9 Best Virgin Hair Vendors On AliExpress 2024

9 Best Virgin Hair Vendors On AliExpress 2024

I love my pretty hair and I love to keep buying hair. That's why I love the best virgin hair vendors on AliExpress! They help me keep experimenting with my looks.

What I've noticed over the years though is, when you pay for quality, you are much happier with a lot less hassle.

I used to cheap out with my wigs and buy the synthetic ones and some of them would give me an itch or would clearly look fake.

But then I decided to move to high-quality virgin hair, and I haven't gone back since. It's REAL, it looks great, and most importantly, it lasts LONG.


I feel like taking care of it because of the price I've paid.

I've had real hair go on for more than a year, purely because of how well I've taken care of it. Make the switch ladies, if you haven't moved to Virgin Hair.

Now buying Virgin Hair from any random store is just asking for trouble.

Aliexpress, you might have heard sells hair. But, it's a tough platform to navigate, with so many details and you don't know what you get!

So I'm here to help you find the right Virgin hair stores on Aliexpress.

AliExpressVendors Store Rating Best For
UNice Hair 96.3 Deep Wave Hair
Rosa Beauty Official Store 94 Curly Hair
Ali Queen Official Store 92.7 Brazilian Virgin Hair
HJ Weave Beauty Official Store 93.9 Lace Wigs
Baisi Official Store 94.9 Peruvian Hair
ISEE Official Store 96.8 Wholesale Hair
Miss Blue Hair AliExpress 97.2 Remy Hair
Dream Diana Hair 95 Body Wave Hair
Sarla 96 Synthetic Hair

For those of you who don't know what virgin hair is, here's a simple explanation.

Virgin hair is untouched hair that is quite a popular choice. It is hair that is chemically untouched and unprocessed. Virgin hair is also not color-treated. It is a great option if you want natural hair that can be styled as per your liking and needs. 

Lots of virgin hair companies will assure you of high-quality and durable hair, but only reviewers like me know the real deal.

I buy from these companies, I inspect the comments, I test the hair from vendors over long periods of time. And after all this research, I've rounded up this list.

Top Virgin Hair Vendors on AliExpress 2024

UNice Hair

Best Deep Wave Hair On Aliexpress

Unice hair on aliexpress

UNICE has grown as the chief supplier of virgin human hair and with its high-quality products, it has now become the supreme leader in this field across the world.

It mostly focuses on natural appearance whilst making you feel good at the same time. 

virgin hair seller on aliexpress
Actual Unice Product

It is one of the well-known sellers; it is quite popular because of its high-quality and chemical-free hair, a diverse range of textures, collections of hair and wig, and how much tolerant the product is with regard to styling. It is one of the promising brands with positive feedback.

best virgin hair on aliexpress
Actual Unice Product

The company is a top brand that has been selling on AliExpress for six years. In all these years, it has managed to garner over two hundred thousand followers and positive feedback of 96.3 percent. We are sure you will love the virgin hair that this company has to offer.

You may want to consider these options from UNice Hair:

You just cannot deny the beauty of these Brazilian Deep Wave Hair Extensions. The hair quality is amazing and comes with an incredible shine and extreme softness.

Here is yet another gorgeous piece that we love. This is an unprocessed ombre Brazilian Hair Wave that is a serious bundle of joy!

If you have always wanted to bleach your hair but were scared of damaging your hair, this is the one for you. Just get this and rock the look with no worries.

You can check it out here.

Rosa Beauty Official Store

Best Aliexpress Curly Hair Vendor

rosa beauty on aliexpress

Rosa Beauty is yet another famous hair seller on AliExpress that sells high quality natural human hair. It has been selling on the platform for ten years and has over a hundred thousand loyal and satisfied customers.

This brand maintains an exceptional reputation and positive feedback of 94 percent from the customers; it has been selling in the USA, Europe, and Africa. 

You will get unprocessed and chemical-free hair from this seller, which assures a natural look and complete comfort while wearing them.

The brand maintains high quality in terms of texture, color, and durability. It has a variety of colors from dark hair to light hair and is available in different lengths.

Following are some of the best options from Rosa Beauty that you may want to try:

natural hair on aliexpress

This is a natural-looking Brazilian Virgin hair that has loose waves that look quite natural. The unprocessed hair can be bleached and dyed as per your liking and preferences.

