5 Best Dandruff Combs 2024 | For Flake-Free Scalp & Hair

5 Best Dandruff Combs 2024 | For Flake-Free Scalp & Hair

Here are the best dandruff combs to help keep your scalp healthy and flake-free. Also find tips recommended by a experienced dermatologist.

Dandruff is a common scalp condition that can cause flakes to form on the hair and scalp. While it is not harmful, dandruff can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. 

There are many different over-the-counter and prescription treatments available for dandruff, but one simple way to help reduce flakes is to use a dandruff comb.

Dandruff combs have fine teeth that can help to remove flakes from the scalp and hair. They can also help to stimulate blood circulation to the scalp, which can promote hair growth.

In this article, Dr. Swati M., a dermatologist with over 10 years of experience, shares her top recommendations for the best dandruff combs and tips on how to use them.



Best Combs for Dandruff  Product’s Material  Suitable For
Scalpmaster Shampoo Brush Plastic Thin and Short Hair 
Marvy Shampoo & Invigorator Brush Rubber  All Types of Hair
Mount Plus Scalp Massager Dandruff Brush  Semi Plastic All Types of Hair
Zyllion Scalp Massager Dandruff Brush  Soft Silicone Mainly for Thick Hair
Aroveea Scalp and Dandruff Cleaning Brush  Plastic All Types of Hair


The Zyllion Scalp Massager Dandruff Brush is the best dandruff comb, according to dermatologist Dr. Swati M., a dermatologist. It has a unique design with two types of bristles: soft silicone pointed bristles and flat bristles. This combination of bristles is effective at removing dandruff flakes, exfoliating the scalp, and stimulating blood circulation. The Zyllion Scalp Massager Dandruff Brush is also gentle on the hair and scalp, making it ideal for people with sensitive skin. It is also easy to use and clean.

Top Dandruff Combs

Scalpmaster Shampoo Brush

Scalpmaster Shampoo Brush clears the dead skin cells on your head gently. 

In fact, you wouldn’t believe that something of this less money value can be the solution to your dandruff issues.  

Personally speaking, you can get rid of all those harsh, chemical-based, and strong smelling shampoos with just this one comb. 

dandruff comb for humans

I tried using this comb with a super light tea tree oil shampoo, and this brush has done wonders to my scalp. 


  • It will last quite longer as it's sturdy
  • It is gentle on the scalp as the bristles are soft
  • It is easy to use as it comes with a finger hole attached to it
  • It has a manual power source, so you need not worry about batteries


  • The comb is not for thick hair 
  • It can cause tangles if you have long hair

My Ratings- 

  • Cleansing power- 4.5/5
  • Ease of Use- 5/5
  • Softness of Bristles- 4/5

Marvy Shampoo & Invigorator Brush

anti dandruff codi comb

Marvy Shampoo & Invigorator Brush is a super simple dandruff comb that simply works. Adding to that, it works for every type of hair, from thin to thick and from straight to textured. 

This comb, I would say honestly, is something that you would love to retire to when having an itchy scalp. 

The wide distance between each of its rubber nodules works magic; it stimulates the scalp and hair, and also its design helps accumulate less dirt and dust than the other similar products. 

This brush from Marvy feels super comfortable on my scalp and goes gentle on them too. Adding to that, it is quite durable and does its work effectively. It also helped in detangling my hair a bit. 

It really did help keep my scalp healthy and hair strong by reducing dandruff and flakiness to a minimum. 


  • Stimulates the scalp and helps in getting them healthier 
  • It is super comfortable to use due to the handle
  • It is easy to get hold of and massage thoroughly 
  • It is a rather durable comb for dandruff 


  • I found this comb slightly expensive
  • A few other consumers said that it really didn’t make a great difference in their flakes

My Ratings- 

  • Cleansing Power- 4/5
  • Ease of Use- 4.5/5
  • Softness of Bristles- 4.5/5

Mount Plus Scalp Massager Dandruff Brush 

dandruff comb near me

Coming next onto my list is the Mount Plus Scalp Massager Dandruff brush comb. As the name suggests, it is mainly made with the intention to deal with scalp and dandruff. 

When I first used it, the shape or design of this comb helped me a lot in cleansing, but I would ask you to remember that going gentle is the key. 

fine tooth comb for dandruff

It clears the scalp smoothly and helps in spreading the oils, shampoo, and conditioner evenly on the scalp. Also, as I have fine and thin hair, it worked perfectly for me, but a few of my friends with thick density said that it really didn’t work that effectively on their scalps. 

Its super soft semi-plastic bristles help a lot in dealing with itchy scalp, and it can also be used on your toddlers or pets if you have any, unlike me. 


