Is the mason pearson round brush worth it

Mason Pearson Round Brush Worth It? Hairstylist Reviews The Famous Boar Bristle Brush

Here is the Mason Pearson Round Brush Review. I've listed out the advantages and the disadvantages of this boar bristle brush and whether it's worth the price tag.

Is the Mason Pearson round brush worth the $240 price tag? This is a question many are asking, as the brush is an incredibly popular choice among beauty industry professionals. 

With a traditional boar bristle brush and a strong, long-lasting wood handle, this brush promises great results for healthier locks. 

It's not the cheapest brush on the market, so people are unsure if it surpasses the less expensive options like the Denman brush. In this article, I’ll explore the true value of the Mason Pearson round brush.

Is The Mason Pearson Round Brush Worth It?

The Mason Pearson Round Brush is often hailed for its exceptional quality and durability, crafted with premium materials that promise to deliver a superior styling experience. Renowned for its ability to distribute natural scalp oils through the hair, it enhances shine and overall hair health. Whether it's worth the investment depends on individual priorities and budget. For those who value long-lasting, professional-grade styling tools and are willing to pay a premium, the Mason Pearson Round Brush could be a worthwhile addition to their hair care arsenal. However, there are more affordable alternatives that may also meet the needs of everyday styling.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The Mason Pearson Round Brush is renowned for its premium quality, featuring a durable wooden handle and soft boar bristles
  2. Its advantages include superior grip and control during styling, thanks to its ergonomic design, and lightweight construction
  3. The brush's natural bristles facilitate the even distribution of scalp oils, promoting healthier, shinier hair with minimal effort.
  4. Despite its benefits, the high price tag of $240 may deter some buyers
  5. Additionally, its bulky design may not be suitable for individuals with fine or thinning hair, and its size makes it less convenient for travel.
  6. However, for those prioritizing quality and longevity in their hair care tools, the Mason Pearson Round Brush remains a worthwhile investment, outperforming competitors in terms of grip and styling capabilities, particularly for thicker hair types.

What Is The Mason Pearson Round Brush

mason pearson hair brush review

The Mason Pearson round brush is an incredibly popular boar bristle brush that has been around since 1860 and is revered among hair professionals and people with thinning hair. 

The round brush features an ergonomic wooden handle, premium boar bristle bristles, and an optional air-cushion pad that helps to gently massage and stimulate the scalp. It is quite expensive, costing up to $240, so many people are wondering if the hefty price tag is worth it.

The Mason Pearson brush is well known for its ability to create lustrous and shiny hair, while also providing gentle stimulation to the scalp. 

The bristles are designed to mimic the human scalp, distributing natural oils from the scalp to the hair shaft as you brush, giving your hair a beautiful shine that you can't get from other brushes. 

It also helps to evenly distribute hair products throughout the scalp, providing an even result with minimal effort.

In addition, the boar bristle bristles are very gentle, making it a great option for those with thinning hair or fine hair that could easily become damaged or tangled by a stiffer brush. 

This makes it a better option than the popular Denman Brush, which can be too harsh for those with thinning hair.

Overall, the Mason Pearson round brush is definitely worth the hefty price tag. It’s extremely gentle, efficient, and provides great results while offering optimal scalp stimulation. 

If you have thinning hair and are looking for a brush that gives you salon-quality results, then the Mason Pearson brush is definitely worth the investment.

Is The Mason Pearson Round Brush Worth It

is mason pearson brush good for hair

When it comes to hair styling products, the Mason Pearson round brush is one of the most talked about and highly-rated brushes out there. It's known for its luxe, wood handle and its high-quality boar bristles. It's also incredibly expensive, with some models costing up to $240. Is it worth the cost? 

Well, the first time I used this hairbrush this is what I found. Firstly, I thought the Mason Pearson round brush has a unique design that's made to fit nicely in the hand, providing an ergonomic handle and grip. This makes it easy to handle and maneuver when styling. 

Perhaps the most amazing thing about the Mason Pearson round brush is that its bristles are made of natural materials. Nylon or plastic or any other synthetic materials are bad for hair as they can be too harsh while tugging the hair. 

Plastic also builds up static electricity and leads to frizz buildup on hair. So I’d give any hairbrush with boar bristles at least a 4 out of 5 without looking at any other factor. 

