14 Best Everyday Hair Brush For Men In 2024 | Reviewed For Every Hair Type

14 Best Everyday Hair Brush For Men In 2024 | Reviewed For Every Hair Type

Here are my reviews for the top hair brushes for men including the best everyday hair brush for mens wavy hair, thinning hair, curly hair and other hair types.

Most men think that all hair brushes and combs are alike. But the truth is that the best hair brushes for men helps with useful for untangling your mane, creating different styles, and improving scalp health by increasing blood circulation.

A good hair brush also helps distribute natural oils on your hair, making hair less greasy and more healthy.

Can you name the most important hair styling product for men? C’mon think. Is it hair gels? Hair spray? Shampoos and conditioners, even? Nope. It’s the hair brush. 

A hair brush can have more impact on your hair than you can imagine. If you’re used to just grabbing whatever comb or brush you can find in the morning, then we’ve got news for you.

You’ve probably pulled out a few hair strands and damaged more. 





Hair Brushes For Men Special Feature Best For
T3 Micro Dry Vent Hair Brush Vent Brush Long Hair
Conair Velvet Touch Brush Padded Brush Sensitive Scalps
Kent Gentlemen's Hair Brush - MG3 Round Brush Short Hair
Diane 2-Sided Brush Military Brush Thin Hair
Tangle Teezer Strong Teeth Tangled Hair
Denman 9-row Cushion Brush Cushion Bed African American Hair
Balon Brush & Comb Set Complete Hair Brush Set Thick Hair
Uppercut Deluxe Quiff Roller Roller Style Brush Curly Hair
Bass Brush for Men Natural Boar Bristles Hair
Baasha Vent Brush Vented Brush Thinning Hair
ghd Ceramic Vented Radial 3 Radial Brush Coarse, Rough Hair
Mason Pearson Boar Bristle Brush  Premium-grade Brush African American Hair

Oh, snap. So how do I find the best hair brush for men then? Well, it depends on your hair texture, what you’re using the brush for, and more. But is brushing really that essential? 

Now that you know what to look for in a hair brush, we've got a few top products lined up for you. Let’s get started!




Best Everyday Hair Brush For Men 2024




The Benefits of Using A Hair Brush For Men

If your idea of 'brushing' your hair is running your finger through it in the morning...then boy are you doing it wrong. Skipping out on brushing might save you a few seconds in the morning, but it’s a recipe for disaster for your hair. Why? Here are three major reasons:

  • It cleanses your hair of excess oil, removes build-up and dead skin cells. 
  • You’ll have softer hair, as brushing helps distribute the natural oils on the scalp through the strands.
  • The bristles give a sort of massage to the scalp and help promote better blood circulation. Result? Increased hair growth. 

Comb Vs Hair Brush - Which One o I Choose?

Now I know not many men would know (or care for that matter), but it is essential to remember when to use a comb and when to go for a hair brush.

So we’re just going to give you two essential pointers. If you have long hair, then stick to a hair brush. Longer hair doesn't usually need sharp, slick styles.

And it’s also important for the natural oils in the scalp to reach down to the ends.

If you’ve got shorter, spikier hair, then a comb is your best bet. It helps create sharp partitions and lines to help you make different styles.

A lot depends on your hair texture too. So a wide-toothed comb is the best option if you have coarser, thicker hair.

What To Consider Before Buying A Hair Brush For Men

Brushing your hair is such a simple, everyday activity. But buying the best hair brush for men is anything but that. Before you go brush-shopping, here are a few things you need to remember.

Handle: To sum it up. Plastic handles are a big no-no. They are known to create static in your hair. So unless you want to look like you’ve been electrocuted, steer clear of plastic. Wooden handles should do the trick. Some combs have rubber pads on their handle, even if the material is plastic. These are also fine as they keep the static away.

Bristles: The bristles are probably more important than the handle, shape or any other feature of the hair brush. What you need to remember is to pick the right material. I always recommend choosings over synthetic ones. These create less static, are gentler on your scalp and last longer too.

Size: Size does matter when it comes to brushes. A larger hair brush won’t be too helpful while styling your hair. But if you want something to detangle or blow-dry, a large, paddle brush might be the better option. 

Shape: The shape of a hair brush isn’t just for looks, but it matters while styling hair too. How? Well, a round brush is the better option if you want waves or volume in your hair. Want to dry your hair quickly? Use the vented brush. The gaps in the bristles allow hot air from the blow dryer to go through your tresses, drying them in half the time.




