Blonde And Pink Highlights On Brown Hair

15 Cutest Blonde And Pink Highlights On Brown Hair: My Favorite Pink Highlights Ideas

Check out some cute blonde and pink highlights on brown hair. From light brown hair with pink highlights to a pink balayage on brown hair.

Blond and pink is such a cute hair color combination. But not everyone has the inclination to get a head full of pink hair. Also, getting blonde hair can also be difficult if you have dark hair. 

My favorite hair color trend in recent years has been the duotone highlights. If you don’t want to bleach your dark brown hair completely and change your hair color just get a few streaks of pink and blonde in it. 

You can even control the amount of pink and blonde in it and alternate between highlights and lowlights that can change the way you look completely. 

If you want to find some gorgeous hair highlights for your brown hair, you can take a look at my favorite highlight ideas below.

Here are some of my favorite blonde and pink highlights on brown hair.

Blonde And Pink Highlights On Brown Hair 

Subtle Blonde Babylights with Bright Pink Highlights 

pink highlights in black hair
Source: Instagram@pravana

If you don't mind going edgy, then here's an e-girl-esque look for you. Just get very subtle blonde babylights on your brown hair to add a bit of depth and thickness to your hair.

According to the fashion magazine Vogue, pink is a "radical" color and is currently back in fashion as "Chanel offered bubblegum pink tweed suits" to it's customers while Gucci offered "electric pink officewear"

The Brown, Blonde and Pink Candy Swirl

Blonde hair with pink highlights
Source: Instagram@monolohairstudiospa

Remember having those pink candies as a kid? Weren't they yummy? They looked so bright and pretty too. So here you can get your candy-pink hair without doing too much damage to your hair with bleach.

The hair blends very well into each other. The brown blends softly into the blonde while the blonde gives way to a subtle yet dark pink color.

Straight Brown Hair With Pink Balayage

brown hair pink highlights
Source: Instagram@tianasalbum

Can you get a balayage with straight hair? Obviously you can. Just look at the image above. I love how this balayage blends into each other. The blondes, brown tones and pink highlights just bleed into one another, making your hair seem like a bright rose gold tone at a distance.

You can even let your dark brown roots grow out a bit to give a little more depth to your hair.

Brown Roots, Blonde Hair and Pink Highlights

brown balayage with pink ombre
Source: Instagram@slayedbyjoseph

This one is another one of my favorite hair color trends. You need to first bleach parts of your hair like you would with your regular blonde highlight dye. However, just alternate between blonde and pale pink dye on your hair to create a balayage of sorts.

Despite how it looks, this hair color is actually low maintenance as you can let your roots grow and it'll just blend into your tresses. All you need is a good color protect shampoo and conditioner.

Light Brown Hair with Blonde and Light Pink Babylights

light brown hair with pink highlights
Source: Instagram@ashtonlartistry

Adding blonde and pink highlights to your hair becomes really easy when you have light brown hair to begin with. You don't have to lighten your hair too much. You can use a highlighting kit to bleach section of your hair and dye your hair. Then, you can use a Manic Panic Rose Gold hair dye to add the pink color.

Hot Pink Highlights In Brown Hair

dark brown hair with pink highlights
Source: Instagram@sisdore

Want something bold? Skip the blonde completely and just go for bright, neon pink highlights on your dark brown hair. You can start off with a "money piece" and then simply keep going to add a sort of stripy pink look to your hair.

Brown Hair With Pink Money Piece

Brown Hair With Pink Money Piece
Source: Instagram@theyoungamericansalon

You must be living under a rock if you don't know what a money piece is. It's the go-to hairstyle of the IT girl of the 2010s. The front two sections of your hair that frame your face are bleached and colored. And what is a more striking color than pink for a money piece?

