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10 Best Sulfate Free Shampoo For Asian Hair 2024

Using the right products for your hair type is essential. This is why I’ve got this list of the best shampoo for Asian hair below!

A lot of people wonder whether the kind of shampoo they use actually makes a difference when it comes to hair.

Well, it is essential to know that hair types vary from person to person and can vary drastically between people of different countries. 

For example, Caucasian hair has oval-shaped hair follicles that make the hair straight or curly in type, while Afro hair has more elliptical shaped follicles that make the hair curly or coiled in type.

Similarly, Asian hair follicles are more rounded in shape, making the hair type straight or slightly wavy.

Asian hair has a strong structure and wider cuticles that are more porous in nature. 

How to pick the best shampoo for Asian Hair

Before looking at the best shampoo for balayage hair, let’s look at what to look for in a such a shampoo. Check it out:


Most regular shampoos are packed with sulfates. While this is generally bad for your hair (Asian or not), sulfates become a bigger problem with color-treated hair.

The most common sulfates are Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. These are surfactants that cleanse your hair and leave them squeaky clean.

We still love Videri Peppermint Shampoo with no sulfate the best

How to get soft silky Asian hair

Nearly every Asian woman wants healthy and soft hair that appears silky and smooth to the touch. Unfortunately, factors such as pollution, stress and unsuitable hair products can make achieving perfect hair quite difficult. But fear no more! In this article, we’ll reveal the top tips to get soft, silky Asian hair.

From the right hair products to the ideal haircare routine, learn how to get that perfect Asian hair in no time. With the right techniques, you’ll be able to flaunt ultra-glossy and naturally soft tresses that will stay manageable and healthy.

How do koreans get their hair so soft

Koreans are renowned for having soft, silky locks, and it's no wonder: they have taken great care to figure out how to keep their hair looking healthy, luxurious, and shiny. Korean hair care routines have become increasingly popular over the last few years, with more and more people interested in trying out the tricks used by Korean women to get such luscious locks.

From the sulfate-free shampoos to the overnight haircare masks, the process of maintaining Asian hair is quite extensive and requires a commitment of time and money, but can be well worth it in the end. At the heart of Korean haircare routines is the switch to sulfate-free shampoos, which are gentler on hair and work to cleanse without stripping moisture. Koreans also pay special attention to their scalp, using oil-based solutions to help keep their skin hydrated, as well as use light massage techniques to ensure healthy circulation.

Additionally, Koreans also opt for regular trim sessions, helping to keep split ends and breakage away so hair can keep growing longer and healthier. Furthermore, heating tools such as hairdryers and curling irons are said to be a no-no for the Asian haircare routine. Instead, towel-drying and air-drying are preferred, as heat can strip away moisture from delicate mane, making hair frizzy and dry.

To keep locks in tip-top condition, Koreans often also use deep-conditioning overnight masks, as well as use hair oils or serums to keep their locks shiny and soft. By following these simple but effective steps, Koreans can achieve the desired soft, silky locks they're after.

Check out their hair growth secrets.

Why is Asian hair so stiff

Many people are interested in how to get soft and silky Asian hair, so it’s unsurprising that they’re also asking why Asian hair tends to be more rigid and coarse than other hair types. The reality is, there are numerous factors which contribute to the texture of Asian hair.

Firstly, Asian hair is often thicker than other hair types due to its distinct follicle structure. This causes the strands of hair to be more robust, meaning that it’s more susceptible to damage from styling products and hot tools. Secondly, since Asian hair has a much larger cortex than other types, this makes it difficult for oils and other substances to penetrate, leading to dry and brittle hair.

Furthermore, Asian hair has a more oval-shaped cross-section compared to other hair types, meaning that the shaft is not evenly coated with moisture. This can lead to a limp and flat appearance. Lastly, Asians can often have high levels of certain hormones, leading to elevated levels of sebum, or oily scalp, which can weigh down the hair and give it a greasy look. These factors combined create a stiff and often unmanageable hair type.

