Best Japanese Hair Dryers For Curly Hair

Best Japanese Hair Dryers For Curly Hair

Many people are worried about damaging curly hair but are worried about lack of texture and frizz as well. Also there are many people who want to straighten their curly hair with a hair dryer without resorting to chemical hair treatments or hair straightening tools like flat irons. 

So this time, we asked Azusa Nakajima, a beautician and hair diagnostician, how to choose the best hair dryer to straighten curly hair, how to dry hair well, and tips on styling. 

We will also review hair dryers recommended by our editorial team. So if you want to know how to fix curly hair, read below:

This time I heard the story...

Azusa Nakajima, hair diagnostician and owner of Beauty Salon PlusLounge in Harajuku/Omotesando

She runs PlusLounge, a beauty salon in Harajuku, which is a salon for adult women. Utilizing her career of over 20 years, she has developed a salon menu that combines hair diagnosis and bone structure suitability diagnosis.  Nakajima also conducts `"Adult Beauty School'' for women, including magazine interviews, supervision of beauty sites, and makeup seminars. With the theme of "beautifying both mind and body,'' she has created a head spa method centered on the study of beauty.

1. What are the causes and types of curly hair, and how to fix frizzy hair?

If you want to make your curly hair smooth and straight, it is important to first understand the causes of curly hair and your hair type. Aim for smooth, healthy hair by removing as many factors that cause frizzy hair as possible and using a method that suits your hair type.

Causes of curly hair

There are two types of curly hair: congenital ones caused by genetics and acquired ones. The first cause of acquired curly hair is an imbalance in the bonds between the proteins (cortex) that make up the hair. This can easily occur due to stress or hormonal imbalance.

Damage caused by perms, coloring, heat from hair dryers, and friction from towel drying can also cause frizz. When the cuticle becomes damaged and peels off, it absorbs moisture and becomes prone to frizz. The reason your hair spreads due to humidity is because the hair absorbs water and expands.

Additionally, as you age, your scalp may sag and your pores may become distorted, or your hair may become thinner and less elastic, which can lead to curly hair, so try to find out the cause of your curly hair.

Type of curly hair

Naturally curly hair can be broadly divided into the following four types depending on the way it curls. Unlike acquired curly hair, congenital curly hair may be difficult to improve with just a hair dryer, so if you have severe frizz, you should start by consulting a hairdresser.

Wavy hair

Curly hair that undulates like waves. It is most common in Japanese people and is easier to manage than other types of curly hair. Hair tends to spread out on humid days.

Twisted hair

Curly hair twisted in a spiral like a coil. Hair tends to be thin and soft, and if it's curly, it tends to get stiff and voluminous. It is difficult to style and it is difficult to achieve hair straightening effects.


Curly hair

Curly hair that is finely curly. The hair has hard bristles that easily repel water, giving it a sense of volume. It is the most curly of all congenital curly hair, and is difficult to straighten without hair straightening.

Renju hair

Curly hair that is uneven like strings of beads. Hair is of varying thickness and breaks easily, making hair straightening and perming difficult. Although the undulations are not strong, it has a stiff texture and is difficult to get shiny.

How to fix curly hair

To correct curly hair, it is necessary to approach both the inside and outside of the hair. Start by referring to the following points.

Proper hair care to prevent hair damage and dryness

If your hair is frizzy due to damage or dryness, it is important to first correct the condition of your hair. Use hair oils and treatments to replenish your hair with moisture and nutrients.

It is also important to keep your scalp healthy by promoting blood circulation with scalp massages and scalp cleansing. 

If you lack protein, the main component of hair, the internal balance will be disrupted and your hair will become frizzy, so be sure to eat a well-balanced diet.

Also, the article below introduces the correct way to use popular shampoos and treatments for curly hair. So be sure to check them out as well.


Use a hair dryer to straighten your hair

If you have natural curly or wavy hair, you can straighten it to some extent depending on how you dry it with a hair dryer. Dry your hair quickly with a hairdryer to straighten and curl it.

Curly hair is especially susceptible to heat damage, so it's important to shorten the drying time by blowing air all at once.

