Kirkland Shampoo Review

A company called Kirkland offers a wide range of goods, including some of my favorite products in the food, health supplement, and beauty categories.

If you are unfamiliar with this brand, Kirkland or Kirkland Signature is a division of Costco Wholesale Corporation, a company that runs a global network of warehouse clubs. While the Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner are the only hair care products I'll be discussing in this article, Kirkland Signature also sells nutrients and hair treatments.

Yes, there are far too many companies offering shampoos and conditioners on the market today, but for some reason, these two specific products from Kirkland Signatures have become well-known.

Below, you can read thorough reviews of each product if you'd want to know more. If not, the following important information may be useful to you if you decide to buy a bottle of shampoo for yourself.

Brief intro about Kirkland ShAMPOO

1992 saw the launch of Kirkland Signature as a private label by Costco Wholesale Corporation.

The Kirkland Signature brand sells a wide variety of goods on the market, including juices, cookies, shampoo, luggage, apparel, and many other items.

The Kirkland shampoo is the focus of the product review. Chemicals are absent from Kirkland shampoo.

Let's first discuss Kirkland's renowned moisture shampoo.

Kirkland Signature Moisture Shampoo Review

By using a recipe that has been scientifically proven, Kirkland shampoo deeply penetrates the coats, adds moisture, and nitrifies the radicles.

The company claims that its product, which contains only pure natural extracts, hydrates the strands, reduces breakage, makes them easier to manage, and keeps hair color vibrant.

A proprietary moisture nutrient complex made of pure natural extracts is also included in the Moisture Shampoo to hydrate, nourish, and enhance the general health of the hair.

The parabens, sulfates, and gluten-free ingredients in other shampoos destroy the natural texture shine and result in hair loss, but these ingredients are absent from Kirkland moisture shampoo.

The Moisture Shampoo has a lot of amazing qualities, and one of them is the thoughtfulness with which the formula was developed. Contrary to the majority of well-known brands on the market, this specific formula is a 100% sulfate-free shampoo and is safe for hair that has undergone color treatments. If you didn't know, sulfate is a common chemical in many hair products, and regrettably, research has shown that it may also harm hair by possibly causing cancer.

In the end, sulfates in hair products—or any other skin products, for that matter—can remove hair protein and cause skin irritation and itching.

The Moisture Shampoo doesn't contain sulfates, but it also doesn't contain parabens or gluten. Paraben, like sulfate, can harm the hair and scalp and, in rare instances, lead to breast cancer. Another well-known irritant is gluten, and as more people today become aware of their allergies to it, the demand for gluten-free goods is increasing.

According to the Kirkland brand, its shampoo is created from vegan or organic ingredients.

Additionally, chemically treated or dyed hair can safely use this shampoo. Water, potassium cocoate, soybean oil, decyl glucoside, and avocado oil are the components utilized in its production

The fact of the matter with this product is that it nourishes, hydrates, and gives hair a natural texture.

The drawback is that it is ineffective for oily hair and lacks dandruff and hair loss remedy.

Use Kirkland conditioner in conjunction with its shampoo; limit your usage to two to three times per week.

Ingredients and their functions

We'll talk about the components of this shampoo and what they do. There are no side effects and every ingredient is organic.

Some of the ingredients and their use are given below.

  • Soybean oil: This ingredient's main use is to maintain hair moisture retention. The oil is a good source of vitamins, fatty acids, and manganese. The lipids in the oil help the strands to absorb into your hair more effectively, and it adds shine and enhances moisture retention in your coats.
  • Glycerin: Your hair will feel softer after using glycerin, which also moisturizes the follicles and stops split ends. The finest ingredient to add softness, shine, and smoothness to your hair is glycerin.
  • Argan oil: It hydrates your scalp while preventing your strands from injury. Your coats are nourished or nitrified from the roots to the tips.
  • Sodium cocoyl: Your hair can be cleaned of dirt, oil, and sebum with the aid of sodium cocoyl isethionate. Corn, coconut, and fruit sugars are the natural sources of the additive sodium cocoyl isethionate. For hair care, this component is secure.
  • Fatty acids:  called phospholipids work with keratin to form the structure of hairs. Phospholipids are crucial for hairs and aid in the development of coat structures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kirkland Beneficial for Hair Loss?

