When Can I Wash My Hair After Keratin Treatment?

This probably is one of the most frequently asked questions by some who have just gotten or are planning to get a keratin treatment. Otherwise known as Brazilian blowout, other things you need to know about 'post keratin treatment hair care' are right here. So stay tuned and let me sum it all up for you. 

What is a keratin treatment and how is it done? 

Keratin is a strong fibrous protein that makes up 88% of our hair composition. What keratin treatment does to the hair is restoring its damaged parts with the use of keratin itself. It rebuilds the hair by adding a layer of protein, making it more relaxed, manageable, shinier and stronger. 

Keratin treatment is an arduous process, which involves different stages. Firstly, your hair will be washed thoroughly. After that, keratin (serum) is eventually applied to each strand. To set off the treatment, heat is also applied to the hair while it's straightened scrupulously. Once it looks straighter and smoother, your hair will be washed again to rinse off the treatment. Finally, it is dried and straightened. 

Many would assume that keratin treatment is a long-lived straightening application. But that's not completely true. It just helps the hair to become more manageable, easier to straighten, thus saving 50% of your time in hair beautification preparation. The treatment typically lasts for 2-3 months depending on how well your hair conforms to it. 

A keratin treatment is best availed when you don't have a busy schedule for the day. Based on the thickness and length of your hair, it takes one and a half hours to finish a Brazilian blowout on average. Well, keratin treatment is never cheap. It may cost around $220 dollars. 

So, is it worth it? Yes, of course. Who wants frizzy hair? The results of the treatment can be life-changing. However, it effaces the hair's natural properties, like lack of volume. 

When can you wash your hair after a keratin treatment? 

Your hair needs to absorb keratin thoroughly, and it takes 3 days to harden before finally bonding with your hair. Washing your hair earlier or right after a keratin treatment is undeniably a bad idea. Dents will appear and your hair will have uneven frizziness if you do so. 

A lot of beauty professionals still suggest you can wash your hair after 48 hours from keratin treatment. But most hair stylists recommend it is ideal to wait for at least 72 hours or 3 days before getting your hair wet. That's because it takes time for the keratin to permeate the hair gingerly, and water is a favorable agent to take it off. 

Nevertheless, it still depends on the product used by your beautician. For instance, some products let you wash your hair the same day after a keratin treatment is done. These new treatments have formulations that can process instantly. Also make sure to read the product's instructions and ask your hairstylist for guidance. 

How to Take Care of Hair After Keratin Treatment

We all have heard that cliche: "Beauty is pain." Your pain during the first three days is very relatable. You might feel gross, greasy and uncomfortable. Besides the frustration, you also have that hydrophobic insecurity for your hair. That's why you should know these before having your first or next keratin treatment. It will certainly save you from vain outcomes. 

Aftercare Rules for Keratin Treatment

If you don't follow these rules, we both know what's going to happen next. Therefore, I summarized here the Do's and Don'ts to help you better exploit the benefits of keratin treatment. 

  • Do not wash your hair too early or for 3 days after a keratin treatment. 
  • Do not sleep in cotton pillows. Use a satin pillowcase instead. 
  • Let oxygen into your hair and avoid moisture. 
  • Do not hide your hair under a cap. 
  • Do not braid, tangle, or style your hair in any hairdo. Leave it down for 3 days. 
  • Do not put on hair clips, ponytails, headbands and other headgears for two weeks. 
  • You should not use a wet brush to detangle in the first two weeks. 
  • Avoid heat to contact with the hair during the first two weeks. 
  • And strictly don't use blow-dryers or flat iron. 
  • You can cover your hair with a silk scarf to pull your hair back. 
  • Do not engage in workouts or strenuous physical activities to prevent sweat. 
  • Do not touch your hair often. 
  • It is prohibited to tuck your hair behind your earlobe. 
  • Blow Dry only if wet. 
  • Buy the right aftercare products before even having your keratin treatment. 
  • Always read the labels of the products. 
  • Prepare for your first wash after a keratin treatment. 

