best moisturizer for 360 waves

6 Best Moisturizer For 360 Waves 2024

If you have curly hair, you should try the 360 waves hairstyle! It's quite easy. All you need is constant brushing and the best moisturizer for 360 waves.

As a hairstylist, I just love the look of 360 waves on short hair. If you have coarse, curly locks and don’t know how to get a striking look, waves are your answer.

Best Moisturizers For 360 Waves Best For Chief Ingredients
Cantu Shea Butter For Natural Hair Moisturizing Twist Dry, Frizzy Hair Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Soybean Oil, Olive Oil
WaveBuilder Cocoa & Shea Wave Butter Type 3 Curls Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter
Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie Type 4, Coarse Hair Shea Butter, Silk Protein, Neem Oil
Tgin Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer Oily Scalps Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, ProVitamin B5
Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner By Arvazallia Damaged Hair Moroccan Argan Oil
Blue Magic Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner Sensitive Scalps 100% Pure Coconut Oil

The best moisturizer for 360 waves is the WaveBuilder Cocoa & Shea Wave Butter. It's very moisturizing thanks to the cocoa butter and shea butter in it's ingredients. It is also specifically designed to create waves in your hair and it contains carnauba wax and hydrolyzed protein that provides "hold" to hairstyles making them stiff enough for creation of 360 and even 180 waves and makes them last longer too.

Top Moisturizer For 360 Waves 2023

Cantu Shea Butter For Natural Hair Moisturizing Twist

Best Gel Moisturizer For 360 Waves

Best Gel Moisturizer For 360 Waves

The Cantu Shea Butter Gel is not just a moisturizer for 360 waves, it also functions as a good styling gel and keeps your waves in place.

If you’re someone who has spends hours after hours brushing your hair to get the perfect 360 wave lines, you’ll know how annoying it can be if your hair gets messed up.

Even if you’re wearing a durag or wave cap regularly, sometimes you want your awesome 360 waves on full display. 

This lock and twist gel comes in handy on such an occasion as it locks those waves in place. 

The ingredient list in this gel is also very impressive. There’s shea butter, sweet almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and basically the best oil for 360 waves.

So you’ll find your coarse curls are kept happily hydrated all day long.

And the best part? The gel is still water-based, so it’s not greasy at all and very easy to wash off.  

It’s great for wave building and locking, but this isn’t a daily moisturizer for 360 waves. It’s got a strong perfume and alcohol in its ingredients. And according to this study (Lachenmeier, Dirk W. “Safety evaluation of topical applications of ethanol on the skin and inside the oral cavity.” Journal of occupational medicine and toxicology (London, England) vol. 3 26. 13 Nov. 2008, doi:10.1186/1745-6673-3-26), ethanol in hair products while safe might cause contact dermatitis in some people and might even be carcinogenic in the long run for some users.

So I was glad to find this product free of harsh ingredients like ethanol and such.

The scent is not overwhelming at all, but it can still irritate those with a sensitive scalp.  


  • Frizz control
  • Very nourishing
  • It helps keep hairstyles in place


  • Contains perfume
  • Contains alcohol
  • Can leave a flaky residue if not washed off properly


  • Moisturization - 4/5
  • Wave Building Ability - 4.5/5
  • Non-greasy Formula - 4.5/5

WaveBuilder Cocoa & Shea Wave Butter

Best Curl Enhancing Moisturizer For 360 Waves

Best Curl Enhancing Moisturizer For 360 Waves

This one’s for you guys with type 2c and type 3 hair textures! 

If you have do not have coarse coily hair or only have a slight curl, you can still create 360 waves. 

Try this WaveBuilder moisturizer. The product has a creamy, lotion-like consistency and contains shea butter and cocoa butter as chief ingredients.

I really liked this texture as it’s rich but very easy to spread around your hair. This also means that a little cream goes a long way. So it’s a great investment too budget-wise!

The lotion’s not greasy at all, so it can be used by type 3 hair textures without their strands going limp.

But the one thing that was a letdown was the addition of perfume in the cream. 

It’s the best conditioner for 360 waves if you do not have any scalp issues. But if you’re skin is on the sensitive side, the perfume might trigger irritation.


  • Builds curl patterns in wavy and slightly curly hair 
  • Very nourishing 
  • Non-greasy, lotion-like consistency


  • Added perfume


  • Moisturization - 4.5/5
  • Wave Building Ability - 5/5
  • Non-greasy Formula - 4.5/5

Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie

Best Natural Moisturizer For 360 Waves

best conditioner for 360 waves

I’ve always loved purchasing products for my hair from SheaMoisture as they are a black-owned, cruelty-free brand that uses fair-trade ingredients.

So when I saw the new Curl Enhancing Smoothie, I just had to try it and see if it works as a good wave cream for black hair.

And the results were just as I had expected. The so-called smoothie has a thin, lotion-like texture that spreads easily through hair.

It contains ingredients like silk protein that helps enhance curl definition, shea butter and coconut oil that helps add moisture to the strands, and neem oil that acts as an antimicrobial agent. 

There is no artificial perfume added here. The mild fragrance is a result of a blend of essential oils. 

So if you have a sensitive scalp or have conditions like scalp acne or psoriasis, this is a great choice of hair cream. 


  • Free from silicones, mineral oils, and parabens
  • Doesn’t contain added perfume
  • Safe for sensitive scalp
  • Good for dry, frizzy hair
  • Enhances curls


  • None


  • Moisturization - 5/5
  • Wave Building Ability - 4.5/5
  • Non-greasy Formula - 4/5

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Tgin Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer

Best Lightweight Moisturizer For 360 Waves

best product for shiny waves

This tGIN daily moisturizer is another product that doesn’t just help hydrate your 360 waves but also helps set them in place.