While this can make it a challenge to style, it can be done with the right products and techniques. Looking after Asian hair properly is key to achieving soft and silky results.

How do get those silky chinese hair

If you want to get those beautifully soft and silky Chinese hair that's admired so widely, there are several strategies you can employ. Start by choosing the right hairstyle. Hairstyles such as a layered bob or even a pixie cut that incorporate shorter, blunter layers can keep your locks looking healthy as well as showing off their silky texture. Then of course it's time to get the perfect hair-care routine together. Invest in a good quality natural shampoo and conditioner and make sure you use a generous amount of conditioner.

This helps smooth out your hair and gives it that luscious shininess. After showering, don't forget to use a leave-in conditioner as this helps to lock in moisture, eliminating any frizz. To bring out that silky goodness, use a proper heat protectant before using any hair styling tools. Tools such as curling wands and flat irons can, when used properly, give your hair definition and make it look luxurious.

When you’re finished styling, finish off the look with a few sprays of quality hair spray. The key to getting Chinese hair to look soft and silky is nurture and treat it gently. Make sure that you don't overbrush as this can tangle your locks causing it to lose its lustre. Additionally, try not to blow dry every day because this can weaken the strands and cause them to break. Last but not least, remember to use a hair mask at least once a week to keep it in optimum condition.

In summary, achieving soft and silky Asian hair doesn’t need to be a daunting task - with the right knowledge and effort, you can learn how to get your hair looking healthy and stunning. Incorporate regular deep conditioning and some hair masks in your hair care routine to nourish and restore the high amount of bounce and shine you are looking for. Finally, remember to be patient and treat your hair with kindness and love. With tender loving care, your hair will soon be transformed into the soft and silky Asian hair of your dreams.

Top Shampoos for Asian Hair 2024

Best Shampoo For Asian Hair Best For Top Ingredients
RYO Hair Strengthen and Volume Shampoo Hair Fall Fermented Soybean, Houttuynia Cordata extract
Olaplex No.4 bond Maintenance Shampoo Damaged Hair Argan Oil, Green Tea, Grapeseed Oil
Briogeo Superfoods Oil Control Balancing Shampoo Oily Scalp Mango, Cherry Oil, Carrot Extract, Aloe Vera
Klorane Detox Shampoo with Aquatic Mint Limp, Greasy Hair Eucalyptus Oil, Spearmint
Aveeno Apple Cider Vinegar Sulfate-Free Shampoo Scalp Build-Up Apple Cider Vinegar
Drunk Elephant Cocomino Glossing Shampoo Dull, Dehydrated Hair Sacha Inchi Extract, Coconut Amino Acids, Panthenol
Daeng Gi Meo Ri Ki’s Gold Premium Shampoo Dry Hair Red Ginseng, Calamus Water, Ceramides

Therefore, each hair type and texture requires a certain type of hair care product to protect and maintain the hair.

This is when the shampoo you use comes into play and this article will be like a personal guide to any Asian looking out for the perfect shampoo!

RYO Hair Strengthen and Volume Shampoo

Best Volumizing Shampoo For Asian Hair

Best Volumizing Shampoo For Asian Hair

I chose to test the RYO Hair Strengthen and Volume Shampoo first as it is a unisex mint scented shampoo suitable for any hair type. 

This shampoo is perfect for those who are looking to increase their hair volume and give the hair a bounce. 

The ingredients used in this RYO Shampoo can not only help increase hair volume, but can also promote better blood circulation in the scalp.

And this increases hair strength and reduces hair fall while also keeping any sort of scalp infections at bay.


- Unisex shampoo, which can be used by anyone.

- Suitable for hair volumizing.

- Is safe to be used on any hair type.


- Not suitable for those who do not like the scent of mint.