This fashionable and comfortable hair makes you look attractive and enhances your features.

remy virgin hair on aliexpress

Here is one luscious curly hair that is made with the best material. This Brazilian Virgin hair has a nice shine to it and is also quite soft and bouncy.

Check them out

Ali Queen Official Store

Best Hair Vendor On Aliexpress Overall

aliqueen store on aliexpress

With an experience of nine long years, Ali Queen is one of the most famous companies on AliExpress dealing with Virgin hair.

With product understanding and knowing the needs of the customers, Ali Queen is one of the topmost brands known for its high quality and reliable Virgin hair. 

They sell all categories of Virgin human hair such as weaves, lace closure, lace frontal, hair extensions, men/women toupee wigs, etc.

With such a wide range of hair, they make sure that the hair is healthy and clean. All the products are handled professionally, which results in a beautiful and long-lasting experience of wigs. 

Here are some options from Ali Queen that you may want to consider -

If you are someone who loves long and straight hair, then this is a real deal for you. This is a beautiful and shiny Brazilian Virgin hair weave that we are sure you will love.

It defines your face and enhances your features perfectly.

straight virgin hair on aliexpress

We love this kinky curly Brazilian Virgin hair that can be restyled as per your preferences. You can straighten or curl it, without worrying about damaging it.

It comes with Swiss Lace that is known to be soft, comfortable, and breathable; it allows you to keep the hair on for longer as it does not cause rashes or itchiness.

Check them out

HJ WEAVE BEAUTY Official Store

Best Deep Wave Hair On Aliexpress

HJ weave store on aliexpress

HJ WEAVE BEAUTY is one of the top-most virgin hair sellers on AliExpress with positive feedback of 93.9 percent. In its eight years on the platform, it has served over a hundred thousand satisfied customers. 

Under professional assistance and procedure, HJ Weave Beauty provides you with an ample variety of virgin hair such as colored hair wigs, invisible lace wig, amongst others.

It has been growing every single day on AliExpress and is followed by people across the planet. 

You will not be disappointed here as the customer gets proper assistance regarding the kind of product.

Look at the following gorgeous virgin hair from HJ WEAVE BEAUTY:

Virgin hair aliexpress

Have a look at this high-quality virgin hair with a beautiful shine and natural beauty. The pre-plucked baby hair gives you a natural look and the hair also does not shed and you can also be worry-free about tangles.

best hair for curls on aliexpress

This Malaysian Deep Wave Virgin hair has an exceptional shine and luster that makes it an incredible choice. The waves look natural and the hair has a great texture.

Check them out

Baisi Official Store

Best Aliexpress Vendors For Peruvian Hair

BAISI is yet another top brand on AliExpress that has been selling on the platform for eight years now. It has garnered over 16 thousand followers and has positive feedback of 94.9 percent.

best virgin hair weaves aliexpress

You can rely on the products from BAISI as they assure you excellent quality hair with minimal shedding. The hair is also easy to handle, does not require a lot of maintenance, and the seller provides hassle-free customer service.

Hygiene is on top of the list as the wigs are disinfected strictly to avoid any rashes and infections to the customer. You get a variety of virgin hair products here and BAISI makes sure that its customers are completely satisfied with the hair.

You may want to check out these ones from BAISI HAIR:

hair weaves aliexpress

This Peruvian Virgin hair has a Swiss transparent lace frontal that is extremely soft, comfortable, and breathable.

It does not cause any itching or irritation, allowing you to wear it for a long period of time.

The 100 percent human hair has a natural touch to it that makes wearing it a pleasurable experience. The soft and smooth texture also makes this wig a great choice.

best hair remy on aliexpress

We love this unprocessed Peruvian Virgin hair that has a great volume and fullness to it. With this, you can get hair that is bouncy and soft. We love the natural texture and smoothness of this hair.

Check them out

ISEE Official Store

Best Wholesale Virgin Hair Vendors On Aliexpress

Isee official store aliexpress

ISEE has made its name among the virgin hair suppliers market with its high-quality hair, affordable prices, and most importantly a hassle-free online shopping experience.

It has been running its operations on AliExpress for seven years and is one of the top brands of the platform. It has positive feedback of 96.8 percent and over a whopping four hundred thousand satisfied followers. 

This brand offers you an outstanding quality with excellent density, comfortable cap, and adjustable straps, and a lot of styles with an extensive range of virgin hair.