  • It helps in better exfoliation due to the bristles
  • It aids in getting rid of fine flakes as well 
  • It also helps in blending the products evenly on your scalp 
  • The design of the comb makes it easier to hold and use 


  • It doesn’t really work for thicker hair, as it claims 
  • I found it slightly expensive 

My Ratings

  • Cleansing Power- 4/5
  • Ease of Use- ⅘
  • Softness of Bristles- 4.5/5

Zyllion Scalp Massager Dandruff Brush 

how to use a dandruff comb

Zyllion Scalp Massager Dandruff Brush is yet another amazing comb for helping you with scalp issues like dandruff. It has helped me in deep cleaning my scalp, and now there are little to no flakes that I am left to deal with. 

It comes with bristles that are of two types and help a lot in proper exfoliation and stimulation.

But one thing I would want to suggest is that you would need to figure out the right way to use the comb because if you do not, it is going to tangle your hair a bit. At least, this is what happened to me when I used it for the very first time.  

electric dandruff comb

Another feature that adds to the comb, and I liked it was its hand-contoured design. It really helps with the grip and hence also with a proper and fuller circular motion. 


  • The bristles help in deep cleansing the scalp
  • It has is easy to grip and use due to the contour design


  • It isn’t that effective for thick hair 
  • Some people found the bristles a bit tough on their scalp

My Ratings-

  • Cleansing power- 4.5/5
  • Ease of Use- 3/5
  • Softness of Bristles- 3/5

Aroveea Scalp and Dandruff Cleaning Brush 

dandruff remover tool

When I had first tried Aroveea Scalp and Dandruff Cleaning Brush, I really wasn’t sure if it would work that effectively, but it turns out I was wrong. 

While using this comb for cleaning your scalp of dandruff, you are going to see visible results in just a week. 

The comb comes with a finger holder and is made up of PE material, so all you need to do is not go harsh on your scalp. 

It also helps in stimulating the scalp and eventually making your hair look shinier and healthier. Adding to this, you can use it in any age group.  

dandruff comb amazon

Also, if you have short hair like mine, you can go for circular motions, but if you have long and thick hair, you could go in a zig-zag motion, and it will clean your scalp without tangling your hair or causing breakage. 

This comb will really help you clean your flakes and get rid of dandruff as recommended by this Cosmopolitan magazine article.


  • It helps in cleansing the scalp thoroughly 
  • It is easy to hold and move through the scalp
  • It is super light and can be used for any age 
  • You can use this anti-dandruff comb on both wet and dry scalp


  • Not durable enough as the material feels flimsy
  • The bristles are a bit sturdy 

My Ratings-

  • Cleansing power- 4/5
  • Ease of Use- 3.5/5
  • Softness of Bristles- 5/5

How to choose the best dandruff combs?

To choose the best dandruff comb, consider the following factors:

  • Teeth: Dandruff combs should have fine, narrow teeth that can easily penetrate the hair and scalp to remove flakes. Avoid combs with wide teeth, as these will not be as effective at removing dandruff.
  • Material: Dandruff combs are typically made of plastic, metal, or wood. Plastic combs are lightweight and inexpensive, but they can be easily damaged. Metal combs are more durable, but they can also be harsh on the hair and scalp. Wood combs are a good middle ground, as they are both gentle on the hair and scalp and durable.
  • Handle: Choose a dandruff comb with a comfortable handle that is easy to grip. This will help you to avoid putting too much pressure on your scalp when combing your hair.

How to use a dandruff comb?

To use a dandruff comb, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the right comb. Dandruff combs have fine teeth that are designed to remove dandruff flakes from the scalp and hair. Avoid combs with wide teeth, as these will not be as effective.
  2. Start with clean, dry hair. Shampoo and condition your hair as usual, then towel dry it until it is damp but not wet.
  3. Section your hair. Part your hair into sections so that you can easily reach all areas of your scalp.
  4. Begin combing. Start at the scalp and gently comb your hair down to the ends. Use a light pressure to avoid irritating your scalp.
  5. Focus on the affected areas. Pay special attention to the areas of your scalp that are most affected by dandruff.
  6. Rinse your hair. Once you have finished combing, rinse your hair with water to remove any loose dandruff flakes.
  7. Clean your comb. Rinse your comb with soap and water after each use to prevent the buildup of bacteria and fungi.

You can use a dandruff comb daily or as needed. If you have severe dandruff, you may want to use a dandruff comb in conjunction with other dandruff treatments, such as medicated shampoos or conditioners.

Wrapping Up On The Best Dandruff Combs

Wrapping up on these best anti-dandruff combs, all I have to say is you need to try it if you are having trouble getting rid of the flakes. 

Also, I am assuming that you are now sure of getting one of these combs for yourself, but if you still aren’t sure, you can choose one of my suggestions according to your hair. 

As I said, dandruff combs are super underrated, but they help a great deal in getting rid of flakes and dandruff. 

So, give these combs a try once and see the positive results for yourself!


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