Dry hair can easily cause frizz, so it's important to use a hair dryer that has hair care features that keep it moist and manageable.

2. Popular Hair Dryers Recommended For Curly Hair

Saronia Speedy ion dryer

5918 yen

Achieves quick drying (*) with a large air volume of 2.3m3/min. A hair dryer that cuts hair damage (*) and leads to smooth hair.

The large air volume of 2.3m3/min reduces drying time by 30% (*). Cuts damage (*) by shortening the time that hair is exposed to heat.

Furthermore, it also has a negative ion function that is good for your hair. Dry your hair while caring for it, making it easier to manage.

It has 3 simple modes: TURBO, SET, and COOL, so it is easy to use. Use TURBO after a bath, SET for a morning blow-dry, and COOL to maintain your style, depending on the purpose. It is foldable and does not take up much space, and is lightweight so it is convenient to carry.

*Comparison with our own product (SL-007). In-house research.

See details on Amazon


Panasonic Kurukuru Dryer Ionity EH-KE1J

3800 yen (Amazon)

Negative ions gently coat the surface of your hair. Ideal for curling hair ends

A brush-type hair dryer with a blow brush on the tip. Perfect for adding volume to the top and adding nuance to the tips of your hair.

Negative ions are released along with the wind from the hair dryer, protecting the cuticle. Prevents water from evaporating and maintains hair's natural moisture, leading to healthy and silky hair.

You can switch between 3 levels: "COOL", "DRY", and "SET". By applying cold air after setting your hair with warm air, you can maintain a beautiful finish for a long time. It's reasonably priced, so it's recommended for first-time users of brush-type hair dryers.

See details on Amazon


Kurukuru Dryer Nanocare EH-KN8G

12,791 yen (Amazon)

Nanoe adjusts the moisture balance of your hair, moisturizing it and gently styling it.

Nanoe is a nano-sized particulate ion that contains more water than ordinary ions. Nanoe reaches a wide area including the tips of the hair, leading to smooth and manageable hair.

There are 4 types of salon brushes included: salon blow, volume up, wide blow, and thick roll. You can arrange it as you like by using it according to your desired hairstyle.

It has a switch that allows you to switch to cold air with one touch and also lock it. After setting your hair, you can use cold air to fix it, allowing you to recreate professional styling at home.

See details on Amazon


Panasonic Hair dryer Ionity EH-NE7G

6109 yen (Amazon)

Quickly dry your hair while caring for it with negative ions and a maximum air flow of 2.0?/sec.

A large airflow dryer with a maximum airflow of 2.0?/sec. The included quick-drying nozzle breaks up the hair strands and loosens them, allowing you to quickly dry long or thick hair.

By separating the outlets that emit warm air and mineral ions, we have created a structure that allows ions to reach a wide area. Distributes ions throughout the hair and gently coats the surface. By suppressing static electricity, you can achieve silky smooth hair that runs through your fingers.

One of its features is that it uses a hot/cold twin flow function. By applying hot air and cold air alternately, each hair becomes straight. Perfect for those who long for shiny, manageable, moist hair.

See details on Amazon



Holistic Cure Dryer Rp.

33,000 yen (Amazon)

A unique blend of natural ores and minerals made into micro powder. Adjust the cuticle for shiny hair

A dryer that is uniquely processed by crushing natural ores and minerals into micro powder. Cure crystal processing releases terahertz waves that break down the moisture on the hair surface. Micronized water moisturizes the entire hair, suppressing dryness and spreading.

It is also attractive that it uses a miniaturized BLDC motor. This technology is also used in linear motor cars, allowing for both powerful high-speed rotation and stable low-speed rotation. It can be used for everything from quick drying to hair care.

There are three modes: "Volume Up", "Volume Down", and "Cuticle Care". The light color changes according to the mode, so you don't have to worry about erroneous operation and it's easy to use.

See details on Amazon



Holistic Cure Magnet Hair Pro Dryer Moist

24,200 yen

The fine vibrations of terahertz waves trap moisture while drying, suppressing dryness and keeping it moist.

