Reasons Your Hair Won’t Hold Curls Anymore

6 Reasons Your Hair Won’t Hold Curls Anymore: And How To Fix It

“Why won't my hair hold a curl anymore?” If this complaint sound familiar, check out these top reasons your hair won’t hold curls anymore. 

If you have straight or wavy hair and have tried to curl it using a curling iron or rod, you will notice that curls don't hold for long. And this was even after using hair gel or hairspray. So what is the reason for this?

Was your hair too fine? Too thick? Or was it actually too wavy to set into proper curls?

In this article, I will also be explaining the things that you should avoid or do to make your curls hold for a longer period of time.

Why won't my hair hold curls anymore?

Hair may struggle to hold curls due to several factors: overuse of heat styling tools leading to damage, hair that is too slippery or healthy, making it resistant to styling, or the weight of long hair pulling out curls. Additionally, using the wrong styling products or techniques can affect curl longevity. To address this, consider using a volumizing mousse or heat protectant spray, opting for a lower heat setting on curling tools, getting a trim to remove damaged ends, or trying different curling methods like rollers or braiding for texture.

Reasons Your Hair Won’t Hold Curls Anymore

why wont my hair hold a curl with a curling iron

You Are Using The Wrong Temperature Settings on Your Curling Iron

The higher your temperature the better your curls right? Right? Nope. This is a myth, sorry. 

Yes, while setting your curling iron to a higher temperature will make your curls set faster, they can also cause damage to your hair making them limp.

Using high heat causes the hair cuticles to flatten and lose a lot of its protein content, especially if you have fine hair. This is also the case if you have chemically processed hair or colored hair as these tend to be damaged already.

You should set the temperature according to your hair type and texture. If you have thick, damage-free hair then yes, higher temperatures are fine.

But if you have thin, damaged hair then it’s best to keep the temperature around 350 degree Fahrenheit if you’re going to get your curls to stay intact.

I also suggest investing in a hair curler that will keep the heat consistent and not cause much fluctuation of temperature as this will ensure your strands curl properly from roots to ends.

So a curling iron with a ceramic-tourmaline coating is your best bet in this regard. These materials ensure the even distribution of heat and prevent hot pockets from forming and damaging your hair. 

Your Hair Has A Lot of Product Buildup Weighing It Down

The thing is, even if you get the curling iron temperature right, your hair might still be too weighed down by buildup to curl properly.

I honestly recommend always washing and drying your hair prior to curling it. Clean and blow-dried hair has natural volume that you can use to your advantage and get bouncy curls.

At least consider using a dry shampoo on your tresses to remove excess grease and dirt before curling your hair.

Product buildup can also be caused by some silicone-based conditioners and serums, so be careful as to what you’re using on your hair before curling. 

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The Hairspray You Are Using Is Not Effective

Okay so you’ve washed your hair, used the right heat protectant and even got the right curler in the right temperature. 

So why don’t your curls hold for long? The truth is heat-based styling products can do only so much, especially if you naturally have straight or wavy hair. 

It’s not like chemical perming where the molecules of your hair strands alter shape permanently. Heat can only make the hair change structure for a short period of time.

That is why you need a finish product like a hairspray or mist to hold the curls in place.

Hairsprays have varying degrees of “holding power”. They can have a mild hold, a flexible-medium hold, and a strong hold.

I suggest that for curls you go for a strong hold hairspray that has a lightweight, volumizing formula. 

I personally love the John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Daily Styling Spray as it reduces the issue of frizz along with making sure your curls last longer.

You Are Brushing Or Touching Your Curls Before They Have Cooled

Your hair is malleable when it’s hot. In simpler terms, if your hair strands are still hot from the curling rod their shape can still be altered and changed.

So if you brush your curls right after curling them or run your fingers through them, chances are you will risk straightening them.

If you want to apply some sort of leave-in product or simply want to brush your hair to give a more natural look, I suggest you wait until your curls have cooled down. 

This way you won’t disturb them or ruin their texture. 

why wont my hair hold a curl anymore

Your Leave In Conditioner Is Weighing Your Curls Down

Apart from hairspray a lot of people also use gels or leave-in conditioners on their hair. Some of these products help add texture to your curls and help enhance them. 

However, you need to be careful when using leave-in conditioners as using too much or using the wrong ones can weigh curls down.

If you have fine hair, stay away from leave-in conditioners with ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, etc. as these are very heavy. 

You should also avoid products with a lot of silicones (usually in the form of dimethicone or amodimethicone) as these too tend to weigh hair down in the long run by causing buildup.

You Don’t Prep Your Hair Well

This is a very important part of hair styling that most people don’t pay much attention to. 

I’ve already mentioned how your hair needs to be freshly cleaned and blow dried for it to hold curls better. But there’s also the factor of prepping your hair before curling.

Make sure you’re a heat protectant that will shield your hair from damage and reduce the risk of curls falling apart. 

damaged hair wont hold curl

You need to also make sure that this heat protectant is not too heavy. I suggest not using an oil-based protectant if you have fine hair as it can contribute to buildup. 

One of my favorite heat protectants to use is the CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray as it’s very lightweight and contains vitamins that nourish strands in addition to protecting them.

FAQS About Why Your Hair Won’t Hold A Curl Anymore

Why won't fine hair hold curls for long?

Fine hair is more prone to damage. So when you use a heat styling tool like a curling iron to curl your tresses you might end up damaging your hair especially if you’re using high temperatures. So this in turn can reduce the volume and texture of your curls.
Also fine hair can more easily get weighed down by oil-based heat protectants, leave-in conditioners, sprays, etc. So all the buildup can make your curls look limp.

How do you make curls last longer without hairspray?

There are several things you can do to make your curls last longer. The first is to use a hair gel or leave-in conditioner that offers some amount of hold instead of using a hairspray.
But if you want to skip using a finishing product altogether, the best way to make curls last longer is to keep them protected under a silk scarf or a bonnet to prevent them from getting tousled.

What product should I put in my hair before curling?

It’s very important to use a heat protectant on your hair before curling. This product ensures that you’re not damaging your hair due to all the heat from the curling iron or rod.

Should you brush out curls after curling?

If you want a more natural look, you can definitely brush your curls after using a curling iron. However, I’d suggest using a round brush so you can define your curls section by section when you brush them.
You can also use a paddle brush, but be careful to only brush after your curls have cooled down or you might just end up straightening your hair again.

Final Thoughts on Why Your Hair Won’t Hold Curls Anymore

Now you know why despite your best efforts your curls won’t hold properly. Now, you can make the necessary changes to help keep your curly hair intact for days! 

From washing your hair to ensure it’s free of buildup to selecting the right temperature for your curling iron, there’s a lot that goes into maintaining your curls. 

I also recommend finding a good hairspray that has a strong hold and which suits your hair type and texture the best.

Using the right products is also important to making sure your curls hold.

Too little hairspray or the wrong hairspray won’t be strong enough for thicker, wavier hair textures while too much hairspray can actually weigh down your curls if you have fine hair.

So to sum it up your hair’s texture, hair styling tools and hair products you’re using are three main factors that contribute to how long your curls will last. Pay attention to them! 

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