Is a Wet to Dry Straightener Bad for Your Hair?

Is a Wet to Dry Straightener Bad for Your Hair?

Flat irons are women’s best friend. They help us achieve flat and manageable hair all the time. But have you ever thought about the consequences of using heat for your hair frequently? Because at some point, I did. And it’s a big question whether a wet to dry straightener is either bad or good for our hair.

The thing is, a wet to dry straightener is safe to use and is actually meant to straighten your hair whether it’s slightly damp, or completely dry. These are innovative solutions to help styling become more convenient than ever. Imagine not having to blow dry your hair first before ironing it.

Benefits of wet to dry hair straighteners

These kinds of hair straighteners aren’t the typical flat irons you usually use. A wet to dry hair straightener is made to lessen the damage and harm that heat can cause to your hair especially if you use it frequently. If you’re planning to get a new straightener, then this should definitely be one of your top choices so you can ensure your hair will remain safe and healthy all the time.

Here are some reasons to convince you why wet to dry hair straighteners are the best.

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Reduce the risk of frizz

Frizz is one of the most common damage styling can cause to your hair. When you frequently blow dry your hair and iron it after, your hair gets dry and frizzy. It turns into a wire-like texture that’s even harder to style overtime. This is probably one of the nightmares most ladies want to avoid.

Using a wet to dry hair straightener, you lessen the use of too much heat brought by blow dryers. Also, it gives your hair extra protection a regular flat iron doesn’t offer. If a flat iron damages your damp hair, a wet to dry hair straightener won’t.

Long lasting effect

A good wet to dry hair straightener ensures your hair will remain manageable and well-styled for a longer period of time. Use it once and you can expect a long lasting effect that’s good for the entire day.

This type of straightener also keeps your hair away from freezing because it doesn’t trap excess moisture. In fact, it makes everything well-balanced for healthy hair. This is why most people shift to wet to dry straighteners.

Saves time

Blow drying your hair takes too much time. And it’s such a hassle to blow dry your hair every single day before ironing it. With a wet and dry straightener, you trim off these long styling hours because you no longer need to use two pieces of equipment for your hair. Consider this as a two in one product.

You can never go wrong with wet to dry hair straighteners if it’s your goal to save time everyday. No need to always be in a hurry! We know how valuable it is to have a beautiful and presentable crowning glory as you conquer the world, lady.

Prevents hair damage overtime

With a wet and dry straightener, your hair is protected from potential damage too much styling can cause your hair overtime. It saves you from excessive heat caused by multiple styling methods. Also, it doesn’t hold excess moisture in your hair so it won’t get frizzy even if you frequently do styling.

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Disadvantage of using wet to dry straighteners

This is a primary disadvantage most women are aware about. Wet hair is too fragile and could break easily with high temperatures regardless of the type of straightener you’re using. Second, when your hair is wet, it uses water to get its required moisture especially if it’s not properly moisturized in the first place.

A wet to dry straightener dries up your hair faster, causing the water to evaporate so your hair loses all the moisture it needs. Also, as water turns to gas, it expands. This will cause the water in your cortex to burst out and make your hair frizzy overtime.

And lastly, people tend to use this on a regular basis because of the benefits and convenience it gives. Frequent usage will result in severe damage the more you use it in the long run.

How do wet to dry hair straighteners work?

What different flat iron manufacturers promise you is to make your hair straight in the most convenient way possible. But in this case, wet to dry hair straighteners promise you to achieve that flat straight hair without the need of using a blow dryer because you can flat iron your hair while it’s still damp wet.

Wet to dry hair straighteners have a unique venting system that dries up your hair and converts the water collected into steam. The steam then is extracted through the holes in its plates. But it doesn’t change the fact that frequent use of flat irons can cause damage and frizz to your hair overtime.

Point is, whatever type of hair straightener you use, you’ll end up with damaged hair if you don’t control your usage. Of course, straight hair is everyone’s dream, but if you use a flat iron on a regular basis, you’ll spend years getting rid of the frizz and make your hair healthy again. It’s just a matter of weighing down the pros and cons of using this product.

Difference between a blow dryer and a wet to dry straightener

It’s already given that heat causes damage to your hair. But compared to a straightener, a blow dryer doesn’t apply direct heat to your hair. This is why you use it at a safe distance. A flat iron on the other hand directly lands on your hair and heats it up, causing damage when used frequently for a long period of time.

The high temperatures brought by a flat iron scorches your hair which can result in breakage, coarse hair, and produce more frizz in the long run. But of course, you won’t notice the damage it can bring until you use it more frequently. Long term usage brings drastic changes to your hair.

How to properly use wet to dry hair straighteners

If you think you can use this hair straightener right after you take a shower, you’re definitely wrong. You can only use wet to dry hair straighteners for towel dry and untangled hair so consider wiping it first and combing it before proceeding with the styling process.

If you use this flat iron with very wet hair, the flat iron will produce so much steam and will cause your hair to get burned, especially if it’s your first time to use it and you’re not aware of the consequences yet.

Ideally, you can towel dry your hair until it’s damp enough before ironing it for best results. Don’t know where to start? Here’s a complete guide to help you using this hair straightener.

  1. Drain excess water by wrapping your hair with a towel for a couple of minutes.
  2. Detangle your hair using a wide-toothed comb.
  3. You can use a heat protectant to prevent damage to your hair.
  4. You can’t get the straightener too close to the roots, so you might want to blow it dry first before straightening your hair. Leave your hair damp.
  5. Make sure that the straightener is set to wet mode. Apply the right temperature setting tailored to your hair type.
  6. Start styling the lower portion of your hair then gradually move upwards.
  7. Point the vent holes away from your head and hair while styling to prevent possible burns especially if it’s your first time using it.

Some wet to dry hair straighteners come with comb teeth to make it easier for you to detangle your hair while straightening it. This will also give you better control than a traditional flat iron since it’s easier for you to grab and straighten your hair section by section.

Choosing the best wet to dry straightener for your hair

There are so many wet to dry hair straighteners you can find in the market. But not all of them might be applicable for your hair. Before getting one, you should try researching first and read some forums to get a good idea of what brand you should go for.

To make it easier for you to narrow down your choices, you might want to try this BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron. This flat iron is very lightweight and slim so it’s convenient to use. Also, the plates have nanotechnology and are made with titanium so you can achieve a very sleek and shiny appearance for your hair after every use.

Is a Wet Hair Straightener Bad for the Hair?

If you prefer a flat iron that perfectly suits all hair types and lengths, then this InStyler Wet to Dry Rotating Iron is the perfect one for you. It comes with a titanium barrel with ceramic coated plates so you can ensure it heats very well and safely.

It also gives your hair a shiny and volumized finish to make it look more alive. And the most interesting part is that it has tons of heat settings you can choose from.

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Different flat iron comes with different features. Consider what your hair needs first before settling on one brand. Checking what’s best recommended online is a great idea so you can pick the perfect one for you.

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