You can get whatever style you want as per your choice and you can enjoy flaunting that. It's also a great store for bulk purchases.

Here are some great pieces from ISEE that would surely attract you:

best selling hair on aliexpress

The Mongolian Kinky Curly Hair Extension is made of 100 percent Virgin human hair. It comes in a natural color that can be changed as per your liking. We love the kinky curls that add a new dimension to your hair and enhance your features.

best blonde hair on aliexpress

If you have always wanted pretty blonde hair, you may want to give this one a try. This Malaysian Virgin hair is a great choice that gives you a natural effect.

Check their hair out

Miss Blue Hair AliExpress

Best Hair Vendor On Alibaba For Different Textures

virgin hair aliexpress

Miss Blue are new Aliexpress vendors but their quality is still amazing. They came into the scene in 2019 and since then have garnered positive feedback for the large variety of hair they offer.

best hair vendor on alibaba

Indian, Peruvian, Remy hair, virgin hair - Miss Blue has them all! In fact, we think this store is among the best raw Indian hair vendors on Aliexpress. They've also got a 97.2 rating from customers.

aliexpress vendors

If you want choose from a wide catalogue of wigs including curly, loose wave or body wave, this shop is where you need to be.

Check them out

Dream Diana Hair

Best Body Wave Hair On Aliexpress

best virgin hair vendors aliexpress

Dream Diana is the best hair vendor on Alibaba for colored, virgin hair. I Black, ginger, brunette, whatever your choice of wig is, Dream Diana has got them for you.

These Aliexpress vendors are in the business since the past four years and have a 95 percent positive rating.

aliexpress hair

The one thing that sets them apart from most Aliexpress hair vendors is the water wave. This type of special wig gives you a fresh, natural look.

Apart from this, Dream Diana also offers a wide selection of hair types, including straight hair, body wave, curly wigs, and so on. They have great discount offers and cheap shipping rates too.

Check their hair out

Sarla For Synthetic Hair

sarla hair aliexpress

We loved Sarla for the easy to use clip-on hair extension they sell. Unlike regular wigs, hair extensions are much easier to use and quicker to wear.

If you want to add length while retaining the look of your natural hair, this is a great idea.

Check them out

Who is the best hair vendor on AliExpress?

I've looked through a lot of AliExpress vendors and found that Miss Blue Hair could be counted as the best virgin hair vendor on AliExpress today. They have a wide variety of hair in amazing quality. And the approval ratings and stars are through the roof. Most clients also seem to be satisfied with the products they receive.

How to find the best virgin hair vendor on Aliexpress

If you wondering how to find the best virgin hair vendor on Aliexpress, this guide can help you out.

Ratings: It's a no-brainer that the vendor with the best ratings will have good quality hair. So you can check these out while buying virgin hair on Aliexpress. Also, the reviews matter too. Here you can see how people who've brought the hair have felt about its quality, etc.

Genuine Reviews: The vendors who are genuine on Aliexpress will have reviews that are genuine. These genuine reviews will often include pictures of the products, how they look and come with real complaints and praises. It won't be too slanderous or praiseworthy without reason.

Payments and Shipping: A genuine hair vendor will ask for trustworthy methods of payment that go through Aliexpress. If a vendor asks you to pay in cash or through another app or another offline method, then it's clear they can't be trusted.

Also, a genuine hair vendor will use legit methods of shipping like national posts or premium postal services like FedEx or DHL.

FAQs - Best Virgin Hair Vendors On AliExpress

Do Aliexpress vendors have good hair?

Most people think Aliexpress is good for buying electronics, clothes and the like. But the human hair market is becoming super popular on Aliexpress.
They offer a great variety of hair, and that too at pretty reasonable prices.
Now not every store on Aliexpress can give you the same guarantee of quality. But to make this choice easier, I've listed the best human hair vendors above.

Which virgin hair holds the best curls?

If you're looking to curl your weave, I suggest going for Brazilian hair as it holds curls the best. This type of hair has is coarser in texture and has high porosity.
It's more suitable for curls than Indian or Peruvian hair wigs as it has a similar texture to Afro hair.

These were some of the best Virgin hair companies on AliExpress that bring to you premium quality Virgin hair.

We hope our guide helped you find the perfect option for yourself. What are you waiting for?

Get one of these today and flaunt those luscious locks, just like millions across China and the world!


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