness:

A couple of years ago, I read about the dangers of using hair products with harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens and now I only use products that do not contain these types of harsh chemicals, so that they feel gentle on my hair and scalp.

Product effectiveness:

This parameter tested how well this product actually cleansed my hair and scalp and how effective it was in hydrating my dry hair and making it feel soft and smooth.


The fragrance of this shampoo is supposed to be citrus-fresh, with melon and shea butter and I was hoping it would be a mild fragrance.

Colour-treated hair safety of use:

My hair has been colour-treated several times and thus, even though this shampoo made no particular mention of whether it was safe for use on colour-treated hair or not, I still tried it out.


Buying any product should mean value for money for me. My ideal price range for a shampoo conditioner set is between $12 to $20. So this is something I consider when buying a new product.

Ability to cleanse the hair 4.4/5
Scalp and hair gentleness 4.5/5
Product effectiveness 4.5/5
Fragrance 3.8/5
Colour-treated hair safety of use 4.2/5
Price 3.8/5

Pros And Cons


·         Gentle on the scalp and hair as the shampoo is free from parabens and sulfates.

·         The conditioner contains no silicones and thereby doesn’t make the hair look weighed down and limp.

·         Doesn’t fade colour-treated hair drastically.

·         Makes the hair more manageable and makes the detangling process easier.

·         Hydrates and moisturizes the hair, reducing hair dryness and making the hair soft and smooth.

·         Reduces hair breakage and split ends, with noticeably reduced hair fall.


·         The fragrance promised is citrus-fresh, melon, and shea butter, but the shampoo smells like coconut.

·         The item form is creamy and needs to be diluted before application in order for it to lather.

·         Buying the shampoo and conditioner as a set is relatively expensive as compared to buying them separately.

How To Use The Maui Shea Butter Shampoo And Conditioner?

This shampoo comes with its own directions for use on its product label. But this is a regular cleansing shampoo, along with its conditioner and can be used similarly to how you’d use any other shampoo and conditioner.

Since this product form is creamy in texture and not liquid, I suggest that you dilute it in a little water before applying it to your hair and then massage it in to get a good lather.

Leave it on your hair for a few minutes so that the grease, dirt and buildup loosen up and cleanse the scalp and hair effectively. Rinse off the shampoo well under running water, so that no product residue remains. Lastly, condition your hair.


Can I use the Maui shampoo on children’s hair?

The product description of this shampoo clearly states that it is for use only for adults. So no, it cannot be used on children’s hair.

My hair is straight, but damaged extensively. Will the Maui shampoo and conditioner work?

Well, the product suggests that it is best for curly hair as it is more prone to dryness and damage.
Nevertheless, if your straight hair feels dry and damaged, you can always choose to use this shampoo and conditioner if you wish to, as its main benefits are hair hydration and hair moisturization, which would suit any dry hair.

Can I use any other conditioner along with the Maui Heal and Hydrate shampoo?

The brand Maui recommends that its shampoos would have the best effects while coupled with the same conditioner or any other conditioner from the Maui range of conditioners.
But if you wish to, you could use any other conditioner of your choice as well.


Overall, Maui Heal and Hydrate is a wonderful product that isn’t just safe for its intended use, but also very effective in moisturizing hair.

Not only does it leave your hair soft and manageable, but it has the added benefit of reducing frizz as well. All-in-all, this shampoo and conditioner duo is one you don’t want to miss out on!

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