A hair dryer that dries hair using terahertz waves that vibrate 21.4 to 75 trillion times per second. The water on the broken hair surface moisturizes the inside and conditions the cuticle. Even for people who are concerned about dryness and dryness, or those with thick hair, it will give you a moist and cohesive finish.

The maximum airflow is 1350W, which is a large amount of airflow, so even long hair can be dried quickly. You can easily blow your hair even on busy mornings before commuting to work or school.

On and off, hot air and cold air can each be operated with a single button. The mode is switched with one push, and the operation method is easy to understand.

See details on Amazon



Dyson Supersonic Ionic hair dryer

45,760 yen (Amazon)

Adopts the Coanda effect to condition the hair surface for a shiny and smooth finish.

A dryer that uses a mechanism in which high-speed, high-pressure airflow flows along objects. Conditions the surface of your hair to give it a glossy finish with less floating and frizzy hair.

There are 5 types of attachments: "floating hair control'', "styling concentrator'', "diffuser'', "smoothing nozzle'' and "gentle air ring'', and you can choose according to your desired styling.

Furthermore, the wind speed can be adjusted in 3 stages and the temperature can be adjusted in 4 stages. Try customizing it to your liking, such as speedy drying at high temperatures and strong winds, or slow blow-drying at low temperatures and gentle winds.

See details on Amazon

3. How to choose the best hair dryer for curly hair

In order to use a hair dryer that suits your hair type and how you use it, and to straighten any frizz that bothers you, let's learn how to choose a hair dryer that is recommended for curly hair.

Decide on the type depending on how you use it and your hair type.

There are two main types of hair dryers recommended for curly hair: Choose the one that is appropriate for your usage and hair type.

The best hair dryer is one that dries your hair all at once and causes less damage.

If you want to straighten your curly hair, unless you have a special reason to do so, we recommend choosing a hair dryer that blows a lot of air and dries your hair all at once. 

Many models also have the ability to dry your hair with low-temperature wind that is gentle on your hair.

There are also types that adjust the air volume and temperature, and even have hair care functions, so you should be able to find one that suits your needs. It's also nice to know that it causes less damage than a curly hair dryer, which dries the hair by applying it directly to it.

If you can't set it properly, a curly hair dryer is also an option.

A hair dryer that has a brush attached to the air outlet that blows dry your hair directly. Suitable for people whose hair is slightly damaged or who cannot set it properly with a hairdryer and brush.

There are a wide variety of attachments, so you can choose according to the finish you are looking for. If you are concerned about damage, you can use a regular hair dryer to quickly dry your hair, and only use a curl dryer when styling.

We recommend products that are packed with hair care functions that help improve hair quality.

If it has a lot of hair care functions, it will keep the moisture in your hair and give you a cohesive finish. 

Choose a model with the following features and aim for voluminous, shiny hair.

Temperature control function

Having the ability to adjust the temperature is convenient because it allows you to dry your hair at an air temperature that is appropriate for the condition of your hair. 

Although blowing hot air all at once can dry your hair quickly, it also tends to roughen the cuticle. If you are particularly concerned about damage, it is a good idea to apply cold air to reduce the damage caused by heat.

If you want to keep your hair straight for a long time, one that can switch between hot and cold air is convenient. Applying cold air to your hair after drying it will make it easier to curl your hair. There are some that can automatically switch between hot and cold air, so look for them.

Negative ion function

The negative ion function is the ability to dry hair while protecting the cuticle on the hair surface. By sending air containing negative ions, which are aggregates of water molecules, it adds moisture to your hair. 

Also, because it has a negative charge, it can also be expected to suppress static electricity on the hair surface.

What's more, it prevents your hair from becoming dry after drying, leaving it with a moist and manageable finish. The names vary depending on the manufacturer, such as "Nanoe," "Plasmacluster," and "Hydroion," so be sure to check the product description carefully before choosing.

Far infrared function

Far-infrared rays heat your hair from the inside, preventing the surface temperature from rising and reducing heat damage. The power of far-infrared rays dries slowly, so it retains moisture and creates a fluffy, cohesive finish.