Ratings - 4.8/5 

Olaplex No.4 bond Maintenance Shampoo

Best Damage-Repair Shampoo For Asian Hair

best shampoo for Asian hair drugstore

I got this Olaplex No.4 bond Maintenance Shampoo as it is a sulfate, paraben and phthalate free shampoo, which is suitable for all hair types not just Asian.

I really liked the fact that this shampoo can even be used by people with color-treated hair. 

It helps keep the hair moisturized and repairs any sort of hair damage. 

If you are someone looking for a shampoo to get rid of frizz and flyaways then this Olaplex one is the perfect one for you! 

After using this shampoo, I found that it repaired my split ends and helped keep my tresses strong and healthy over time.


- Repairs hair bonds.

- Safe for even people with colour-treated hair to use.

- Sulfate, paraben and phthalate-free.


- May not be suitable for people with already greasy hair types.

Ratings - 4.7/5 

Briogeo Superfoods Oil Control Balancing Shampoo

Best Oil-Control Shampoo For Asian Hair

best shampoo and conditioner for Asian hair

This Briogeo Superfoods Shampoo is a mango-scented shampoo which works well on straight or wavy Asian hair types, even if it is colour or chemically treated. 

I loved that this shampoo contains natural ingredients like papaya extract which helps to balance oil production and cherry extract that hydrates your hair and keeps it moisturized.

There’s also mango extract that protects your tresses from damage. 

Like the Olaplex shampoo this too is free from silicones, phthalates and parabens. So if you have a sensitive scalp like mine you can use it worry-free!


- Contains natural ingredients.

- Free from silicones, phthalates and parabens.

- Works well on straight and wavy hair types.


- Suitable for only those who like the scent of mango.

Ratings - 4/5 

Klorane Detox Shampoo with Aquatic Mint

Best Blue Shampoo For Asian Hair

best shampoo for Asian hair volume

Klorane Detox Shampoo with Aquatic Mint is a plant-based mint scented shampoo that works best on normal hair types. 

It is detoxifying in nature and can cleanse the scalp and hair. 

Like many other shampoos for Asian hair on this list, the Klorane shampoo contains no parabens, SLS or silicones.

I loved that it can cleanse the hair without stripping away the hair’s natural oils, giving it lots of volume. 

So if you have oily hair, then this is a good pick!


- Works well on normal hair types.

- Contains no parabens, SLS or silicones.


- Mint scented, which may not be suitable for all.

Ratings - 4.3/5 

Aveeno Apple Cider Vinegar Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Best Clarifying Shampoo For Asian Hair

best shampoo for south Asian hair

I really needed a shampoo that can cleanse the build-up on my scalp. And I found just thie thign with Aveeno Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo!

It is also perfect for those with fine hair as it leaves your tresses really voluminous. 

It contains ingredients like oats which soothes the scalp and apple cider vinegar that helps clarify the scalp. 

It is free from sulfates and parabens and can be used for any hair type even if it is colour-treated. 

I found that using this Aveeno Shampoo can help add shine and lustre to dull hair.


- Suitable to use by people with any hair type.

- Free from sulfates and parabens.


- Has a strong fragrance of apple cider vinegar.

Ratings - 4.4/5 

Drunk Elephant Cocomino Glossing Shampoo

Best Shampoo For Colored Asian Hair

best drugstore shampoo for Asian hair

A lot of shampoos contain surfactants even if they’re free of SLS and SLES. But not the Drunk Elephant Cocomino Glossing Shampoo!

This is a coconut scented shampoo that’s perfect for colour-treated hair and uber-sensitive scalps. 

It is sulfate-free and contains amino acids that blend in and nourish the hair. 

It contains coconut-based surfactants that cleanse the scalp and hair and lifts off dirt, giving the hair a refreshed and a glossy appearance. 

And these surfactants are super-gentle. So if you have scalp troubles like psoriasis or something, you can still use this product. 

I loved how the Drunk Elephant contains biocompatible and non-sensitizing ingredients, which are easily absorbed by the skin.