Brown, Blonde and Pink Balayage

how to do blonde and brown highlights
Source: Instagram@hairbykenziemichele

Light Brown Hair With Dark Blonde and Metallic Pink 

brown hair with pink balayage
Source: Instagram@hairpaintingsbyfaith

Short Brown Hair with Pink Highlights

short brown hair with pink highlights

Blonde and Pink Highlights Underneath Hair

pink highlights underneath hair
Source: Instagram@joyfff

Rose Gold Brown and Blonde Ombre

short brown hair with pink highlights
Source: Instagram@theebeautymark

Pink Highlights on Brown Hair For Men

pink highlights for men
Source: Twitter@tyuntonin

Is It Possible To Get Highlights On Brown Hair Without Bleaching

No, not really. Highlights mean that you’re adding a shade to your hair that is lighter than your natural hair to add an illusion of depth or “3d effect” to make it look thicker. 

So you cannot really add highlights on brown hair without lightening it a bit. If you have very light brown hair then you can use box hair dye with developer and don’t really require bleach. The developer (hydrogen peroxide) itself acts as a lightening agent and reduces hair pigmentation, letting the highlights take color.

However, for darker brown hair you might have to lift your hair at least 2-3 levels to make it work. The amount of bleaching you need also depends on the color you’re choosing for the highlights.

If you’re going for platinum blonde hair on dark brown you might need to lift up to at least 3-4 levels and then tone your hair to remove brassy undertones as well. 

However, if you already have brown hair and are going for dark blonde highlights (like honey, golden, or sandy blonde) then you can choose to lighten it only 1-2 levels or add a low volume developer like volume 20 or 30. 

How To Get Highlights on Brown Hair

This depends on the type of highlights or more accurately the longevity of the highlights you’re applying. If you’re okay with having temporary pink highlights that will last only a day or two there are several ways to add them to brown hair without bleaching. These include:

Using a hair chalk: A hair chalk is a type of temporary color that is like a chalk that you can rub on your hair. It will give you color instantly but this dye will last only a few hours and might even rub off on your clothes and run when wet. 

Using a color-depositing dye: You can also use a temporary dye like Manic Panic or Adore to get pink highlights without bleaching. This will last longer than a hair chalk or spray color but will still get washed off with shampoo, especially a sulfate-based one. 

Using box dye with developer: Technically you will still be using hydrogen peroxide from the developer to lighten your hair but it is less damaging to your hair than bleach. This will give you more longevity but it might not work very well unless you have lighter brown hair color as a base. Also, it can be difficult to use a hair highlighting kit at home if you don’t have practice. 

Note: Using a hair chalk or temporary hair dye like Adore or Arctic Fox will coat the brown hair with a pink dye pigment and not penetrate your hair strands to fill it with dye. So it won’t need bleach to lighten your first. The benefits of this method is that your hair won’t be damaged and you have to bleach or use peroxide either. The disadvantages are that these methods are temporary and will get washed off easily. Also some darker brown hair shades might not soak up color well. 

What Other Color of Highlights Will Suit Brown Hair

Not very convinced with the blonde and pink highlights for brown hair? Well, those are not your only options. Here are some more ideas that you can use to get the highlights of your dreams without completely bleaching your brown hair. 

Blonde and Purple Highlights and Brown Hair

underneath highlight hair
Source: Instagram@koreanhairstylist_pose

Orange Highlights on Brown Hair

orange and brown highlights
Source: Instagram@kaezkreationz

Summary on Blonde And Pink Highlights On Brown Hair 

I simply love the idea of getting blonde and pink highlights on brown hair. It looks so edgy yet elegant at the same time. 

The warmth of the natural brown hair base contrasts well with the cool pink highlights and the blonde really ties it all together. 

This hair color style is ideal for women who want to experiment and yet do not want to take too much risk with bleach or an unnatural hair color like pink. 

Another thing I like about this hair color trend is the variety it offers. You can get a mix of highlights and lowlights with brown as base, go for the under-dye trend, or get the very fashionable money pieces instead. It’s all up to you! 

So go ahead and show these images to your hairstylist today and walk out with a brand new hair color. Or go on and purchase that highlighting kit to give yourself a makeover at home. 

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