TSUBAKI x Nikolai Bergman Flowers & Design Shampoo Collaboration

TSUBAKI x Nikolai Bergman Flowers & Design Shampoo Collaboration

The hair care brand TSUBAKI has released their second collaboration product with Nicolai Bergman Flowers & Design which is led by Danish-born Nicolai Bergman, one of Japan's most famous flower artists. 

Celebrate the holiday season with a luxurious and gorgeous limited edition TSUBAKI package that will brighten up your hair and mind.


The second collaboration of “TSUBAKI x Nikolai Bergman Flowers & Design” is now available!



The red and gold, "TSUBAKI Premium Moist & Repair" and "TSUBAKI Premium Volume & Repair" series were released as the first collaboration in August of this year. They have been well-received immediately after their release due to their cute but essential camellia-covered limited designs.

The long-awaited second product to brighten up the holiday season is the Premium EX series. In contrast to the delicate beauty of the camellia in the first edition, the second edition creates a luxurious and bold camellia with the contrast of black and red, and gold and red.

The design contains vivid colours that reflect the excitement of the holiday season. They also are reminiscent of Nicolai Bergman's signature flower box.

The limited package depicts camellias, which defy the cold even in the harshest of winters, grow lush, glossy leaves, bloom bright red flowers, and are full of vitality and dignified blooms, with a special, luxurious, and glamorous feel that is perfect for the holiday season. Tsubaki wants your hair to feel soft and silky for sure.


Product Summary

TSUBAKI Premium EX Intensive Repair Shampoo & Treatment Set Nicolai Bergman Limited Edition 2023 Shampoo/Treatment 490ml each


The shampoo contains ionic repair power for hair. Ionic ingredients (*1) are delivered to the deep layers of particularly damaged hair to provide root care. It gives you smooth and glossy hair all the way to the ends. The formula delivers plenty of hair-beautifying ingredients (*2) to your hair quickly and washes it while maintaining moisture.

It also has a soothing scent of rose bouquet and camellia honey.


TSUBAKI Premium EX Repair Mask Nicolai Bergman Limited Edition 2023 180g


This "Night Mask" helps give smooth hair in the morning. The Ionic repair ingredients (*1) three-dimensionally repair (*3) each strand of hair that becomes uneven and undulating. The shield mask formula adheres to the ends of the hair, protecting it from external environmental stress caused by changes in dryness and humidity. It also contains camellia oil (*4) to wrap the cuticle and give beautiful, shiny hair.


*1 Lauryltrimonium chloride (repair)

*2 Beauty hair blend: Pearl protein (hydrolyzed conchiolin), affinity amino acids (lauroyl glutamate di(phytosterol/octyl dodecyl)), amodimethicone (repair), royal jelly extract, glycerin (moisturizing) )

Golden repair ingredients: Camellia seed oil, royal jelly extract, soybean seed extract (repair)

*3 To wrap and repair each three-dimensional hair

*4 Camellia seed oil (shiny/repair)



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