How I tested the top hair brushes for men?

I have really short curly hair and I tried out these brushes for myself to see how they felt and if they did their job well. I tested these brushes on the following factors.

  • Handle Material & Quality - I first checked the materials used to make the brush and if it would be long lasting
  • Bristles Quality - I then noted what material the bristles are made of, if they have natural materials, and if they are gentle on the tresses.
  • Features - I also checked if the hair brush had any special features like air vents for hairstyling, etc.
  • Price - Of course, the price of the brush was a huge factor and I noted if the hair brushes were worth their price tag or were they simply too expensive.



T3 Micro Dry Vent Hair Brush



Best Hair Brush For Mens Long Hair

Longer hair for men is in vogue these days. But really, who has the time to dry and style it in the morning.

If this is your main concern, you should check out the T3 Micro Dry Vent Hair Brush. The brush comes with heat-resistant bristles and a vented body.

So if you’re going to blow dry your locks, the brush helps distribute the warm air through the strands.

I like the fact that it’s a good detangling brush. So you can use it right out of the shower.

Plus, the soft, grip handle ensures the brush doesn’t slip away from your wet hands. I have just one have one teensy issue.

The T3 Micro Dry Vent Hair Brush is made of plastic, and priced, in my opinion, a bit high.

Also the bristles are rubber tipped nylon. This is a great choice if you're looking for a hairbrush to style your hair, however it won't suit sensitive scalps or regular use on curly hair. For that I suggest you look at boar bristle brushes instead.


  • The vents in the brush help hair dry faster while styling wet hair
  • The handle has a rubber grip making it ergonomically feasible to use
  • The bristles are heat resistant so safe to use with the blow dryer on hot setting


  • The body is made of plastic so it might not be very durable
  • The price is a bit expensive

My Ratings:

  • Handle Material & Quality - 4.5/5
  • Bristles Quality - 4/5
  • Features - 4.5/5
  • Price - 3/5

Conair Velvet Touch Paddle Hair Brush

Best Paddle Hair Brush For Men

The one complaint most guys have when spending over hair brushes is the price. Somehow it doesn’t seem right to spend dollars on a comb. So we’ve got this Conair Velvet Touch Paddle Hair Brush for you. 

This paddle brush is suitable for men with medium to long hair. If you’ve got curly, coarse hair, I suggest you try out another product because the bristles on this one are plastic.

While it is certainly economical, the product quality is what you can expect from the price. 

So if you want a paddle brush for emergencies, this one is good.

But otherwise, I suggest you invest in a slightly more expensive but definitely better quality hair brush.


  • The paddle brush shape is fantastic for long, thick men's hair
  • It's very economical


  • Plastic body is not durable
  • The bristles are plastic and might lead to static buildup on hair

My Ratings:

  • Handle Material & Quality - 4/5
  • Bristles Quality - 4/5
  • Features - 3.5/5
  • Price - 4.5/5

Kent Gentleman’s Hairbrush Model No. MG3

Best Round Hair Brush

Listen, I know the price is a bit much, but the Kent Gentleman’s MG3 Hairbrush will last you to the end of days.

And we’re not exaggerating. The quality is simply amazing, with boar bristles and a polished, round beechwood body. 

What won us over was how the brush works for all hair textures. So if you’ve got curly, Afro hair, this one is a great choice.

Oh, and another thing, the Kent MG3 brush can be used on beards as well. So it’s amazingly multipurpose. 

The boar bristles help keep your scalp clean and improve blood circulation.

If you’ve got scalp infections, dandruff or simply have sensitive skin, I think you should invest in this Kent brush. It’s one of the best hair brush for men around.


  • The bristles are made of natural fiber and are very gentle on your scalp
  • The wooden handle makes it very durable
  • The compact, round shape makes it easier to handle


  • The price is a bit expensive
  • The lack of a handle might make it difficult to use on longer, thicker hair
  • You cannot use this type of hairbrush while heat styling your hair

My Ratings:

  • Handle Material & Quality - 5/5
  • Bristles Quality - 5/5
  • Features - 4.5/5
  • Price - 4/5

Diane 100% Boar 2-Sided Club Brush 

Best Military Hair Brush

The Diane 100% Boar 2-Sided Club Brush is unique compared to the other products on my list.