However, all this comes at a price as this shampoo can get quite expensive!


- Perfect for colour-treated hair.

- Sulfate-free shampoo.

- Contains biocompatible and non-sensitizing ingredients, which are easily absorbed by the skin.


- Coconut scent not preferred by everyone.

Ratings - 4.3/5 


Best Hydrating Shampoo For Asian Hair

best ogx shampoo for Asian hair

Asian hair can also get dry and dehydrated. 

And I’ve found the HASK Shampoo to be a perfect solution to this!

It is a sulfate, paraben, phthalates-free shampoo suitable for all hair types including for colour-treated hair. 

I was impressed by the argan oil-based formula that helps nourish and strengthen the hair and repairs it from within, reducing hair damage and breakage. 

This shampoo also helps tame flyaways and frizz. It is rich in ingredients like phytosterols, omega-3 and omega-7 fatty acids, all essential for hair health.


- Free from chemicals like sulfates, parabens and phthalates.

- Suitable for all hair types, even if it is colour-treated.


- Can cause hair oiliness in some cases.

Ratings - 4.5/5 

Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo

Best Daily-Use Shampoo For Asian Hair

best volumizing shampoo for Asian hair

Here’s another argan oil shampoo for Asian hair! 

This Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo is a nutrient-rich daily-use shampoo. So it’s hydrating without being too heavy.

It helps revive hair that lacks hydration as it contains ingredients like argan oil and red algae.

I found that it made my hair look healthier and made it more manageable. 

I also give thighs shampoo bonus points for being sulfate, phosphate and paraben-free.


- Sulfate, phosphate and paraben-free.

- It is helpful to revive hair that lacks hydration.


- Relatively more expensive as compared to the other shampoos available in the market.

Ratings - 4.6/5 


Daeng Gi Meo Ri Ki’s Gold Premium Shampoo

Best Hair Growth Shampoo For Asian Hair

best clarifying shampoo for Asian hair

I honestly love using Japanese products for my hair. I love their formulas and ingredients used.

One such amazing Japanese shampoo is Daeng Gi Meo Ri Ki’s Gold Premium Shampoo.

It is a unisex oriental herb blended shampoo that is best suited for people with damaged hair. 

I loved the mild herbal scent it’s got and the fact that it is gentle on the scalp and hair. 

Using this shampoo can help keep your hair moisturized as it contains ginseng and ceramide, which helps trap moisture in the hair strand. 

I also liked that it contains herbal complexes like the crinum asiaticum, which provides nutrition to the scalp and hair.

The only catch? It contains sulfates. So color-treated hair needs to steer clear from this one!


- It is a unisex oriental herbal shampoo that is best suited for people with damaged hair. 

- It has a mild herbal scent.


- It contains sulfates.

Ratings - 4.5/5 

BIOLAGE Cooling Mint Scalpsync Shampoo

Best Anti-Dandruff Shampoo For Asian Hair

best blue shampoo for Asian hair

If you have very oily hair or need a dandruff solution, try this BIOLAGE Cooling Mint Scalpsync Shampoo.

I absolutely adore the mint scent in this shampoo and the fact that it is suitable for any hair type. 

It is perfect for getting rid of excess oil and product buildup from the scalp and refreshes the hair after each wash. 


- Useful for those with dandruff

- Perfect shampoo for getting rid of excess oil, buildup and greasiness on the scalp and hair.


- It is mint-scented= which may not be preferred by all.

Little did you know that shampoo has something to do with hair type right? Well, it does and the above list will help you make your choice if you looking out for the perfect shampoo for Asian hair.

The density of Asian hair is more because the space between the hair follicles is lesser.

The rounded hair follicles tend to produce straighter or slightly wavy hair which can succumb to hair thinning over time.

Because of the hair type, there could be a possibility that Asians tend to have more greasy hair, because straighter hair types make it easier for oil to spread along the hair strand.

Therefore, consider your hair type and hair texture before making your final choice!


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