How To Use Malibu Crystal Gel Treatments|

How To Use Malibu Crystal Gel Treatments | Benefits, Ingredients, At-Home Use

Learn how to use Malibu Crystal gel treatments at home and does Malibu Crystals remove color and hard water stains. Also check out if it’s suitable for blonde hair.

Detoxes are essential for our well-being. A body detox can really help in removing the toxins from your body and bringing it back to health. 

But these are usually generic in nature and often focus on your gut health. 

A lot of people resort to detoxing masks for the skin to remove any impurities. But have you ever thought of giving a wellness treatment for your hair? 

Our hair needs as much care as the rest of our body parts. In fact, it needs more attention when we subject it to a lot of damages caused by heat and other chemicals. 

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Sometimes a clarifying shampoo is not enough to detox your hair. Especially when you use hard water to cleanse your hair. 

Hard water can be a real issue for your hair and scalp because they leave some stubborn deposits which are not easy to remove with a clarifying shampoo.

This is where the Malibu Crystal treatments come into play. 

The Malibu Crystal gel treatment is the latest technology in hair care and it is sure to become your favorite hair care product.

How to Use the Malibu Crystal Gel Treatments

If you are a beginner, I would recommend you go to an experienced hairdresser for your Malibu Crystal Treatment. 

But you can also do it at home if you are on a budget or don't have to visit the salon. 

Let us take a look at the step-by-step process you should follow to do a successful Malibu Gel Treatment at home. 

How to Use the Malibu Crystal Gel Treatments

Step 1- Soak your hair in water

The first step is to rinse your hair. You have to make sure that every part of your hair is soaking in water. 

Step 2- Clarifying the hair

Once your hair is fully drenched in water, use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of build-ups or residues from your hair. 

Make sure that you rinse your hair well to completely get rid of the clarifying shampoo. 

Step 3 - Prepare the treatment 

This is where you have to be careful. Pour the crystals into a shaker and add about four ounces of water. Shake until the mixture turns into a gel consistency. 

Step 4 - Section your hair

In order to make sure that it reaches every nook and corner of your hair, it is important to section your hair. This also makes it easier for you to apply it.

Step 5 - Cover with a plastic cap

Once you have made sure that your hair is fully coated with the treatment, you have to massage it into your scalp. 

This product is completely safe to come in contact with your skin. Once you are done massaging, cover your hair with a shower cap.

Step 6 - Apply heat

You have to expose your head to heat sources like a hairdryer, heating pad, or a hot towel. This will make sure that the cuticles open up and the product gets absorbed well into your hair and scalp. 

The duration for this can range anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes. It depends on the intensity of build-ups and damage to your hair. 

Step 7 - Rinse your hair

Use a clarifying shampoo to completely get rid of the treatment from your hair and follow up with a conditioner.

What Does a Malibu Gel Crystal Do for Your Hair?

A Malibu Crystal Hair treatment is the only treatment you need to completely cleanse and detox your hair and scalp. 

If you have been using any kind of external medications on your hair and scalp, you will likely have some amount of stubborn buildup. 

If you use hard water to rinse your hair, it is very important to take care of your scalp health and make sure that you get rid of the mineral deposits. 

These not only disturb the scalp ph but can also make it difficult to apply chemical treatments to your hair. 

You will not get great results when you are trying to color your hair and you might end up with inconsistent or fading colors. 

The Malibu Crystal hair treatment can help you in solving these issues and it is pretty easy to use. 

This treatment helps in preparing your hair for any such chemical treatments by thoroughly cleansing your hair and scalp. 

They also help in extending the longevity of your chemical treatments. 

Why should you get a Malibu Crystal Gel Treatment?

The Malibu Crystal Gel treatment has so many benefits that will help you have healthy hair and scalp. 

Let us take an in-depth look into some of the main benefits this treatment provides. 


This is the main benefit of the malibu hair treatment. Your regular clarifying shampoo will not be enough to get rid of stubborn mineral deposits. 

When you use hard water to wash your hair, it can lead to mineral buildups. So a Malibu Crystal Gel Treatment is a great way to get rid of this. 

You can use it once a week to demineralize your hair and make sure that it is squeaky clean. 

Color Prep Before Hair Dyeing

malibu crystal gel on blonde hair

When you decide to get any sort of chemical hair treatment, it is important to have a clean scalp. 

So it is recommended to use a Malibu Crystal Gel Treatment before getting any chemical treatment done. Otherwise, you could end up with botched up and uneven shades on your hair. 

You can also use this treatment on colored hair to correct mistakes in your hair color or to get rid of brassy tones. 


A lot of people don't realize the importance of exfoliating your scalp. Your scalp is exactly like the skin on the rest of the body that sheds dead cells regularly. 

This could be a major cause of buildups if you don't take care of it. So it is important to regularly exfoliate your scalp. 

Of course, there are a lot of scalp exfoliators available in the market but if you are more into chemical exfoliation than physical exfoliation, the Malibu Crystal Health and Wellness Scalp Treatment is a great product to help you with it. 

Maintaining Curls

what does malibu crystal gel do

This treatment can help in defining and softening your curls.

People with curly hair tend to use a lot of products to maintain their curly texture.

So it is even more important to use these products to remove all the residue from those hair products. 

