Muji's Release New Hair Care Series "Damage Care Series"

Muji's Release New Hair Care Series "Damage Care Series"

MUJI's new hair care series "Damage Care Series" will be released at MUJI and online stores from Wednesday, December 6, 2023. (*1)

It contains a lineup of three types of shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask that you can choose according to your hair concerns. Be sure to try this hair care series, which is made with 100% naturally derived ingredients and is gentle on your hair and scalp.

“Damage Care Series” is now available from MUJI Hair Care

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The newly released hair care "Damage Care Series" is a hair care series that is gentle on the hair and scalp and is made with 100% naturally derived ingredients (*2). 

There are three types of shampoo and conditioner available, ``Moisture,'' ``Haricity,'' and ``Color Keep,'' which you can choose based on your concerns.In addition to the main bottle, the shampoo and conditioner are also available in refills and portable versions that are convenient for travel and trials.

All products contain 5 types of amino acids (*3) as moisturizing ingredients and ceramides that condition the scalp and repair the cuticle. Ceramides and 5 types of amino acids, which tend to decrease due to aging, UV rays, hair dryers, and other external factors, penetrate deep into damaged hair, making it smooth and shiny. 

In addition, the Special Care's Damage Care Hair Mask provides plenty of moisture to the tips of your hair, leaving it supple and shiny.

3 types to choose from depending on your hair concerns


Helps transform dry, dry hair caused by indoor air conditioning and heating into smooth, moisturized hair that is easy to run through. Contains 3 types of plant extracts (*4) including eucalyptus.


Guides hair that has become hard due to heat damage from curling irons to shiny, firm and manageable hair. Contains 12 types of hair conditioning ingredients (*5) including white fungus polysaccharide.

Color Keep

Cares for hair that is prone to split ends and breakage due to coloring agents, etc. with a formula that prevents fading, leading to smooth hair. Contains 5 types of hair protection ingredients (*6) including vegetable protein.

Product points

1. 100% naturally derived ingredients

All natural ingredients are used, including plant-derived ingredients such as plant extracts and essential oils, as well as surfactants.

2. Focusing on the natural moisturizing ingredients of hair and skin

Focusing on ``ceramide'', an ingredient that maintains the firmness and elasticity of hair and skin barrier function, and 5 types of amino acids that retain moisture in hair, this product is formulated as a common moisturizing ingredient in the series. .

3. Gentle on hair and scalp

In addition to conventional free ingredients, it is also free of the preservative phenoxyethanol. In addition, all products undergo patch tests (tests to determine if they cause skin irritation, itchiness, pain, or roughness) and allergy tests. (*7) 

*Not all people will have allergies

*1 Launched at approximately 300 stores nationwide. After that, we will gradually increase the number of stores that carry it and plan to roll it out at all stores

*2 Contains ingredients that are chemically reacted natural ingredients

*3 Alanine, arginine, sodium glutamate, serine, proline (moisturizing ingredients)

*4 Eucalyptus leaf extract, purslane extract , grapefruit seed extract (moisturizing ingredient)

*5 White fungus polysaccharide, rose centifolia flower extract, cornflower flower extract, lavender flower extract, rosemary leaf extract, saxifrage extract, mugwort leaf extract, bitter orange peel extract, lemon juice extract, yellowfin tuna Bark extract, Magawa root bark extract, Macomb extract (moisturizing ingredient)

*6 Hydrolyzed pea protein, (dihydroxymethylsilylpropoxy)hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed soy protein, glycosyl trehalose, glyceryl glucoside, diisostearyl malate (moisturizing ingredient)

* 7 No synthetic fragrances / No mineral oil / No colorants / No petroleum-based cleaning ingredients / Alcohol-free / Silicone-free / Paraben-free / Phenoxyethanol-free / Patch tested / Allergy tested

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