Also, don't overlook the fact that far infrared rays warm the skin and scalp, helping to improve blood circulation. Some manufacturers call it "terahertz" or "nurturing ray," so check it out.

Mode change function

We also recommend the type that has a mode change function that allows you to change the direction of the wind. Being able to change to various modes such as shine, volume up, volume down, etc. allows for efficient styling. 

You can freely adjust the temperature according to the condition of your hair, or change it according to your mood that day or the desired finish.

Many have a scalp mode that gently dries the scalp and hair with wind at approximately 60°C and prevents heat damage. Try choosing one that has a mode that suits your hair concerns.

Choose one that has a good balance between price and functionality.

If you are confused because there are so many types, one way is to narrow down your price range. Choose one that has a good balance between price and functionality.

If you value price and quick drying, 10,000 yen is enough.

If you only need to dry your hair quickly, a model in the 10,000 yen range is sufficient. Even if they are cheap, costing less than 10,000 yen, there are many that have a large air volume and dry quickly.

 Although many of them do not have hair care functions or mode changes, they are perfect for those who want something simple and easy to use.

A good balance between price and functionality is in the 20,000 yen range.

If you want something with a beautiful finish while keeping costs down, check out the 20,000 yen range. These are recommended for those who are looking for not only quick-drying properties but also a cohesive finish.

Many of them have negative ion functions, temperature control functions, etc., and their strength is that they are relatively easy to operate.

If you want a salon-quality finish, spend 30,000 yen or more.

If you want to achieve a salon-like finish even at home, look for high-end models priced at 30,000 yen or more. Commercial hair dryers with large airflow are quick-drying, and many are equipped with a mode change function.

If you don't care about price and want to prioritize quality, you should also check out high-end models that cost more than 50,000 yen. 

High-end models include those that use unique technology that combines vibration and wavelength to bring out the natural beauty of your hair, and those that come with a wide range of attachments that allow you to achieve the desired finish.

The recommended air volume is 1.5m3/min or more. More powerful than 1200W

The ideal hair dryer is one that has strong airflow and can dry hair quickly. By choosing one that dries quickly, you can prevent damage to your hair. The specific guideline is an air volume of 1.5m3/min or more. Some models have large airflow rates of 2.0m/min or more.

Furthermore, the higher the power consumption, the more powerful the airflow. We recommend a hair dryer for home use of 1200 to 1300W or higher, and a curly hair dryer of 1000W or higher. 

However, if the wind is too strong, your hair may get tangled easily when it dries, so it's best to have an air volume adjustment function.

Choose one that is easy to handle and weigh less than 500g.

In order to dry your hair efficiently, it is important to choose a hair dryer that is easy to handle. Choose something that is as light as possible, with a weight of less than 500g, and that you won't get tired even if you use it for a long time.

If you are using it for people with small hands or children, check the size as well. Although it is compact, it is easy to handle because it has a large air outlet. If you're using it at home, a cord that's too long will be inconvenient, so try choosing a cord that's about 1.5 to 2 meters long.

4. Tips on how to straighten curly hair with a hair dryer

The key to straightening curly hair is to use a hair dryer with high airflow and dry it in the correct manner. We also asked Mr. Nakajima for some tips on how to dry them, so please use them as a reference.

Basics of how to dry hair

First, learn the basics of how to dry your hair. Regardless of the degree of curly hair, try following the steps below.

[STEP 1] Thoroughly towel-dry hair until no water drops come out.

After rinsing, hold your hair between your hands and squeeze out the moisture by sliding it towards the ends. 

Next, cover your entire hair with a towel, pressing down on the scalp and roots to absorb moisture, and then thoroughly wiping down to the ends. Be careful not to move or pat your hair with a towel as this will cause friction.

The key is to thoroughly absorb the water so that no droplets come out when you comb your hair with a comb. For people with long hair or a lot of hair, it is more effective to wrap your hair in a towel for a while after removing all the moisture, as the remaining moisture will be absorbed.

[STEP 2] Lift up the hair and blow the air to dry the roots thoroughly.