I thought boar bristles are gentle on the scalp, yet tough enough to control even the thickest or coarsest hair. It works especially well on thinning hair because of the round shaped bristles, which help provide a more concentrated blow-drying effect. 

At the end of the day, the Mason Pearson round brush is worth it—especially for those who want an heirloom piece that will last a lifetime. 

While some people opt for more affordable Denman brushes, the craftsmanship and performance of the Mason Pearson brush often surpasses these. Plus, it makes a beautiful piece for your vanity. 

Now coming to the point why Mason Pearson is so controversial. It starts off at $175 and this particular Round Brush retails at $240. Yup it’s more expensive than an entire hair dryer or even a L’Oreal or Babyliss Straightening Tool. 

Is it crazy? Yes! Does this hairbrush do wonders for your hair? Well, yes!  

So if you can handle the hefty price tag, then there's no doubt that the Mason Pearson round brush is worth the investment.

mason pearson hair brush advantages

Advantages of The Mason Pearson Round Brush

Top Notch Quality 

The Mason Pearson round brush is certainly an investment, but it just might be worth it. With a $240 price tag, it certainly stands out among other brushes, boar bristle, or otherwise. However, with its top-notch quality, you'll be able to enjoy your brush for years to come. 

Ergonomic Handle and Natural Bristles 

The unique wooden handle provides a better grip and the balance between the handle and the bristles makes for an enjoyable brushing experience. Plus, the spotless soft boar bristles won't damage your hair or cause excessive breakage or thinning.

The Denman brush might be cheaper, but it doesn't come close in quality or usability to the Mason Pearson round brush. The unique construction of the brush provides superior grip and support without tugging or pulling on your hair. 

Lightweight and Easy To Use 

Since it's so lightweight, you won't have to worry about it pulling or straining your hands no matter how long you brush. Even better, the flexible handle moves along with you as you work to get the perfect style.

Helps Add Shine To Hair 

Not only that but the Mason Pearson brush can help create a beautiful luster to your hair. With its special boar bristles, the brush helps to evenly spread oils around the surface of your hair. This leads to healthy hair and helps to prevent thinning due to constant heat styling or damage.

For all of these reasons, the Mason Pearson Brush is absolutely worth the higher price tag. With proper care and maintenance, it could be a friend to you and your hair for years to come.

What I Didn’t Like About The Mason Pearson Round Brush

When it comes to discussing my experiences with the Mason Pearson Round Brush, there were a few areas where I wasn’t overly keen. 

It’s Too Pricey

Firstly, the price tag left me feeling a little uneasy – while it’s true that it costs an eye-watering $240, you could purchase a Denman brush or a budget boar bristle brush for much less, designed to do the same job. The brush also comes with a wooden handle, which adds to the overall pricing, but some may find this an unnecessary extra. 

Can Be Too Bulky For Fine Hair

I also felt that the brush's use on thinning hair was a bit of a mixed bag. While it certainly styled well when thoroughly dried, I felt like it lacked a sense of control, making thinner strands even more sparse due to its somewhat bulky form – this could be attributed to the strong bristles it employed. 

Raking it off my scalp proved more challenging than with other models, such as the Denman brush.

Finally, although aesthetically the brush is attractive with its antiquated wooden handle and bright, bouncing boar bristles, due to its size, it's a bit tricky to store. 

It’s Not Travel Friendly 

For me, slipping it away in my bathroom drawer was an uncomfortable fit, and it was hard to access when I needed it. 

On the whole, I found the Mason Pearson Round Brush delivered on some fronts and didn’t do so well on others. If the price tag wasn't so hefty and its storage capacity improved, this brush might have left me feeling more satisfied.

Summary on the Mason Pearson Round Brush

Overall, the Mason Pearson Round Brush is without a doubt worth its cost of $240. It's superior boar bristle brush and wood handle provide all the essential hair brushing needs. 

In terms of a comparison, the Denman brush does not come close in comparison to the capabilities of the Mason Pearson's brush.

Also with thicker hair, which can often be difficult to handle, the thick boar bristle brush is the perfect choice for a smooth brush-through no matter how thick the hair is. 

And for those with thinning hair, not only is the brush gentle on your scalp and roots, it won’t pull individual hair strands out. 

So, if you're looking for a top-notch brush to add to your grooming arsenal, the Mason Pearson Round Brush should definitely be your go-to option.

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