Best Bonnets for Black Women’s Hair

5 Best Bonnets for Black Women’s Hair In 2024 | For Protecting Natural Hair While Sleeping

Check out my review of the best bonnets for Black Women’s Hair below to find out what hair cap or covering is best for protecting natural hair and how to use it on African American hair while sleeping.

Bonnets are definitely a curly-haired woman’s best hair buddy and that’s because using a good hair bonnet can help prevent one’s natural curls from getting destroyed by lack of moisture and excessive frizziness.

But even though I’m a curly-haired woman myself, I have to say that I hadn’t really taken to using bonnets till around a couple of years ago and that’s when I noticed the difference and how effectively it worked on my hair and well, there was no turning back then!

The bonnet has helped reduce the frizziness of my curls and definitely made my curls look more defined. I also noticed that my hair has remained more luscious and moisturized as compared to before I started using a bonnet.

In this article, I’ve reviewed the top five best bonnets that I liked the most, check it out below!


Best Bonnets for Black Women’s Hair

Best Bonnets for Black Women’s Hair Material Size
Facynos Women’s Bonnet Silk-satin 15.7 inches with elastic band
ZHENSILK Bonnet Satin 12.6 inches with elastic band
Edoneery Store Bonnet Silk 13 inches with elastic band
Evolve Wide Edge Bonnet Satin 17.25 inches with 10-inch band
LAYKAY Silk Cap Bonnet Silk-satin 13.4 inches with elastic band
Best Bonnets for Black Women’s Hair
Best Bonnets for Black Women’s Hair

How I rated these bonnets

I’ve rated each of these bonnets on a scale of 1 – 5 based on the three parameters that I have chosen. These parameters are meant to guide you guys to make the right choice when you buy a bonnet for yourself!

Here are the parameters that I chose:

Material and texture:

The best materials to choose for a bonnet is either silk or satin because they reduce the friction between the hair and the fabric. So, here I have rated how good the quality and smoothness of the material was.

Effectiveness on the hair:

In this parameter, I will rate how effectively these bonnets worked on my hair and how good my curls felt after I used the product.


Here I will rate whether the bonnet can be worn while you sleep (without it coming off) or not.

Facynos Women’s Bonnet

Bonnets for Black Women’s Hair

Price: $7.99

This was one of the first of the bonnets I bought for myself. The bonnet is made of very good quality silk-satin material and it is really soft on the hair. Also, the bonnet is very light in weight and doesn’t feel heavy on the head.

But what I noticed is that while wearing it for a short time is not a problem, leaving it on for long hours could give you a slight headache if it’s a snug fit on your head. It also helped maintain my curls better and kept my hair moisturized.

Best Bonnets for Black Women’s Hair

You can definitely sleep with this bonnet on, because it fits snugly, but as for me, I didn’t find it as comfortable to use overnight.

Also, a little color does rub off onto your pillowcase and while you wash it, so take the necessary precautions while using it.

I bought this as a set of two pieces at $7.99 which I found was reasonably priced for the amount.


·         Fits snugly and can be used even while you sleep.

·         Made of good quality material which is soft in texture.

·         Helps maintain curls and keeps hair moisturized.

·         Light in weight and does not feel heavy on the head.

·         The set is worth the price. 


·         The headband could be a little inconvenient when worn for long hours.

·         The color rubs off on the pillowcase and while being washed.

My Ratings:

Material and texture: 4.4/5

Effectiveness on the hair: 4.4/5

Sleep-friendly: 3.8/5


bonnets for black women's hair

Price: $6.99

I bought this product as a set of 2 bonnets for the price of $6.99, which I really found reasonable. Also, the bonnets suited me perfectly and I found them worth the money I paid!

The bonnet is made from satin material which is super soft and very smooth and therefore, it doesn’t tug on the hair strands. It also makes my curls feel way more healthier as well.

bonnets for black women's hair

The wide band (which is soft in feel) makes the bonnet very comfortable to even sleep with. I move around a lot in my sleep and I have to say that the bonnet stays on the whole time!

Overall, I feel like this product is super worth the price and I also feel like I bought it at a steal!


·         The bonnet has a soft wide band for the forehead.

·         It fits snugly and is suitable and comfortable even while sleeping.

·         Keeps the hair moisturized and doesn’t tangle.