After wiping off the moisture thoroughly, use a hair dryer to dry the roots of your hair. The trick is to insert your fingers into the hair and apply the hair dryer's air firmly to the roots. If you dry your hair by lifting up the roots, it will be easier to straighten the frizz.

Next, move your fingertips in small increments to evenly blow the wind through your hair. It tends to dry mostly in the front, so don't neglect the back of your hair and dry it thoroughly.

[STEP 3] Apply the hair dryer diagonally from above to adjust the hair flow.

Hold the hair dryer a little away from your hair and blow the air at an angle. By blowing air at an angle from above, the cuticle on the hair surface closes, preventing hair from spreading and making it easier to manage.

Take a small strand of hair with your other hand, and while passing it through your hand, gently pull it toward the ends to lengthen the hair. Leave the hair as it is and blow air from the roots to the ends to smooth the hair. 

For men and people with short hair, try blowing air from the back of your head (where the whorls are) towards the front, following the direction of the hair.

[STEP 4] Finish by applying cold air to fix the straight state.

Once it's dry to some extent, use a brush to stretch out your hair and blow air around it. The key is to apply the brush to the back of your hair by pulling the ends forward and blow-drying.

After blow-drying your hair, don't forget to blow cold air on it to cool it down. As the hair cools down, the shape you set will become fixed, so applying cold air to it will further enhance the effect. When styling with wax, etc., it will be easier to keep it for a long time if you do it after the hair has completely cooled down.

Styling tips

We also introduce styling tips that people who are concerned about curly hair should know. 

Adjust your sleep

The trick is to wet the area with curly hair and dampen the hair before doing this. Bangs often curl up from the hairline, so be sure to moisturize the roots as well. If your hair is curly all over, try getting your head wet in the shower and then drying it thoroughly.

To remove frizz from your bangs, lift the roots with your hands and pull the hair strands from side to side while blowing air to the roots. Once you've gotten rid of the curls at the roots, you can straighten out the frizz by using a brush to pull the bangs downwards.

Perm style styling

Dry about 80% of your hair using the basic method. Applying a small amount of wax while the hair is still slightly wet and then drying it with a hair dryer while twisting the hair strands will prevent curls from forming, and will prevent them from spreading and make them easier to tame.

Finally, after applying cold air to prepare it, apply wax again and you're done. Especially if you have curly hair, try twisting the curly hair as you dry it for a more natural look.

Center part

The key to styling your bangs with a center part is how to use a hair dryer. After wetting your hair from the roots, lift your bangs and blow dryer to make them stand up properly.

Next, blow the air from the hair dryer from the front and let the hair flow backwards to dry it. 

Once it's about 80% dry, separate the bangs into a center part and blow air from the front to each side to shape the hair. 

So after you've finished setting it, blow cold air all over it to fix the shape. If you use styling products such as wax to set your hair after it has completely cooled down, it will be easier to keep it for a long time.

5. Q&A about curly hair

We asked Ms. Nakajima some frequently asked questions about styling curly hair. There are also helpful points on how to use a hair dryer and how to style your hair, so check them out.

Is a dryer diffuser effective in improving curly hair?

If you use a diffuser, you can diffuse the air from the hair dryer, allowing your hair to dry while leaving a nice wavy feel. It does not have the effect of improving curly hair itself, but it can make use of curly hair to create a soft and fluffy finish.

Should I use hair oil before or after blow drying?

Hair oil is classified as an out-bath treatment, so it is recommended to apply it before blow drying. If you want to style your hair to take advantage of your curly hair, it's a good idea to apply just enough hair to tame it after drying it again.

Can I let my curly hair dry naturally without using a hair dryer?

If you don't thoroughly dry your hair from the scalp using a hair dryer, the cuticle on the surface of your hair will remain open, making it easier for your hair to spread out. Also, if your scalp stays moist for a long time, bacteria can grow and cause odor.

Is there a way to correct your curls during the rainy season or when it's humid?

If your hair is frizzy due to humidity, blow dry it with plenty of air. Hair tends to frizz when it absorbs moisture, so it's important to condition your hair with lotion. If you have a strong curl, one way is to pin it in advance or create an arrangement that takes advantage of your curl.

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