What Is The Best Natural Hair Dye For Grey Hair In 2024 | And Other Natural, Home Dyes To Use To Cover White Hair!

What Is The Best Natural Hair Dye For Grey Hair In 2024 | And Other Natural, Home Dyes To Use To Cover White Hair!

Using a natural hair dye for grey hair can cover white strands without damage. Natural dyes include ammonia-free dyes or home remedies like coffee, henna, etc.

From the earliest age, we’ve all been fascinated with grey hair. We’ve been captivated by the mysterious and distinguished looks that come with every silver strand sprouting out of our scalp. 

But as we grow older, our grey hair may become pervasive and unappealing to us. The undeniable urge to look young and vibrant is what has driven us to explore different alternatives and safe ways of maintaining our timeless beauty. 

In this article, I will be looking at natural hair dyes as the best way to give your grey hair a new lease of life. 

We will discuss the benefits of going natural, examine the different natural hair dye options available, and provide tips to help you make your decision on which to use. 

Best Natural Hair Dye For Grey Hair 2024

How To Select The Best Natural Hair Dye For Grey Hair

Choosing the best natural hair dye for grey hair can be a daunting task. It’s important to take into consideration your skin tone, hair texture, and desired color when selecting a hair dye. After all, you want to make sure your new shade suits you and your lifestyle.

If you’re opting for a natural hair dye, make sure to look for non-toxic, organic ingredients like henna, indigo, and cassia. 

Synthetic dyes can damage hair, so choosing an all-natural option will benefit your tresses in the long-run. When looking for natural dye, read labels carefully, and make sure to choose something that won’t leave you with unpleasant results.

Research is key when it comes to selecting the best natural hair dye for grey hair. Read reviews, compare products and take your time picking the perfect color for your strands. 

Keep in mind, natural dyes aren’t as strong as conventional hair dyes, so it’s important to select something that produces the color you’re looking for. 

It may also be helpful to consult a hair colorist prior to choosing a dye, as they can provide valuable insight and help you determine the ideal shade. 

Though finding the ideal hair dye may seem like an overwhelming task, it’s possible to choose the best natural hair dye for grey hair. 

With a little research and patience, you can make sure to pick something that will produce the desired result and your grey hair will be looking its vibrant best.

The Parameters I Used To Test These Hair Dyes

When it comes to evaluating the best natural hair dye for grey hair, there are a few specific parameters that I used to gauge each product. 

All of the dyes tested were applied to my own head of hippie-grey hair. I evaluated how long the color lasted, how natural the color appeared, how much the dye altered my hair texture, and how easy it was to apply. 

To rate each hair dye, I created a five point system. 

A rating of one means the product was entirely unsatisfactory, with the color fading or washing out quickly, an unnatural hue, and a feeling of product gunk clogging my scalp. 

A two rating signifies a less than satisfactory experience, where the color lasted but was still too artificial in appearance and texture, making me feel like I was covering up my true, grey self a little too much. 

To get a rating of three, the color was consistent, natural and flattered my grey tones. 

The application was simple and the color stayed vibrant until my next wash day. 

A rating of four and five meant the product was absolutely perfect, with an incredibly natural hue, easy application, and a lasting effect that excites me for my next head dyeing session.

Manic Panic Virgin Snow (Toner) - Classic High Voltage

how to cover gray hair without dye

Manic Panic's Virgin Snow (Toner) – Classic High Voltage hair dye is a fantastic choice for those looking for a natural way to dye their grey hair. The product is a toner, meaning it doesn't contain any harsh chemicals, giving you a gentle and effective result.

I personally tried the Virgin Snow for myself and was incredibly happy with the result. I noticed a definite improvement in the depth of my hair colour after one application.

It was incredibly easy to apply and went on smoothly, not causing any irritation or skin damage. The product is also intended for both synthetic and natural hair, so I felt comfortable knowing it was safe for my hair.

The colour itself was a gentle bright blonde, with tones of white highlights in my previously dark hair. I felt like it really worked to complement my natural colour and the overall tone was subtle and natural looking.

Overall, I am really impressed with Manic Panic Virgin Snow and would highly recommend it for those looking for a natural way to dye grey hair. 

The product has worked wonders for me, giving me a gentle, natural and long-lasting colour.

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Maria Nila Colour Refresh

permanent solution for grey hair

I recently had the chance to review the Maria Nila Colour Refresh, a natural hair dye specifically designed to restore grey hair. I was intrigued and excited to try it! After using it for a few weeks, I'm thrilled with the result.

The Maria Nila Colour Refresh is designed to provide a natural, glossy colour that lasts. It’s easy to apply and leaves my hair salon-worthy within minutes. 

I love the subtle, natural highlights it gives to grey hair, and it creates a beautiful, shiny finish. The colour lasts long, too - after the first application it stayed vibrant for almost an entire month. 

The Maria Nila Colour Refresh was one of the best natural hair dyes for grey hair that I've ever used. It was gentle on my hair and scalp and did not irritate my skin. It's also very affordable, so it’s a great buy for anyone on a budget.

I highly recommend the Maria Nila Colour Refresh for anyone looking for an easy and natural way to give grey hair a refreshed and vibrant look. 

It’s easy to apply and creates a beautiful, glossy colour that stays resilient against fading. For a natural and glamorous colour, the Maria Nila Colour Refresh is the perfect option.

