Best Organic Shampoo In Japan

Best Organic Shampoo In Japan

Organic shampoos are popular among environmentalists and those who place importance on naturally derived ingredients. 

But there are a variety of organic shampoos on the market and many people wonder which one to choose, and which are legit.

So our editorial team has carefully selected 10 recommended popular organic shampoo products. 

Find the one that's perfect for you by referring to the tips we asked Mr. Kisui Seki, a head spa specialty store, about how to choose one.

The person we spoke to this time was Seki Kisui, a head spa specialty store.

Worked at a beauty salon, makeup instructor at a cosmetics company, makeup instructor at a makeup school in Harajuku, and currently works as a makeup instructor at a beauty school and a head spa salon.

1.What is organic shampoo? What are the benefits?

Currently, there is no organic certification body for cosmetics in Japan. So if a shampoo uses even one ingredient derived from organically grown plants, it can be called an "organic shampoo." 

What qualifies as "organic" is left to the discretion of each company, so it is important to reconsider why you want to stick to organic and what appeals to you.

In addition to using ingredients derived from organically grown plants, many products tend to use naturally derived ingredients even if they are not organic, and avoid the use of synthetic additives. 

Many products claim to not only be gentle on the hair and scalp, but also to be environmentally friendly.

2. How to choose organic shampoo

Choosing an organic shampoo is not easy as the standards are vague. Let's keep the key points in mind when choosing.

Check types of organic certification

As mentioned above, there is no organic certification body for cosmetics in Japan. 

As a result, there are many products on sale that use ingredients that have been certified by organic organizations overseas such as Europe and the United States, and products that have been certified themselves.

Representative certification bodies include ECOCERT, COSMEBIO, COSMOS, USDA ORGANIC, NaTrue, and BioGro. Each product has different standards, so choose a product that has the mark of a certification body that meets your desired standards.

Check the explanation if you do not have certification.

In addition to ingredients and products that have been certified organic, there are also products that claim to be organic. In such cases, manufacturers often set their own standards, so don't immediately exclude them from your options just because they don't have certification, but be sure to check the details carefully.

After all, it is important to be clear about what you are looking for. For example, in addition to organic ingredients, there are also products that use many naturally derived ingredients.

Check the cleansing ingredients. 

Amino acid-based products that are easy to wash are recommended.

There are several types of shampoo's main ingredients and cleaning ingredients, each of which has a different effect on the scalp and hair. 

For those looking for an organic shampoo, amino acid-based cleaning ingredients are recommended. It has a gentle cleansing power that gently cleanses the scalp and hair, and representative ingredients include "Sodium lauroyl methionine'', "Sodium lauroyl methyl alanine'', and "Sodium cocoyl glutamate''. 

It should be good for use even for people with sensitive skin or those who are concerned about dryness.

However, amino acid-based cleaning ingredients tend to have weak foaming properties, which may be unsatisfactory for people who are looking for a strong cleaning experience. 

Their cleaning power is also relatively low, but among amino acid shampoos, glycine-based and alanine-based shampoos foam well and tend to leave a clean and clean finish.

If you still have oily skin and are concerned about stickiness, choose a shampoo with high cleaning power, such as a high-grade alcohol-based or soap-based shampoo.

Also check for moisturizing and repairing ingredients.

Especially for people whose hair is prone to dryness or who are concerned about the texture of their hair, we recommend shampoos that are rich in moisturizing ingredients such as "hyaluronic acid,'' "glycerin,'' and "shea butter,'' which protect hair and scalp from dryness while retaining moisture. . Aim for a shiny, moist condition.

If your skin becomes sensitive due to dryness, or if you experience redness or itching, check out skin-conditioning ingredients such as aloe vera extract and chamomile extract. It is expected to work to keep the scalp healthy and support barrier function.

Damaged hair often has a disordered internal structure and is missing essential lipids and proteins. Check to see if it contains ingredients that repair damage and protect your hair, such as hydrolyzed keratin (lecithin).

3. 9 Recommended Popular Organic Shampoos

Now that you understand how to choose a shampoo, we will introduce 10 recommended items carefully selected by our editorial team from popular organic shampoos.

Find the perfect organic shampoo for you by referring to the comments of people who use it regularly.

Orien Stella Gemma ORGANICS Shampoo W

300ml 3850 yen

Recommended points

- Obtained "Cosmos Organic" certification

- Creates a healthy condition with moisture and firmness

- Composed of 98% naturally derived ingredients,

This organic shampoo has received "Cosmos Organic" certification and is gentle on the scalp and hair.

98% of all ingredients are naturally derived, of which 97% are organic ingredients, designed to be gentle on the scalp.

The main feature is the scalp-soothing formula developed based on plant therapy (gemmotherapy), and it contains certified organic ingredients such as "European beech bud extract" which has strong vitality and "cranberry oil" which has high antioxidant properties. ing.

Furthermore, it contains "camellia seed oil" which is rich in "oleic acid", which is close to the main component of sebum, and "edelweiss flower and stem extract" which has excellent skin protection and moisturizing properties, leading to moisturized and firm scalp and hair. 

