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My HONEST AXE Clean Cut Look Hair Pomade Review (It's Great!): Axe Pomade Review 2024

Planning to buy the Axe Clean Cut Classic Hair Pomade, check out this Axe pomade review first to learn if this hair styling product suits your hair.


Are you one of those men who love to style their hair and have tried multiple different types of hair styling gels, creams, and pomades and can’t seem to find the perfect one?

Well, how about trying out the pomade by the brand Axe! It is a well-renowned brand, you sure can trust and it can give you the perfect hairstyle of your choice!

So go on and read this review, as I’ve noted down everything you need to know about the ‘Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade’. 

If you’re a first time pomade user, do not worry as I’ve also got that covered, with additional information about pomades that you can read, to help you make the right choice!

Axe Pomade Review 

‘Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade’ is gel-like in consistency and is water-based in nature. 

Therefore, for those who are worried about getting the pomade off your hair, this one’s definitely not a problem. All you need is a regular shampoo hair wash and you’re good to go.

Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade gives the hair a shiny look with just a pea-sized dollop of pomade. It holds hair in place for long hours with the added advantage of flexible styling.

Packaging of the Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade

Customer image

I was a bit disappointed to see the packaging of the Axe pomade when I got it. 

It came in a plastic tub as you can see above. I was expecting it to come in the classic tin-style package like it was advertised. 

Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for practicality as you can get the pomade out easily from the tub.

It’s quite similar to the tin as you have to dig your fingers in and get the product out. I feel this is a bit messy compared to gels or pomades that come in a tube. 

But it also makes it easier to control the amount of pomade you use. 

Ingredients of Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade

Water-based Pomade: This pomade is water-based, which means it spreads through your hair easily. Also, water-based pomades are great for oily hair as they don’t get too greasy.

Hydrogenated castor oil: I love castor oil pomades as the consistency is thick but it doesn’t get as greasy as products with heavy butters in them.

The oil is also very good for your hair as it’s nourishing and full of omega-3 fatty acids. 

Artificial fragrance: This Axe pomade contains perfume, which makes it smell ah-mazing! But the thing is, this fragrance additive can leave scalp dry. Also, it’s not a good thing for sensitive scalps.

Artificial colorants: This pomade contains artificial dyes. So if you have a very sensitive scalp or certain conditions like eczema or psoriasis, you should be careful of using this product.

The Pros

is axe pomade water based
  • Very easy to use for first time users.
  • Do not need to use a large quantity, just a pea-sized amount which is sufficient to style your hair.
  • Each box of Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade comes with a user set of instructions at the back.
  •   It is water-based in nature and is not harmful to the hair in the long run.
  • The water-based nature of the Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade makes it easy to wash off the hair.
  • Doesn’t contain any ingredients that are known to trigger hair fall.
  • Gives the hair a smooth and shiny look.
  • Perfect for men with short or medium hair lengths.
  • Provides flexibility of styling after application.
  • Ideal for those who wish to create more structured hairstyles.
  • Helps hold unruly and frizzy hair strands in place.
  • Has a pleasant scent.

The Cons

best axe pomade

Well, this section may seem quite empty because the Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade doesn’t get too many complaints. But there could be one disadvantage and I’ve noted it down below.

It is also not suitable for people with very thick hair types, as the pomade may not hold the hair firm.

Also, the presence of certain ingredients like coloring additives and artificial fragrances might not gel well (excuse the pun) with sensitive skin.

How to use Axe Pomade?

Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade is easy to use and the best part is it is not messy! 

Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade follows one simple principle of usage and that is “A little goes a long way”.

Well, here’s a quick step-wise instruction guide of how to use the Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade:

Step1: Scoop

All you need to do is scoop out a pea-sized amount (as much as your fingertip) using your fingertip.

Step 2: Rub

Then, rub this nicely between your palms, so that it spreads evenly.

Step 3: Apply

Apply this all over your hair and run your fingers through your hair so that the pomade rubs onto all the hair strands.

Step 4: Comb

Then, comb your hair with a thinner toothed comb preferably so that all the pomade spreads out all over the hair evenly and coats each hair strand, making it easier to style and set.

Step 5: Style

Lastly and of course the best part, the styling! Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade gives you the freedom to style your hair the way you wish to. So go ahead and give yourself your all-time favorite hairstyle or maybe even experiment with a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade dry and leave residue?

A lot of people have this question. And the answer is no, the Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade doesn’t dry up or harden too much.
It has not been known to leave any sort of residue so far. It is just used to tame unruly hair strands and frizz and make the hair easy to style.

Is the Axe pomade suitable for travel purposes?

Now this is definitely a concern for those people who like to travel a lot, especially those travelling by air.
The Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade contains only 3.2 ounces of pomade which is just around 100 ml. So it most likely shouldn’t be an issue carrying it for travel purposes.

Can we use the Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade to style beards?

The Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade is specifically formulated for styling of hair and wouldn’t be recommended for styling of facial hair.
For those who wish to style their beards, it is recommended that you buy products which are specifically formulated for styling of beards.

How do I wash off Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade?

This question is a common one to anyone who decides to use hair setting sprays, serums or pomades.
Well, if you’ve chosen the Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade, then you should have absolutely no hassles in getting it off your hair.
Like I had mentioned earlier in this article, pomades can either be oil-based or water-based in nature.
The Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade is completely water-based in nature and can wash off easily as soon as you wash your hair like you would normally do, with any regular shampoo and plain water.

Where can you buy the Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade?

The Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade has a rating of 4.7/5 Stars on and can be bought for just $12.97 for a pack of 2, with each box containing 3.2 ounces of pomade (almost a 100 ml).

Does Axe have other pomades for hair styling?

Well for those who do not wish to buy the Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade, as it is gel based pomade, here’s an alternative pomade you can choose.
The Axe Smooth Look Hair Shine Pomade is a cream-based pomade also available on
It has a rating of 4.6/5 Stars. The Axe Smooth Look Hair Shine Pomade is priced at $13.68 for a pack of two.
The features of the Axe Smooth Look Hair Shine Pomade are similar to the Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade, except it provides the user with a more shiner appearance when applied on the hair.
Kindly Note: The above-mentioned prices are as mentioned as noted on the date of writing this review and can be subject to change.


The final takeaway

So guys, if you are looking for the perfect brand to buy a pomade, it is time you give the Axe Pomade a try! 

So whether it is a slicked-back look or a hairstyle with spikes, Axe pomades got it all covered. 

It will hold your ultimate hairstyle in place and let you walk around with a confident look!

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