The product doesn't contain a solution for hair loss. This is not the product you're looking for if you have thin hair.

The product simply aids in deeply moisturizing the scalp and gives you lustrous, silky, and attractive hair.

Despite the fact that our team gathered reviews for the product, one client complained that the shampoo made their hair thin.

Therefore, it is not advised for people who are experiencing hair loss.

How anti-dandruff is Kirkland Shampoo?

Kirkland shampoo hydrates the follicles and moisturizes the dry scalp. The shampoo doesn't completely eliminate dandruff because it only removes 30% of the flaking and itching from the scalp. Only the cure for rough, dry, and dull hairs is contained in the shampoo.

Will Kirkland Shampoo soften my hair?

The Kirkland shampoo provides moisture, which makes your hair soft, silky, and shining. The product also has a fix for broken ends and breakage. Additionally, it nourishes the scalp from the roots to the tips.

What kind of hair works best with Kirkland Shampoo?

Use Kirkland shampoo on normal or dry hair for the best results. It may not be the ideal option for individuals with oily hair because it does emphasize hydrating your hair and could possibly leave your hair feeling greasy.

Customers' main complaints about this product have just been this one. However, this shampoo might be an excellent option for you if your hair is damaged, dyed, or naturally dry and frizzy.

What are the Benefits of using Avocado Oil in Hair?

Avocado is known to be a beneficial fruit to eat and its oil contents:

  • Antioxidant
  • Biotin
  • Minerals
  • Fatty acids
  • Vitamin A, B-5, and E.

According to Healthline, using avocado on your hair is a fantastic method to strengthen, moisturize, and restore it.

Additionally demonstrated to aid in cuticle cell sealing is avocado oil. It's crucial to do this since it stops your hair from breaking. So avocado oil is one substance that won't promote hair loss but instead will help it grow and be stronger.

How is Kirkland Shampoo Made?

Pureology Hydrate is the manufacturer of the conditioner and shampoo sold under the Kirkland Signature Professional Salon Formula brand.

As you may be aware, Costco, which is renowned for offering premium goods in huge quantities at a lower price, owns the Kirkland brand.

For its Kirkland brand, Costco modifies the products it receives from other producers to make them relatively exclusive to Costco.

With its shampoo and conditioner, this is the same. Therefore, if you have noticed any little differences, this may be the cause.

Is shampoo from Kirkland Signature secure?

This cutting-edge product is sulfate-free and safe for hair that has received color treatment.

Pros & Cons of Kirkland Shampoo:


  • Its hydrating formulation moisturizes the scalp and feeds the follicles.
  • It maintains the color of hair vivid.
  • The shampoo is devoid of gluten, sulfates, and parabens.
  • Your hair becomes lustrous, silky, and soft as a result.
  • Shampoo that is light.
  • All of the components used to create it are vegan or organic.


  • For oily hair, the product is not recommended.
  • It somewhat greases the hair.
  • Dandruff could result from the shampoo.
  • It does not aid in hair elongation.
  • The strong scent of the product makes it unsuitable for people with asthma.
  • Brand should lower the product's price rather than setting it at a fair price.
  • The product's packaging needs to look better.


There are a ton of fantastic products created by well-known companies in the US and abroad under the Kirkland brand.

One of its most well-known offerings, Kirkland Signature Professional Salon Formula Moisture Shampoo, is produced by Pureology.

All of this product's benefits, drawbacks, ingredients, and frequently asked questions have been covered in the above text.

Now it's up to you to decide if you want to purchase this item. I advise you to try it if your hair is coarse, damaged, and lifeless.

However, if you struggle with dandruff, hair loss, or oily hair, this product is not for you.

I'm hoping that this honest review of Kirkland shampoo will help you decide whether or not to purchase it.

Read user reviews on the product and do your research on the brand before purchasing any hair care items.

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