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12 Best Detangling Brush For Curly Hair 2024

Curly hair! You need several products to maintain it. Including the best detangling brush for curly hair!

I bet you’re already trying to find your way through those knots of voluminous hair. But hold up, before we get to the solution.

Do you really need detangling brushes or is it a sham?

Detangling brushes are way more than just a normal comb. Here's the difference between a detangling brush and a normal comb.

  • For one, it is way stronger and sturdily built than regular plastic combs which help them work through thick curly hair. 

Just managing my curly long hair is hard enough and having to brush it every day becomes tedious. Its when I chose to use a detangling brush that my mornings became easier and now I swear by it.

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A normal comb tends to damage the strands when you put in the effort to drag it through the knots. But with a detangling brush, it unwinds them quite smoothly.

It helps with breakage and ensures more nourishment from the roots to the tip. Giving the strands their own space to grow, strengthens it and retains its length.

Also, you can run your fingers through them with ease whenever you'd like! 

Hair detangling brushes for curly hair that we have, are made specifically for hair that needs sporadic but desperate detangling.

Detangling brushes are known to work their way around thick wavy hair and deliver in ways normal brushes and combs have failed. It hurts less and easily detangles knots.

You know that intense pain you feel in your scalp as you drag the comb through your hair? Hold that thought while you go through what we have for you.

We have listed out why you need a detangling brush and now we have provided the answers as well. Check out the best detangling brushes for curly hair. 

Top Detangling Brushes For Curly Hair 

#1--Tangle teezer thick and curly

Best detangling brushes for curly hair

The sophisticated two-tier system on the hairbrush for curly hair makes everything simpler. It is made especially for coarse hair and knows its way around unruly knots.

It has a gentle mechanism with spread out teeth which effortlessly gets rid of tangles and frizz.

The best part is that there is no chance for breakage to occur as the bristles are designed in a way that feels good on the hair

#2--Wet Brush For Curly Hair

hair brushes for curly ,

As the name suggests this hairbrush enables easy untangling for wet hair but at the same time works well for dried hair also. It avoids tugging but instead slides its way through the strands.

Even though it's easy to remove knots while the hair is still wet, certain combs don’t adhere to this. The wet brush is designed in a way that untangles knots through that texture. 

Reviewers rated this product as trustworthy and 100% effective. 

#3--Remington electric detangling brush for curly hair

best brushes for curly hair

This electric brush has proven that it is safe and effective. It is cordless as it runs on batteries and makes the hair totally tangle-free. The brush has a soft tip that does not ruin the hair’s texture.

It includes a brush cover which makes it portable. Besides this electric detangling brush is very practical for everyday use. Since its cordless, it can be used on both dry and wet hair.

#5--Kaeircoar boar bristle detangling brush for curly hair

best detangling brushes

Having curly hair does not just mean detangling.  It also needs additional external nutrients to help grow in a lustrous and healthy way.

That is why the Kaeircoar boar bristle detangling hairbrush has oils embedded in them so that it can be evenly spread across your scalp and into your roots.

This brush has vents in it. So you can use it with hair dryers to aid drying process.

This has the two in one function which curly hair really requires. People with curly and long hair can make owning this a priority. 

#6--Macadamia Natural Oil hair Brush for curly hair

top detangling brushes for curly hair

If your hair has had to go through processing and external factors, this one’s perfect for you. It ensures repairing damage and retaining the original texture of hair. 

It has oil embedded in the hairbrush which allows your hair to be strengthened with these nutrients as well as be detangled.

Reviews state that hairbrush has improved the volume and maintained the texture, crediting the presence of natural oils in the brush. 

#7--Crave detangling hairbrush for curly hair

top brushes for detangling hair

The main motive of this hairbrush is to reduce pain while dealing with unruly knots. This is very important as causing pain or injury while brushing can impact the well-being of your hair.

The bristles of this detangling hairbrush are cone-shaped and part of the hair sideways so as to reduce ripping.

Users of this product swear by its effectiveness and assure its functionality. 

#8--SH&SH Detangling rainbow brush for curly hair

top brushes for curly hair

You know that incredibly fun looking hairbrush that you wish you had? This is that, with the perks of an actually working detangling hairbrush.

The bristles are placed apart and are bright colored which makes it a fun process.