What I liked most about this product is that it’s very multipurpose. 

It contains shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil that helps moisturize your strands. But there’s also vitamin E that helps boost hair growth by increasing blood circulation to the scalp.

If you have frizzy, dull hair then this moisturizer helps make it smooth and shiny. 

Unfortunately, it achieves this by using silicones. Now, silicones are great for adding instant smoothness and sheen. But they can cause product build-up over time.

So I recommend using a good clarifying shampoo if you’re using this product on a regular basis.

Another thing that stood out to me was the perfume. This moisturizer has a very strong scent. And it contains alcohol in the ingredients list too.

It didn’t suit my sensitive scalp at all, and the perfume felt too overpowering. 


  • Adds shine
  • Controls frizz
  • Helps with hair growth
  • Acts as a setting cream for waves


  • Strong scent
  • Comparatively more expensive 


  • Moisturization - 4/5
  • Wave Building Ability - 4/5
  • Non-greasy Formula - 4.5/5

Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner By Arvazallia

Best Deep Conditioning Moisturizer For 360 Waves

best wave products for coarse hair

Okay, so this isn’t a lotion or cream like the rest of the products for 360 waves on this list, but a deep conditioning mask. 

If you have color-treated hair or damaged hair then it’s important to make your tresses look healthy first, before trying out any wavy hairstyles.

And this is where using a hair mask can help!

You can use this Arvazallia product before taking a shower or after rinsing your hair with shampoo. 

Its hero ingredient is Moroccan argan oil which has been established to have several vitamins and nutrients necessary for healthy, soft hair.  

I keep on this mask for at least 15-20 minutes before rinsing. Sometimes I even combine it with a hot cap for better results.

It’s a great deep conditioner to use once in a fortnight. However, I was unhappy with how my hair turned up after frequent use.

Turns out, this mask contains synthetic fragrance, alcohol, and silicones. Three ingredients I always suggest curly-haired folks avoid. 


  • Leaves hair soft and sleek
  • Prevents frizz
  • Helps repair hair damage


  • Contains silicone and alcohol 
  • Can dry out scalp if used too often


  • Moisturization - 3.5/5
  • Wave Building Ability - 3/5
  • Non-greasy Formula - 4.5/5

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Blue Magic Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner

Best Oil Moisturizer For 360 Waves

best oil for 360 waves

Ah, coconut oil! I always call it the best friend for curly hair. 

If you don’t want to use cosmetic products to keep your waves moisturized, I suggest trying out a natural oil like coconut oil.

Coconut oil adds instant shine and locks in moisture on your tresses. I also love how it helps repairs hair damage. 

Another benefit I noticed was the regular brushing for waves and coconut oil combo helps hair grow by promoting blood circulation to the scalp. 

This conditioner might not be the best oil for 360 waves if you have acne. It can clog pores and worsen the problem. 

In this case, you can go for a lighter, non-comedogenic oil like jojoba oil instead. 


  • 100 percent natural
  • No added fragrance, silicones, or colorants
  • Safe for sensitive scalps


  • Coconut oil can clog pores
  • Not for oily scalp types


  • Moisturization - 5/5
  • Wave Building Ability - 3/5
  • Non-greasy Formula - 2/5

How To Select The Best Moisturizer For 360 Waves On Black Hair

When it comes to achieving and maintaining the perfect 360 waves on black hair, moisturizing is key. But with so many moisturizers on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one.

In this section, we'll go over some essential factors to consider when selecting the best moisturizer for 360 waves. Firstly, it's important to look for a moisturizer that contains natural ingredients. Chemicals and synthetic ingredients can strip the hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle.

Look for moisturizers with ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. These ingredients will nourish and hydrate the hair, leaving it soft and manageable. Another factor to consider is the consistency of the moisturizer. You want a moisturizer that's not too heavy or greasy, but also not too light.

A good rule of thumb is to look for a moisturizer that's creamy and has a smooth texture. This will allow it to penetrate deep into the hair shaft, providing maximum hydration. When selecting a moisturizer, it's also important to consider your hair type and texture.

If you have thick, coarse hair, you may want to opt for a heavier moisturizer. On the other hand, if you have fine, thin hair, a lighter moisturizer may be more suitable.

Finally, consider the fragrance and overall feel of the moisturizer. You want a product that not only hydrates your hair but also smells good and feels great on your skin. Ultimately, the best moisturizer for 360 waves is one that nourishes and hydrates your hair while also providing a pleasant experience.

How I tested the best moisturizer for 360 waves?

I found some of the top conditioners, creams, and oils for 360 waves and decided to test them out on the following parameters. With help from my hair care team, I then rated them on a scale of 1-5.  

  • Moisturization: the moisturizer for 360 waves should obviously be rich and hydrating and lock in moisture in strands.
  • Wave Building: It’s also important for the product to help create waves by defining curls
  • Greasiness: The moisturizer shouldn’t leave hair greasy and limp

That was my list of the best hydrating products for 360 waves. These products range from oils, creams, to hair masks and help enhance your wavy hairstyles.  

You can select the best moisturizer for 360 waves based on your hair type, scalp condition, and needs.

It’s also important to match your budget with your daily moisturization needs. 

Once you’ve got the right moisturizer, all you need to do is brush, brush, and brush some more.

You’ll get your stylish 360 waves in no time!

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