It creates a smooth foam that can be used to wash the body as well, and lathers well to cleanse the scalp.

See details on Amazon

Logona Volume shampoo beer & honey

250ml 230 yen

Recommended points

・Acquired "NATURE" and "BDIH" certifications

・Beautiful finish with volume and shine

・Contains moisturizing ingredients to keep your skin in a healthy state with a balanced moisture content Made by

NATRUE, an international non-profit organization in Belgium, Germany An organic shampoo that has been certified by the Federation of Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, and Pharmaceutical Industries (BDIH).

Contains beer from a long-established German manufacturer that is rich in vitamins and minerals, giving hair volume and shine. It also contains the certified organic ingredient "Acacia Honey,'' which leaves your hair shiny and beautiful.

It also contains the moisturizing ingredients "Calendula flower extract'' and "hydrolyzed silk'', leading to moisturized and healthy hair and scalp.

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Avalon Organics Shampoo TT tea tree

325ml 2200 yen

Recommended points

・Certified by the American national standard "NSF/ANSI 305"

・Prevents stickiness and dryness, leading to a healthy environment Obtained organic shampoo.

Instead of water, which is generally the main ingredient, we use certified organic moisturizing ingredient aloe vera juice as the main ingredient.

More than 50% of the product contains aloe vera juice, which is rich in vitamins and minerals, leading to moisturized hair and scalp.

It also contains certified organic extracts such as "Calendula flower extract'' and "Chamomile flower extract'' to soothe the stickiness and dryness of your hair and scalp.

In addition to tea tree, you can choose from five scents: lavender, lemon, peppermint, and rosemary.

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Herbal leaf organic shampoo

300ml 5760 yen

Recommended points

・Certified by the organic certification agency "Ecocert"

・Leads to moisturized, shiny and beautiful hair

・Features 15 free formulas that are gentle on the scalp

A shampoo containing ingredients certified by the organic certification agency "Ecocert".

Contains organic argan oil, which has excellent antioxidant and moisturizing properties, to add moisture and shine to dry hair and create a healthy scalp environment.

The cleaning ingredients include cocoyl glutamic acid TEA, a naturally derived amino acid-based cleaning ingredient that is gentle on the scalp. In addition, the amino acid ingredient "ergothioneine" gives strength and body to weak hair.

You can relax with the natural aroma scent made with lavender extract, orange oil extract, lemon peel extract, etc.

With 15 free formulations including silicone, synthetic fragrance, paraben, and tar pigment, it is gentle on the hair and scalp.

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Babybuba hair & body shampoo

2640 yen

Recommended points

- Certified by Ecocert, an organic certification agency .

- Moisturizes the scalp and hair and provides a gentle wash.

- A shampoo that is gentle on the scalp and hair with 6 free formulations and certified by Ecocert, an organic certification agency.

Contains 99% naturally derived ingredients, and is designed to be gentle on the scalp and hair, with organic lavender flower water from France as the main ingredient.

The cleaning ingredient contains lauryl glucoside, a plant-derived amino acid-based cleaning ingredient that gently cleanses while leaving behind the necessary sebum.

The clean, gentle scent and moisturizing power of "Organic Lavender Oil'' moisturizes your hair and scalp.

6 free formulations that do not use parabens, synthetic colorants, synthetic fragrances, petroleum-derived synthetic surfactants, synthetic polymers, or silicones, and are easy to use because they are weakly acidic. It's also convenient that the bubbles come out of the bottle.

See details on Amazon

4. Precautions for using organic shampoo

Organic shampoo has its own unique characteristics that you should be aware of.

Plant-derived ingredients can cause allergies. Organic shampoos contain plant-derived ingredients, but essential oils and plant extracts tend to have pharmacological effects in small amounts, so they can irritate sensitive skin.

It is true that many products are designed to be gentle on the skin and scalp, but since they use many plant-derived ingredients, whether or not they are "skin-friendly'' varies from person to person.

If you have allergies or have had rough skin due to plant allergies in the past, be sure to perform a patch test before use.

Also, keep in mind that switching from non-organic products to organic products may cause skin irritation when you first start using them.

Use up as soon as possible after opening

Some organic shampoos contain ingredients other than synthetic preservatives. Even organic cosmetics have the same quality standards for storage and use as other cosmetics. 

It cannot be said that organic shampoo necessarily has a short expiration date from the time it is opened, but it is better to use it up quickly. As with any non-organic product, once opened, use it as soon as possible.

5.Q&A regarding organic shampoo

Q. What is the difference between organic shampoo and botanical shampoo?

As explained at the beginning, shampoos that use at least one ingredient derived from organically grown plants can be called "organic shampoos." Shampoos with the word "botanical" (meaning "plant-based") refer to shampoos that contain plant-derived ingredients, regardless of whether they are organic or not.

Q. How can I reduce the squeak after use?

To prevent squeaks after shampooing, be sure to use rinses, treatments, and out-of-bath treatments. It is also effective to set the water temperature to lukewarm when rinsing.

Q. Can organic shampoo be used on children?

Like other shampoos, there is generally no problem in thinking that it can be used by children. However, it is essential to check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Just like adults, do a patch test and only use it if there are no problems.

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