Why Pintura Highlights Are Perfect For Curly Hair

Why Pintura Highlights Are Perfect For Curly Hair | And Is It Better Than Balayage?

Want to know Why Pintura Highlights Are Perfect For Curly Hair, check out my article below. You can also learn how to use Pintura highlights and if they are better than balayage coloring.

If you've ever struggled to tame unruly, curly hair, you know it's a good idea to find a solution that will make dealing with your curls easier.

Pintura Highlights can be that solution. You may be asking yourself, what is the big deal with Pintura Highlights for curly hair? Why are they so perfect for taming those luscious locks? 

The answer lies in the unique and special approach to highlighting curly hair. Unlike traditional highlights, Pintura highlights work in harmony with the structure of curly hair.

This technique helps to add dimension and nuance to the curl, giving it bounce and movement that you can really appreciate. Plus, the highlights look very natural and can last for months when cared for properly.

Why Pintura Highlights Are Perfect For Curly Hair

Why Pintura Highlights Are Perfect For Curly Hair

If you’re the proud owner of curly hair, you already know that it can be tricky to maintain, especially when it comes to coloring. 

Pintura highlights are an amazing option for adding some spice to your curls and making them stand out. Here’s why Pintura highlights just might be the perfect solution for your curly hair needs. 

To begin with, Pintura highlights are designed to work with your natural curl pattern rather than fighting against it. 

Rather than all-over color, they use a specialized, tailored application process to paint on color in a way that makes curly hair look naturally dimensional. This ensures that your highlights look effortless and intentional, never stiff or over-processed. 

Additionally, Pintura highlights are fade-resistant and last a long time when applied properly. For curly hair this is especially important, as colored products can be heavy or creamy and can weigh down your curls or take away from their bounce. 

Pintura highlights stay vibrant and don’t need to be touched up as frequently as traditional highlights, meaning you’ll have enviable voluminous locks for longer. 

Finally, Pintura highlights offer more flexibility and limitless customization options when compared to traditional highlighting techniques. 

Curly hair can be tricky to work with, and Pintura highlights let you focus the color more precisely and strategically, crafting a look that works with your unique curl pattern and hair type. With this technique, you can get the exact look you want and revel in your beautiful curls. 

Overall, Pintura highlights are a great option for adding some variety to your curly hairstyle without compromising vibrancy or texture. So if you’re looking to spice up your hair and make it look brighter, bolder, and even more fabulous, think Pintura highlights.


What Are Pintura Highlights

Pintura highlights are the ideal way to give your curls an extra lift. Whether you want to lighten up your natural shade or try something a bit more daring, Pintura allows you to create the exact look you desire. 

In short, Pintura highlights are your go-to service for adding dimension and volume to curly hair.

The process of Pintura highlights begins with the stylist painting thin sections of the hair in a strategic manner. The technician employs a special detailing brush to softly paint the strands with rich and vibrant hue that appears softer than traditional foil highlights. 

This unique technique allows the color to blend perfectly into each curl. And because the method is precise and controlled, the results are exquisite – bright, yet subtle tones that shimmer with every movement.

On top of that, Pintura highlights provide you with loads of versatility. Regardless of what type of curl pattern you have, specific blend of tones can be used to best suit your individual style. 

So whether you're looking for a lighter effect or a bolder look, you’re guaranteed to get exactly what you ask for. 

Pintura highlights are not only the perfect way to make your curls look amazing, they’re also gentle on the hair. 

The low percentage of peroxide used eliminates the risk of damage and helps keep your hair strong and healthy. So pamper your curls and look fabulous with Pintura highlights!

How To Do Pintura Highlights On Curly Hair

Pintura highlights are the perfect way to bring out the vibrancy of your curls! The technique involves delicately painting each individual curl, one by one. 

This allows for both a natural, sun-kissed look and a more dramatic, highlighted look. To achieve natural looking highlights, use a highlighting comb and a volumizer to create volume in each curl. 

Use the comb to part off sections of the hair and apply the highlighting product, starting with the top of the hair and working your way down. 