Showering after a Brazilian Keratin Treatment

It's important to remember that if you want a long-lasting effect of keratin treatment, you should wash your hair only once a week. However, you can consider washing your hair 3 times a week if it's too greasy and 2 times a week if it's too dry. Since we have different hair conditions, our frequency of using shampoo is also dependent on the dryness and greasiness of our hair. But generally, showering less often lengthens the effect of keratin treatment. 

The water must not be hot. 

It is not advised to wash your keratin-treated hair with hot water. It can induce melting of the keratin coating. Wash your hair at about 38°C temperature of water. It is favorable in order to keep your hair clean and protect your scalp from irritation. 

Apply shampoo. 

Shampoo is actually meant for the scalp, not for the hair. That's why you should apply shampoo on the roots to cleanse it. Massage the concentrated shampoo thoroughly on the scalp. Make sure the shampoo is sulfate-free before using so as to not damage the keratin layer. 

Rinse the shampoo carefully. 

You should make sure to wash off every residue of lather from your hair. Even though you need to rinse it nicely, keep in mind not to saturate your hair with water. It may force cuticles to open and eventually cause the keratin coating to break. Get it done swiftly yet surely. 

Apply conditioner. 

To moisturize your hair, apply a dime-size amount of conditioner to the hair. Massage it through the hair far from the roots down to the ends. It is not good for the scalp for it can build up unwanted wax. Keep massaging for at most one minute. And rinse until it doesn't feel too greasy. 

Wrap the hair with a microfiber towel. 

Cotton towels cause friction and static in the air. When hair is wet, rough towels can sometimes strip off the keratin coating. Microfiber towels, smoother ones, can be wrapped in your hair very gently. Do not rub but just let the towel absorb the excess water gradually. Wait and leave it for three minutes. 

Allow the hair to air dry. 

Using a blow-dryer is a big no-no since it emits heat, melting the keratin coating afterwards. Let hair air dry, anticipate patiently, and see for yourself the power of keratin treatment and the fruit of your painstaking efforts! 

Shampoo To Use After Keratin Treatment

Buy and have that sulfate-free and sodium chloride free shampoo handy. A week or days before your keratin treatment appointment, you should already purchase keratin aftercare products unless you want to go out shopping with greasy hair! 

A majority of salons may provide you a recommended set of aftercare products for your treatment. But if you are doing it at home, buy a set of products which does not compose of sulfate, salt and other harmful chemicals. 

A set may come with keratin serum, sulfate-free shampoo, keratin enriched shampoo, sulfate-free conditioner, and keratin oil. 

Likewise, powder-based dry shampoo is mostly recommended by hairstylists. Since it's not really allowed to wet your hair even with a dainty droplet in three days, dry shampoo makes your hair clean without washing. It rather sucks up all the oils and residues from the roots. 

What happens if your hair gets wet within 3 days after a keratin treatment?

What if you wash your hair too early after a keratin treatment? Is it the end of your beauty endeavor? Calm down. As long as it's pure water, there's nothing much to worry about. When you wet your hair severely, just wrap it with the microfiber towel and air dry. You'll be fine if you just remember not to rub the hair nor use a cotton towel. 

Are you someone who is greatly in love with swimming? Both swimming in pool water and sea are unfortunately harsh for the post-treatment condition of your hair. Both bodies of water do contain salty substances that can scrub the keratin off. To remedy this, try washing your hair with pure water and use a deep conditioner or serum oil. 

I would strongly discourage you from intentionally wetting your hair during that 3-day duration. You are just aiming for an epic fail hair fashion. Results are, your hair shall most likely endure damage, breakage, and frizz; becoming porous, weightless and dull. Your keratin treatment is wasted...

I guess 72 hours won't be that grievous, especially having known that after a short while your hair will be an aesthetic wonder. So be patient!

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