Why? The hint is in the name. It has natural boar bristles on both sides. So how does this help?

Well, the different bristles make this brush easily adaptable to different climates and needs.

On one side the boar bristles are much stiffer. And on the other, they are more flexible. The stiff bristles are great for detangling knots or brushing long hair.

But if you have shorter hair or just want to groom the locks or sideburns, the soft, flexible side is way better.

Plus, the brush comes with an easy-to-grip handle as well.

Just a little heads up, this the Diane Boar 2-sided brush is designed for coarse, curly hair textures. So if you’ve got thin and fine hair, you might want to look around. 

My Ratings:

  • Handle Material & Quality - 5/5
  • Bristles Quality - 5/5
  • Features - 5/5
  • Price - 3/5

Tangle Teezer

Best Brush For Black Men's Hair

This one is for all the guys with long or curly hair. It’s a pain to work out the knots and tangles after a shower, right?

Not to worry, there’s a brush for that. In comes the Tangle Teezer, an ergonomically-designed hair brush that gets your locks detangled in no time.

The best thing about the Tangle Teezer is the Firmflex technology. It keeps your curls from losing their shape after brushing - a major reason why curly-haired folks avoid the brush. 

Plus, the bristles are designed to bend and move through the hair without causing damage to the cuticles.

You can even use the Tangle Teezer on your bushy beard before styling it. 

Denman 9-Row Cushion Brush Nylon

Best Hair Brush For Mens Short Hair

All hair brushes do not serve the same purpose. And the Denman 9-Row Cushion Brush is created especially for parting, defining and sculpting hair to create new styles.

The low-density nylon bristles make it great for use on wet hair as well.

I like the fact that the brush comes with a rubber pad. This way it doesn’t create static on the hair.

Another thing I like is the nine-rows of pin-like bristles with rounded tips. They’re gentle on the scalp and ideal for styling curly, coarse hair.

Some users have remarked that the quality of this hair brush could be better. But I feel it’s still a good bargain at its price. 

Balon Brush and Comb Set 

Best Mens Hair Brush Set

If you’re the sort to prefer ease and practicality above it all, I think you should check out this combo by Balon.

The set comes with a paddle brush, styling brush, a wide-tooth detangling comb and a small styling comb. A perfect mix for the guy who loves changing hairstyles often. 

The brushes come with stiff, plastic bristles with rounded tips to keep them comfortable on your scalp.

While this is not perfect by any means, the anti-static cover and rubber base manage to keep the static at bay. And at a super-affordable price, the comb set is still a good bargain.

But I still advise that guys with sensitive scalps should skip this one and go for brushes with natural boar bristles instead.

Uppercut Deluxe Quiff Roller Small Round Men’s Hair Brush

Best Hair Brush For Men's Quiff

A rounded hair brush is your best bet if you want to add volume to your locks. And the Uppercut Deluxe Quiff Roller is just the thing.

It is smaller in size than your average round hair brush and allows for easy styling.

I liked the non-slip handle that provides a firm grip. There’s also extra spacing on the bristles that allows better air circulation while you’re blow-drying hair.

Its size makes it a good choice for short hair as well.

The bristles, however, are still plastic. So I suggest you use this brush only during styling and stick to one with natural bristles for regular brushing.

Bass Brushes Classic Men’s Club Style

Best Men's Hair Brush With Natural Bristles

This one is for the eco-conscious folks out there. The Bass Brushes Classic Men’s Club Style Brush is made of 100 percent pure bamboo handle and natural boar bristles. Hair? Perfect! Environment? Saved!

This brush is one of my favorites because it’s affordably-priced despite being made of natural materials.

The bristles are gentle on the scalp and clean out dirt, debris and excess oil. Plus, it’s a good fit for your beard too. 

Just a little advice, brushes made of boar bristles tend to shed sometimes. So try tapping the Bass brush lightly against a counter to get the excess off before you start using it.

Baasha Vent Brush

Best Vented Brush

Okay, I confess. We’re not fans of brushes made of plastic or synthetic materials. But once in a while comes a hair brush that makes us reconsider.

The Baasha Vent Brush is one of these products.

Why do I like it? One word - the design. The curved body and vents are just perfect for hairstyling.

They dry your locks quickly and add volume while doing so. Plus, the bristles have soft, rounded tips, so they’re gentle on the scalp.