·         Made from good quality satin material.

·         Very reasonable in price for the set.



My Ratings:

Material and texture: 4.6/5

Effectiveness on the hair: 4.6/5

Sleep-friendly: 4.6/5

Edoneery Store Bonnet

Price: $9.99

I bought this bonnet when my hair had grown long, like mid back and guess what, I managed to fit all my hair into it without any trouble.

It is made from silk material and it is really very soft on the hair. It is really light and almost feels like you aren’t wearing it on your head even when you are!

Bonnets for Black Women’s Hair

As a naturally curly-haired person, preserving your natural curls is what you look for and this bonnet helped me do so without a hassle. It helps maintain my curl pattern and also reduces frizz. It helps keep my hair well moisturized as well.

I have kept this bonnet on overnight and found that it fits snugly and doesn’t come off.

I paid $9.99 for this piece which I thought was fairly reasonably priced for the benefits I got!


·         Helps maintain one’s natural curl pattern.

·         Made from soft silk material of good quality.

·         Light on the head.

·         Can be worn overnight, doesn’t tug on hair strands.

·         Helps reduce hair frizziness.

·         Reasonable in price.



My Ratings:

Material and texture: 4.6/5

Effectiveness on the hair: 4.6/5

Sleep-friendly: 4.6/5

Evolve Wide Edge Bonnet

Best Bonnets for Black Women’s Hair

Price: $4.97

I was quite excited about buying a bonnet at such a low price of $4.97 (it was on discount at the time I purchased it).

My hair is super curly and frizzy and I often find it hard to manage it. Well, after I started using this bonnet, I did notice that my frizziness reduced considerably.

I also would sleep with it on very often and it would remain snug on my head the whole night.

The material of this bonnet is satin, but I felt like it did have a slight mix of polyester. Nevertheless, it didn’t damage my hair at all and the material does feel pretty soft too.

The color runs at first, so I would recommend you do wash it before the first use and then you’ll be good to go!


·         Helps maintain curly hair well by reducing frizz.

·         Makes curly hair more manageable.

·         The material feels soft on the hair.

·         Very reasonable in price.


·         The bonnet is made from satin but does feel like there is a slight mix of polyester.

·         You have to wash the bonnet first before using (to avoid color running on to your pillow).

My Ratings:

Material and texture: 3.8/5

Effectiveness on the hair: 4.4/5

Sleep-friendly: 4.4/5

LAYKAY Silk Cap Bonnet

Price: $15.98

This is one of the prettiest bonnets I have ever bought! I bought this copper-golden colored shade and it was absolutely gorgeous.

This bonnet comes with an adjustable band as well to make adjustments as per the size of your head, which is super useful convenient.

I use this bonnet very often and also sleep with it on overnight and have no trouble like hair snagging etc. It fits well and it is made of superior quality soft material as well.

It also helped maintain my natural curl pattern better and made my hair relatively less frizzy.

I even used it when my hair had grown until my mid-back and it contained all my hair without a hassle.

This bonnet definitely has a lot of pros and I feel like that’s why it costs relatively more than other such bonnets. I paid $15.98 for this piece, which is definitely on the higher side in my opinion.


·         Made of superior quality material that is soft on the hair.

·         Doesn’t cause snagging of the hair while asleep.

·         Helps maintain natural curl pattern very well.

·         Keeps the hair well moisturized and reduces frizz.

·         Can contain even hair that is long (up to mid-back in my case).

·         Comes with an adjustment strap in the headband.


·         The bonnet is relatively more expensive as compared to other such products.

My Ratings:

Material and texture: 4.4/5

Effectiveness on the hair: 4.5/5

Sleep-friendly: 4.6/5

The final takeaway: My favourite bonnet?

I’m pretty sure you guys would have noticed that I’ve rated two of these bonnets a similar rating. Well, that’s because I cannot just choose one brand, because both these bonnets – the ZHENSILK Bonnet and the Edoneery Store Bonnet were both great products.

They helped maintain my natural curl pattern, were made of soft and superior quality material, stayed snugly on my head even while I was asleep and also helped keep my curls moisturized and less frizzy.

So, ladies, if a bonnet can do all these things for you, I think it is the perfect one then!

These were my top five picks and I hope it can successfully help you make your choice in choosing the best bonnet for yourself!

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