What Does The Malibu Crystal Gel Treatment Contain?

The first step in selecting the right hair products is by understanding what goes in the formula. 

A lot of hair products and treatments may contain harsh chemicals like sodium chloride, parabens, preservatives, fragrances, or gluten. 

But this treatment does not include any of these substances. Rather, it contains nourishing ingredients that give these numerous benefits to your hair. 

Ascorbic Acid- Ascorbic acid is also popularly known as Vitamin C and is a highly beneficial product for your hair and scalp. 

It plays a key role in demineralizing hard water and removing the residues from your scalp. 

Vitamin C acts as a chelator to dissolve these stubborn buildups and wash them away. It also the ability to turn hard water into soft water since it is acidic in nature. 

Sodium Gluconate- Sodium Gluconate is derived from beets or corn when it is aerobically fermented. 

The process creates gluconic acid and it helps in better absorbing the products, especially the substances you use when you color or chemically treat the hair. 

It also plays a huge role in exfoliating your hair and getting rid of the mineral deposits and buildup.

Xanthan Gum- This substance is popularly used as a food additive to thicken or emulsify the product. 

It is extracted from corn syrup or glucose and helps in conditioning your hair and scalp. This is a highly nourishing ingredient that helps people with dry and thin hair. 

Disodium EDTA- Disodium Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid is an ingredient that makes sure that all the substances are absorbed well by your hair. 

So it opens up your hair cuticles to assist in this process and exfoliate your scalp.

Best Malibu Crystal Gel Treatments For Hair

Malibu C Blondes Weekly Brightener

This is the perfect crystal gel treatment for people with lighter hair colors. If you have brassy hair, you should give this one a try.

Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Remedy

This product is specifically formulated for people who use hard water to rinse their hair.

Malibu C Color Prepare

Planning to color your hair? Don't forget to use this crystal gel treatment to get a vibrant and even tone. 

Malibu C Miracle Repair

If you have thin and damaged hair, this is the best option for you. It restores the strength and shine of fragile hair strands.

Malibu C Scalp Therapy

If you have an itchy or irritated scalp, choose this product. It helps in reducing scalp inflammations, redness, itching, etc. 

There are several uses for A Malibu Crystal Gel treatment depending on the one you’re using for your hair.

You can apply it before changing your hair color to get a “fresh palette” to start off with. Or you can use it to remove mineral deposits from hair and scalp that form due to hard water use.

There are certain Malibu Crystals that also help restore the scalp's pH balance and remove brassiness from blonde hair.

How Often Can You Use Malibu Crystal Gel?

When it comes to using Malibu Crystal Gel, it’s important to understand the frequency at which it should be used.

As a powerful clarifying treatment, you might be tempted to use it every day, but that is not recommended. Overuse of this product can lead to dryness and irritation, which can worsen your hair quality.

Instead, it's recommended to use the product once every two weeks to maintain its effectiveness. However, if you have hard water or live in a location with high mineral content in the water, you could use Malibu Crystal Gel once a week to combat the damage.

Additionally, if you are using other products or chemicals in your hair, adjust the usage of Malibu Crystal Gel accordingly.

If you have just colored your hair or are using products that leave build-up, use the product more frequently to combat these effects effectively. Remember, the key to healthy hair is not overdose, but regular and judicious use of products such as Malibu Crystal Gel.

Do I Wash My Hair After A Malibu Treatment?

Yes, it is recommended to wash your hair after a Malibu treatment. The Malibu Crystal Gel is designed to remove mineral and product buildup from your hair, leaving it clean and refreshed.

However, the gel may leave a residue on your hair, so it's important to follow up with a clarifying or sulfate-free shampoo to thoroughly cleanse your locks.

After applying the Malibu Crystal Gel and leaving it on for the recommended time, rinse your hair well with warm water to remove any remaining product.

Then, follow up with a gentle shampoo and conditioner to nourish and restore your hair's natural moisture and shine.

Keep in mind that the Malibu Crystal Gel treatment is meant to be used every few weeks as a deep cleanse for your hair, and not as a regular daily shampoo.

Overuse of the product can strip your hair of its natural oils and leave it dry and brittle. Overall, using the Malibu Crystal Gel and following up with a shampoo and conditioner is the best way to achieve clean, healthy, and revitalized hair.

Is Malibu Hair Treatment Safe For 4c Natural Hair?

If you're a natural hair enthusiast, then it's essential to be wary of the products you use. One of the questions we hear often is whether Malibu hair treatment is safe for 4c natural hair.

The answer is YES! Malibu hair treatment is a natural and safe way to remove hard water minerals and impurities from any hair type, including 4c natural hair.

This treatment is excellent for restoring your hair's health and improving your overall hair color. If you're dealing with an itchy or flaky scalp, Malibu hair treatment is the perfect solution.

It works well to eliminate dandruff and other scalp irritations that disrupt hair growth. Moreover, the treatment does not contain any harsh chemicals that can dry out or damage your hair.

If you have 4c natural hair, using Malibu hair treatment will leave your curls feeling soft, moisturized, and more manageable.

This treatment will also provide the perfect foundation for other hair products, making your hair styling process much more comfortable.

In summary, Malibu hair treatment is safe for 4c natural hair, and is an excellent way to restore your hair's health and shine. Give it a try today, and watch your hair transform!

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