If you want a brush exclusively for styling, you can go for this one without hesitation. 

ghd Ceramic Vented Radial 3

Best Hair Brush For Men's Thinning Hair

This GHD brush is one of the best hair brush for men with thinning hair. The short bristles glide through fine hair with ease.

And they do not leave any static on your locks either. GHD is a well-known brand for styling products, so it's no wonder that this brush is great for blow drying.

The vented design helps hot air go through your locks faster, helping your hair dry quicker.

The rounded design helps create different hairstyles like quiffs and adds volume.

Mason Pearson Boar Bristle Brush

Best Mens Hair Brush For Thick Hair

One of the best hair brush for men is the Mason Pearson brush made of 100 percent natural bristles. These boar bristles are gentle on your hair. They do not cause static or leave your locks frizzy. The best part is how well the bristles distribute natural oils on your scalp.

If you have thicker hair, then this brush is a good pick. The handle is ergonomic and comfortable to hold while the sturdy bristles glide through thick hair easily.

This Mason Pearson brush is slightly on the expensive side. But I think it's worth the splurge.

Kent MC4 Finest Men’s Brush 

Best Soft Wave Brush For Coarse Hair

The brush from Kent is considered a travel-friendly, quick, exfoliating brush that is well recommended for facial hair as well. 

The bristles are effective on coarse hair for a firm hold without pulling aggressively on the hair and roots.  

Since this hair brush is formed of boar bristles that are firm yet soft, it can serve to evenly distribute the natural oils from your scalp and stimulate hair growth. 

Using this as a dry brush allows for a great stimulant for blood flow to the scalp and roots, this promotes a healthy scalp and subsequently healthy hair growth. 

You will be able to tame and style your coarse hair with these helpful qualities and characteristics to the brush. 

This brush is often recommended as one of the best wave brushes for coarse hair.  

The brush is pretty versatile, regardless of whether you have medium hair or short, you can style, lay your hair down and brush flat-top looks as well.  


  • Lightweight and sturdy. 
  • Perfect for fine or thick, both short and long hair. 
  • Not prickly. 
  • Great texture on the bristles. 
  • Great for both beard and face. 


  • Not for those with easily irritable or sensitive scalp. 

WavEnforcer Premium Quality Boar Military Brush 

Best Boar Bristle Brush For Coarse Hair

WavEnfocer is another economical item well inside the average price range. This is perhaps one of the least expensive brushes on this list. 

This brush claims to have 100% pure boar bristles. Using natural boar fibres will allow your hair to be stimulated organically. 

It will also refresh your scalp and perform in order to stimulate the flow of normal oils down the hair shaft. 

One of its key highlights is its palm design. As it does not have a long and substantial handle it is expected to be much lighter in comparison to competitor products. 

With this type of structure and design it should be fairly simple to carry on the go.  

WevEnforcer claims its focus to be on low cut hairstyles and grooming. Additionally, it is said to be very effective in grooming beards. Which is definitely a plus! 

The product is confident in maintaining a moustache as well. You can find this brush at your local Walmart stores and can likewise be bought online.  

In spite of the price WavEnforcer stands at, the design also offers a wooden finish. 

One thing to note is that, practically all the palm brushes that I discussed so far have a little gap left on the two sides of the base for better hold. 

Yet, WavEnforcer, surprisingly, doesn’t constitute this in their design. Meaning, this palm brush doesn't have any hold space for additional control. 

This may likely cause issues if you intend to use this continuously for extended periods of time.   


  • Cheap pricing 
  • Boar Bristles 
  • Wooden finishing 
  • Compact packaging 
  • Palm brush 


  • No space for grip 
  • Can be difficult to control 

What is the best hair brush for men's short hair?

If you have short hair you should go for smaller, thinner hair brushes with a flat surface.
These help gather the short strands of your head easily in the bristles, unlike large paddle brushes that might miss them.
Paddle brushes or any wider brush is more suited for fine, long hair.
So if you have short hair you should go for slimmer brushes with a slight curve at the base that can grip your strands.
If you want to stretch your short curls for a neater look, you can opt for a round brush (military brush) that will make your hair look straighter.

Men's Hair Brush FAQs


Sure, you might get that fancy hairstyle and that special pomade, but never underestimate the power of a good hair brush.

And if I take into account the virtues of regular brushing, it is evident that the hair brush has been ignored for too long.

Good thing we’ve got this list right? So now all you need to do is check your styling needs and hair texture, and find the right product for you.


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