It also has a mirror on the back of the brush which makes it the perfect travel companion.

#9 - Revlon Detangling brush for curly hair 

detangling brushes for curls

Revlon has produced some of the best airbrushes but we have to say that these detangling brushes are noteworthy! 

They are sturdily built and can work their ways through some wild knots. It is important to choose a hairbrush based on strength and sturdiness since you have curly hair.

Another factor is that this Revlon brush does not unleash frizz but keeps the curls intact. This is something that we usually have to go through to keep the curls shiny and bouncy. 

#10 - Bestool boar bristle detangling brush for curly hair 

best detangling brushes

Boar bristle hair brushes are the perfect detangling tool for curly hair. This one from Bestool is made of bamboo which ensures that the hairbrush stays for long.

While detangling it also massages the scalp, enhancing the blood flow in the scalp. This serves as a comfort to many who have tension on their scalp.

This is totally worth the money you spend as it serves many purposes. 

#11 - ArtNaturals detangling brush for curly hair 

curly hair detangling brush

This product consists of two sets of hair brushes. ArtNaturals has some of the best and good quality hair brushes that are totally worth the price that you have to pay for it.

Invest in one of these detangling brushes and keep your curly, bouncy hair intact and flowy like it should be. The build of the brush is very practical for people with thick and curly hair.

It does not go harsh on the scalp and is very gentle making it perfect for children as well. 

Denman Classic Styling Brush 5 Row

best detangling brush for 4c hair

This is one of the best detangling brush for curly hair as it suits every curl pattern. And it helps increase your curl definition too.

You can use the brush as is for looser curls. But if you have more tightly-coiled, 4c hair, you can remove a set of teeth to make it easier to use.

The nylon pin bristles do not cause friction on your scalp or increase static, leading to frizz.

We like how the slim, ergonomically-constructed body is easy to grip and use.

This Denman detangling brush is pretty lightweight too. So you can carry it around if you wanted.

How to detangle curly hair?

Although it is established that curly hair should be detangled and that it contributes to the health of your hair, it is not a done deal, yet. There are ways that you can achieve free, glossy, and super soft hair. Here are a few that you can incorporate into your routine. 

  • Brush your hair every night before your head hits the pillow. The nights can be daunting for your hair with your tossing and turning which in turn messes up the plight of your hair, leaving it tangled. Braiding your hair or tieing it up would help. 
  • Be gentle with your hair while brushing. To make it easier, separate your hair into sects and brush them. It can feel less painful and is easier to handle. 
  • Loosen the knots with your fingers first. This way you have the grip of your hair and can maneuver with a lot more attention, 
  • Brush your hair after a shower. It is the easiest to detangle when the hair is wet and will remain that way as it dries as well. 

A detangling brush for curly hair is a must-have. You need the brush to groom your hair and it saves you the burden of detangling. As simple as that! 

Why do you need a detangling brush? 

Allow us to take you through the need for a detangling brush. 

For Growth

The detangling brushes separate knots and allow the strands to grow from your roots avoiding clumpy hair. Hair when stuck together breaks off easily and grows with split ends. Using a brush can tame your hair to grow and settle.

Prevents breakage

When your hair starts to break off, you lose volume and texture at the same time. Once this happens, it will be harder for you to fix the damage.

To avoid breakage you also need to handle your hair gently and not stroke the brush hard against the strands. 


Finally the most obvious function! 

Detangling your hair is healthy and required. Tangled hair accumulates pollutants and dirt which further damages the condition of the hair, disrupting the growth. 

A detangling brush for curly hair is a must-have. You need the brush to groom your hair and it saves you the burden of detangling. As simple as that! 

Can I use a detangling brush on wet curly hair?

A lot of you people get confused over this. While it is generally advised that you refrain from either brushing or combing your hair when it is wet, detangling curly hair is a whole other game.

Wet hair is more fragile. So when your run a brush or comb through it, there are more chances of it getting damaged. This damage can lead to frizz, open cuticles, and even breakage.

But if your curly hair dries before it detangles, you might find it impossible to tame. The damage to it will be more if you try to sort out your dry, tangled mess.

So it's suggested that curly haired folks use a detangling brush on wet hair as this is a more sensible option. At this stage, you can even add a little conditioner or hair oil to your strands to make the job easier.


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