Rainbow Research Henna Hair Color

how to cover grey hair naturally

I was hesitant to try Rainbow Research Henna Hair Color to naturally dye my grey hair, but I am so glad I took the plunge! 

This natural hair dye lives up to its claims—it was easy to use and gave my hair a vibrant and beautiful auburn color.

I was very pleased with the results and the fact that it only takes 3-4 hours to get the full, rich color. 

This product is completely natural, so I didn’t experience any of the scalp irritation that I get from traditional dyes.

Instead of feeling dry and brittle, my hair felt soft and luscious afterwards. I loved that I could mix the colors to get the exact shade I wanted. I ended up with a stunning, vibrant chestnut. 

As an added bonus, Rainbow Research Henna Hair Color doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, which minimizes the health risks associated with hair dyes. This natural hair dye also doesn’t have ammonia or peroxide, which are known to have damaging effects. 

Overall, I’m thrilled with the results and I highly recommend Rainbow Research Henna Hair Color for anyone who wants to naturally dye their hair. 

Not only do you get a beautiful, long-lasting color but also care for your hair in the process.

Naturcolor Permanent Herbal Based Hair Color Gel

how to hide grey hair on brunettes naturally

My review of the Naturcolor Permanent Herbal Based Hair Color Gel is mostly positive. 

After years of spending a fortune on expensive salon treatments, I was eager to try something natural and more affordable. I chose the Naturcolor Permanent Herbal Based Hair Color Gel.

At first, I was skeptical about the natural aspect of this product. But, once I used it, I was pleasantly surprised. The color looks vibrant and the coverage is great. 

I have noticed that my hair is shinier and softer than before. It also delivered consistent color, even on my stubborn gray hairs! I don’t need to touch up my hair as frequently either.

What I like most is its ease of use. I simply tapped the mixture into my roots, let it set before applying it to my lengths, and then washed it out when I was done. The fact that the instructions are in English was also a great relief.

Overall, I recommend the Naturcolor Permanent Herbal Based Hair Color Gel for anyone looking for an easy, natural, and cost-effective way to dye their hair. Plus, it even covers pesky gray hairs, so what more could you want?

Overtone Haircare Semi-Permanent Color Depositing Conditioner

best color to cover gray hair

As someone with a few decades of gray hair experience under my belt, I can honestly say that Overtone Haircare Semi-Permanent Color Depositing Conditioner is an absolute godsend when it comes to natural hair dye for grey hair.

After hearing about the color depositing conditioner from a close family member, I decided to give it a try and I am so glad that I did!

The non-toxic, vegan, and gluten-free formula left my hair feeling softer, smoother, and more manageable than before. 

The color that the product leaves behind is unbelievably vibrant and lasts for weeks at a time. It is so easy to apply, which I found to be the biggest bonus! 

After shampooing and conditioning my hair, I was able to work the product in and leave it for around 20 minutes before rinsing it out. 

After blow-drying, my grey hairs had completely been covered by an even and pleasing dusty sage tone that blended in well with my natural hair color (the same color I have been using for the past year).

Overall, Overtone Haircare Semi-Permanent Color Depositing Conditioner is an amazing product. It not only offers outstanding color coverage, but it also gives incredible softness and manageability to my hair. 

If you're like me and you've been on the hunt for a worry-free, natural hair dye for grey hair, this is definitely the one you have been waiting for!

What Are Some Natural, Home Remedies To Dye Grey Hair

For those looking for an alternative to harsh chemical-based hair dyes, there are plenty of natural home remedies to dye grey hair. Many of these natural remedies include ingredients that can be quickly sourced from around the home or the local grocery store. 

One very popular remedy is to use coffee as a natural dye. Brew a strong espresso and let it cool - it should be dark and thick. 

Then, apply it to the hair with a brush and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. Afterward, rinse out the coffee with lukewarm water. The coffee can be re-applied on occasion to achieve the desired depth of brown. 

Henna is another very popular home remedy for coloring gray hair. Not only does it dyes the hair in a natural, beautiful color, but its conditioning benefits help to make hair appear healthy and vibrant. 

It’s important to note that henna is permanent so it’s recommended that it be applied by an experienced henna artist. 

Rosemary water also shows promise for coloring gray hair. Boil three teaspoons of rosemary leaves in two cups of water, strain the leaves and then apply the warm liquid to hair and leave on for 20 minutes. 

Then, rinse off with lukewarm water and then a cool rinse for best results. The rosemary will condition hair and leave a subtle reddish-brown hue in gray hair. 

Lastly, sage can be boiled in water and added to shampoo to impart a dark hue to gray hair. Be sure to use enough sage to achieve the desired depth of color. After shampooing, rinse out the sage tea until the hair is completely free of any herbs. 

These are some of the many natural home remedies used to dye gray hair. It’s important to use these dyes responsibly, doing a trial before applying it to your scalp. 

No matter what, it’s always best to consult with a professional hair colorist before beginning any hair-dyeing regimen to avoid any adverse effects.


If you're looking for an effective natural hair dye option to stay looking youthful and stylish, look no further than the best natural hair dyes for grey hair. 

With options such as henna, indigo, amla, beetroot, and more, you can find a colour that suits your hair type, the colour you wish to achieve, and any desired longevity. 

Now that you know about the best options for grey hair, you can confidently select the perfect hair dye for your locks.

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