5 Best Oil For Straightening Hair 2024

5 Best Oil For Straightening Hair 2024

Oiling your hair was a regular practice in ancient times. Even now, traditional Asian cultures focus on the benefits of using hair oils.

But did you know one more thing these oils are good for? Did you know that you can use oil for straightening hair?

If you are a sucker for shiny, straight sleek hair this read will help you understand how you can use oil to get your desired look.

Now let us understand what do we mean when we say oil for straightening hair?

This oil is used while the straightening treatment is going on, either before as a protective serum or after as an alternative to hair gel or spray.



Best Oil For Straightening Hair Best For Top Ingredients
Moroccanoil Treatment Oil Dry Hair Moroccan Argan Oil, Linseed Extract
HSI PROFESSIONAL Argan Oil Heat Protector Damaged Hair Hydrolyzed Keratin, Panthenol, Collagen
Garnier Fructis Style Flat Iron Perfector Hair Straightening Mist Oily Hair Water, Castor Oil, Argan Oil
Agave Healing Oil Split Ends Sunflower Seed Oil, Boabab Seed Oil, Vanilla Bean Extract
Argan Oil Hair Protectant Spray Frizzy Hair Moroccan Argan Oil

Also, applying hair oil is very important as it helps in hair growth, strengthens the tresses and also helps repair dry and damaged hair.

There are a number of products available in the market to choose from however we must only select what’s best for our hair type. 


How I tested the best oil for straightening hair?

After trying out a handful of options available in the market. 

I have also listed down important points for you to keep in mind when you buy a hair straightening oil which best compliments your hair. 

Also, I have rated them on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the highest score.

  • Moisturization and hair care - the oils should smoothen hair and add hydration to dry tresses
  • Natural and organic - they should be natural and free from harmful chemicals
  • Hair Straightening properties - the oils should aid in changing the texture of your hair from wavy/curly to straight and smooth.

Top Oil For Straightening Hair 2024

How to select the best oil for straightening hair - A buying guide

I have taken into consideration the following features before trying out the different oils available in the market and reviewing them for you.

So if you want to select the best hair oil for straightening hair, make sure you look for the following factors:

No preservatives or artificial fragrance 

I am personally not fond of artificial fragrance so that is a big no no for me.

They do not suit users with sensitive scalps as the perfumes can trigger inflammation. 

However, if you do not mind artificial fragrances or don’t have any scalp sensitivities, it is completely up to you if you would want to consider this. 

Natural oils are best for hair and therefore have no preservatives or any chemical ingredients.

Cold pressed oils

Oils can be best used when it has undergone cold press procedure in the making. 

During cold press the temperature never exceeds room temperature level and therefore it is able to retain all its natural essential units.

Non sticky 

Sticky hair oils take a lot of time to get washed and are also a hassle to apply. They tend to be harder to wash off, so it’s best if you avoid these oils.

Organic oils

Organic oil is considered best for use as it doesn’t have any other components mixed in it, and therefore works wonders for your long locks.

Why should I use oil for straightening hair?

Some of the most common issues people face on regular hair straightening include the following. If you use hair oil for straightening hair,  you can avoid these problems.

Hair breakage: Hair breakage is caused when your hair is stripped off of its natural nutrients and results in appearing dry and dull.

Fragile and sensitive strands: Hair tends to get very fragile and breaks easily and the strands become very sensitive, as the hair tends to be extremely damaged in this case.

Split ends: Dry hair may have a number of split ends as a result the hair growth comes to a stand still

Unhealthy scalp: Hair becomes dehydrated and as a result the scalp may become very sensitive, irritated and itchy and irritated. 

When to apply hair oil while straightening?

It is said if you apply hair oil before or after the hair styling process, this will ten to ruin the look or make the hair appear flat but I think this isn’t true. 

For me this works wonders and not only that, it makes my hair more manageable.

The best time you can use oil is right before you iron them, this may not be suitable for curly or coarse hair.

However, you must always ask the expert for advice on which oil will be best recommended for this process. 

Moroccanoil Treatment Oil

Moroccanoil Treatment Oil

I selected the Moroccan oil treatment oil as it is a multi tasking hair oil which is infused with argan oil properties. 

