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12 Best Festival Hair Accessories 2024

Festivals are like the perfect opportunity to adorn your hair accessories. Pairing hairstyles with hair accessories are the right way to look dope for music festivals.

Adorning your hair with the right festival hairstyle and outfit will complete your whole look.

Wearing hair accessories have become a huge part of preparing for a festival. 

Not only is it extravagant, but it is also a signature look that music festival-goers swear by. So here are some of the best festival hair accessories that you can try out.

Festival Hair Accessories

#1 - Head scarves festival hair accessories 

Headscarves are just the go-to accessory as it makes everything so simple after that. The vibe that it gives out is exactly what you need to go for a festival. Simple and chic! The best part is that it goes with any hair length. Short, long medium, literally anything. There are so many kinds of scarves out there and you need to know which one will sit well with your outfit. 

This is a scarf as well as a shawl. The best part of choosing a shawl over a head scarf is that you can wear it in any way. It does not fail to bring out the festival vibe. And ofcourse there is the benefit of wearing it as a shawl around the neck too. 

Here are some more ideas that you can try out. 


Make sure your headband goes with your outfit in terms of design, size and colour. You don’t want it to look out of place. 

Also, wearing shades with headbands is an up and coming trend that looks super cool. 

#2 - Hair charm set festival hair accessories 

Hair charms are probably the only hair accessory you can go crazy with. It goes with braids, ponytails and even loose hair.

This amazing charm set from Amazon is gold and does justice to whatever you decide to wear. In fact we think it will boost your look even more with its grand aesthetic. 

All you need to know is whether or not these accessories sit well with your outfit and your hairstyle. Try hair wigs to amp up your hair game. 

Here are some pictures of how the outcome will look like 


Mix and match with the hair charms and don’t worry about going crazy with these on your hair if you have long hair. It will work just fine once the party has started! 

#3 - Bandana festival hair accessories 

Bandanas have always been a part of the festival culture and the audience have just abided by it. Bandanas have a very hippie impact and do justice to whoever wears it.

It looks super appropriate for a music festival as it brings out the best of vibes.

If you are wearing something casual, then this is the perfect accessory to boost it up a notch. It will just make your entire look more pleasing and 

Here are some ways you can wear a bandana

best festival hair accessories

Wearing it in between your hair is an amazing and different way of pulling off the bandana look. 

#4 - Statement headbands festival hair accessories

Statement headbands have a huge impact on festival goers as it has a benefit of comfort besides how festive it looks. This chunky headband is everything you need if you are looking for something to amp your hair game.

The sequins and the stones are in proportion and give a strong aesthetic appeal. Wearing dark eye makeup is complimenting your statement band’s dark yet appealing form. 

If you are looking for something with less sequins on it then here is one that will look more subtle. 


 Kohl your eyes when you are opting for the tribal and exotic statement bands. Also match your outfit’s shade to the same. 

This is an appropriate look and can be an amazing way to look festive and creative.   

Bold and definitive. We love this look for long hair. The best part is that it works well even if you have a bad hair day. 

#5 - Floral clips festival hair accessories 

Floral clips are something you don’t need to pay too much attention to because whatever kind they are, you know they are just going to work! You style your hair and wear it according to your mood.

Making it fun or keeping it casual is totally up to your hairstyle and your outfit. The floral clips will definitely be a lifesaver when you are prepping for your music festival. 

You can keep it minimal by wearing on two and keep it in alignment as shown in the picture above. 

You can create a structure with the existing clips and adorn your hair like you would with any other accessories. No number of clips is too much for a festival! 


As it can get difficult to keep these clips in place especially with the activity that you will be into, clip it with thicker chunks of hair so that it stays put and in place. 

#6 - Scrunchies festival hair accessories 

Scrunchies can seem like such a mediocre element to be taking to a festival. But with the right ones, you will realise that these are all actually need to rock the music festival.

Irrespective of your hair length, these scrunchies work well, except if you have hair shorter and above your neck. Take the bold step of tying your hair up or in a ponytail with these scrunchies and your fest look will be complete. 


Wearing a low bun and clutching it with a scrunchie is one way you can go about it. Choose something floral to make it look more creative and fun. 

A high bun never disappoints! Especially for a festival since it adheres to all the struggles you’re bound to go through like keeping your hair off of your shoulders. 

#7 - Chain crown festival hair accessories 

This crescent moon festival accessory is exactly what you need to flaunt your exotic features at the festival.

This celestial accessory will complete your look and make your looks up and coming with the trends that are following.

This has its own perks if you are someone with long hair as it gives a princess-y feel to it. Match these hair accessories with casual or festive clothes and it will still look really in the festival mood. 

Here are many other ways you can wear it 

#8 - Hair rings festival accessories 

Hair rings are a very popular adornment when it comes to festivals. Though it is mostly used for braids and dreadlocks, hair rings are very popular among other hair types as well.

Not only is it easy to wear, it does not require much attention.

We suggest you wear these rings on braids or attach it to chunks of hair rather than on hair let down because there are chances that the rings will fall off. 

Here are some ways you can wear it. 

#9 - Tiara festival hair accessories 

Tiaras, worn with the right outfit and hairstyle can do so much good for how you’re looking for the festival. It is something that festival goers rely on the most.

It is generic and easy to match with outfits. You don’t have to worry about hair type or hair length to match the tiara right.

The ones that we have shown you are floral and we think it is a subtle addition to the rest of your festival look. 

You should definitely consider these floral tiaras for the best look you can achieve when you are attending a festival. 

#10 - Ribbons festival hair accessories 

These gothic ribbons are a perfect blend into braids and any other creative hairstyles you decide on pulling off for the festival.

The dark theme that these ribbons have is something that can be used in the right sense when you are going for a festival.

You can fix it within your braid, around your head or as part of your ponytail. 

#11 - Hair stickers festival hair accessories

Using hair stickers on the hair can be super exciting and fun. Imagine having and maintaining the dazzle all night with the extravaganza that you will be surrounded by.

Use the glitter as much as you please and create patterns to make sure you don’t look like a mess!

The best part about using this hair sticker pack from Alex is that it is safe and won’t affect the health of your hair in any way. It is designed for kids so the safety factor is something you can rely on. Use the right product to wash it off. 

#12 - Hair foil festival hair accessories 

This might sound bizarre, but hair tats are something that is a common thing people do when they go for a festival! 

It amps the creative factor which is what going to a festival is all about. When you are using this tattoos, the whole concern about how to take it off is valid.

We suggest you wash your hair with warm water and use a hair scrub to take the glue out of your hair. Using hair tattoos often can cause damage to the hair. 


Use a hair spray to let the foil stick on to the hair so that it lasts longer. 

Accessorize your hair to make the best of your festival outing.

Not only will it boost your hair game, you also get a temporary identity with how creative you get for that night. We hope you find the right kind of hair accessories from our above list. 

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