To achieve a more dramatic look, add a few extra strands of highlights. To create this look, use a crimper to give your highlights a subtle texture. Start by combing your hair away from its natural curl pattern and sectioning it into three-inch strands. 

Then, clamp the crimper down in a zigzag fashion from the root of the hair down to the ends. This will create a unique texture at the base of each curl that will enhance the lighter tones of your highlights. 

Finally, be sure to use a leave-in conditioner and a nourishing styling oil to nourish your curls and maintain the vibrancy of your highlights. 

This will help your highlights to last longer and your curls to look defined and healthy. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Pintura Highlights Compared To Regular Highlights

Pintura highlights are an ideal highlighting solution for those with curly hair! Not only do they produce stunning results, but they also offer many benefits when compared to traditional highlights. 

First and foremost, Pintura highlights offer a gentle and non-stripping option for curly hair. 

Unlike traditional highlights which can cause excessive damage to sensitive strands, Pintura highlights are designed to apply minimal heat and are formulated to protect against breakage and fading.

Another great advantage of Pintura highlights is the customisable colour options they offer. 

Due to the hand painting technique that is applied to the hair, each curl can be painted with its own unique combination of shades, allowing for an array of colour possibilities. 

Pintura highlights can also be used to create a blended, ombré-style look or a more vibrant, striking finish.

Finally, Pintura highlights are perfect for those with curly hair because they are applied in the direction of the curl – rather than against it – creating natural-looking highlights. 

This means that the highlights blend well with the already existing curl pattern, making them look more natural than ever before. 

All of these benefits mean that Pintura highlights are the perfect option for those looking to add a little life and sparkle to their curly locks.

Pintura Highlights Vs Balayage: What Is The Difference


Pintura highlights and balayage are two of the most popular hair highlighting techniques for curly hair. They both involve spraying lighter shades of color on the hair to give it dimension, but there are some key differences between them. 

When it comes to Pintura highlights, the process is much more precise and intensive. The stylist applies lighter color to the hair with a special brush, which allows them to customize the look and create more definition. 

This can be great for curly hair, as the curled shape of the hair can easily be picked up by the highlighting brush. 

Meanwhile, balayage is a more free-hand technique. The stylist will use a hair color applicator tool to gently apply highlighted pieces in the hair without any specific technique. 

This can give a more natural and sun-kissed look, but is not quite as tailored as the Pintura highlight technique. 

When deciding between the two methods, it’s important to consider what kind of look you’re going for. 

Pintura highlights give a more defined result, while balayage is better for a natural, more subtle effect on your hair. The choice depends entirely on personal preference - but one thing is for sure: the pintura highlighting technique is perfect for curly hair.

Will Pintura Highlights On Straight Hair Look Good

The answer to the question at hand, will Pintura Highlights look good on straight hair? is a resounding yes! 

Many may believe that, due to its emphasis on adding depth and dimension to curly and textured hair, Pintura Highlights may look unnatural or unappealing on straight hair, but this is not the case.

In fact, Pintura Highlights can actually be used to add a little bit of fun to your straight locks without taking anything away from the natural flow of the hair. 

The technique works well on straight hair as it seeks to lighten the mid-lengths and ends but doesn't focus on the roots so lightening is done subtly and softly. 

This means that Pintura Highlights on straight hair maintain a natural and effortless effect that works to diffuse heat-styling damage and bring out the subtle warmth and sun-kissed tones of your hair.

What's more, Pintura Highlights on straight hair look voluminous and show-stopping, offering a 3D effect that is just as flattering as it is on textured hair. 

So, if you're looking to add a little bit of pizzazz to your straight hair, consider Pintura Highlights - you won't be disappointed.


In conclusion, Pintura Highlights are the perfect choice for anyone with naturally curly hair. 

They are custom blended to your hair needs and will give your hair a beautiful sheen with minimal damage. 

Anytime you color your hair, you must be sure to use the right products and Pintura Highlights are perfect for this. 

You will be left with healthy, bouncy curls and an enviable shade that will make people turn heads. 

No one should have to compromise when it comes to their hair, and with these highlights, you won't have to.

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