You can use this right before you style your hair as it contains argan oil which has a low smoking point. 

This means the oil protects hair from heat damage and doesn’t fry it on heat application.  

It conditions, smoothens, and detangles your hair, and helps in hair management as well.

Apply a coin sized amount from mid length to ends, apply generously before using the hair dryer.

The only downside for me has to be this works only when you apply it to wet hair whereas on dry strands this doesn’t soak as quickly. 

This oil also has an artificial fragrance. So it might not suit women with really sensitive scalps.


  1. Enriched with smoothening properties.
  2. Boosts shine on hair 
  3. Can be used as a styling oil 


  1. Has artificial fragrance


4.2 / 5

HSI PROFESSIONAL Argan Oil Heat Protector 

HSI PROFESSIONAL Argan Oil Heat Protector

The HSI argan oil is designed specially for use before hair styling. The weightless mist protects the hair upto 450 degree of temperature. 

Spray on hair directly 5 minutes before styling and you are good to go. It can be used as a leave in conditioner and provides nourishment to the strands

You can use it everyday before rushing for work and also before hair drying 


  1. Can be used as a leave in conditioner
  2. Protects hair from extreme hair exposure
  3. Sulphate free 
  4. Best for flat ironed hair 


  1. Has artificial fragrance
  2. Spray doesn't work so well


4.5/ 5

Garnier Fructis Style Flat Iron Perfector Hair Straightening Mist

Garnier Fructis Style Flat Iron Perfector Hair Straightening Mist

This one is a heat protectant flat iron hair mist which works wonders for me. 

It is blessed with Argan oil which penetrates deep into the strands and makes styling an easy process.

I like how it has long lasting effects upto 8 hours straight.The oil present in the mist seals the moisture and makes the hair more shiny and sleek.

This does not have artificial fragrance and is paraben free.


  1. Effect lasts upto 8 hours without any touch up
  2. Protects hair while nourishing it
  3. Paraben free


  1. Not long lasting effect
  2. Not multi purpose


4 / 5

Agave Healing Oil 

The more the damage, the deeper the treatment! So when I got my hands on this product, I was elated. 

This healing oil is known for its therapeutic values and its hydrating properties. I loved how it seemed to be absorbed deep into my strands. 

Use it right after you have washed your hair and right before you style it with a flat iron.

The enriching oil properties with its lightweight formula makes it a perfect oil for hair spa as well. 

You can cover your hair with a damned cloth and leave it on while the oil does its magic.

I suggest you wash hair with a mild shampoo and use it as a leave-in conditioner for your hair before styling.


  1. Can be used as a leave in conditioner
  2. Can be used for Hair spa
  3. Works as a heat protect oil


  1. Serves very less quantity, can increase its quantity.


4.8/ 5

Argan Oil Hair Protectant Spray

If you are looking for an oil based protection each time you use any heat on your hair, look no more.

 I have used this argan oil spray and I must say, it does a marvelous job at protection from high temperatures.

It protects and heals your damaged hair and helps you style your hair without a care.

It also works as a detangler, when you use this post hair wash apply it and leave it in for 2 to 3 mins and you have detangled hair.

I liked how it can also be used as a leave in conditioner as it helps to lock in moisture. 


  1. Heat protection
  2. Can be used as a conditioner and a leave in conditioner
  3. Detangles hair and keeps hair shiny


  1. Thick in consistency.
  2. Designed specifically for curly hair


4.2/ 5

Even though styling can be harsh and harmful for your hair, some of us are in a profession where we cannot do without styling and have long shifts and often do not get time to take care of our hair.

If you wish to maintain a healthy hair health you must take this seriously and always avail the treatment available for you.

Styling your hair often can be a task and we can only imagine the harshness our hair follicles go through each time.

We need to be aware of the situation and be prepared with the right hair treatment.

Always remember to often oil your hair, try and maintain a routine of at least twice.

Apply heat protect spray or oil right before you style. Go for regular hair spas and post-care treatment. 

With the help of this read you have the right points to keep in mind while you make a purchase.

You need to decide upon the right hair oil straightening product best suited for your hair type and you are good to run the world!

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