how to style curly frizzy hair

How To Style Curly Frizzy Hair | 7 Easy Styling Tips And Hairstyles

If you want to know how to style curly frizzy hair then here are some easy styling tips you can follow. Also check out these easy hairstyles for curly frizzy hair that will keep your tresses looking good!

Curly hair looks gorgeous no doubt but it can be very tricky to style it. And the biggest enemy of curls? Frizz!

As curly hair strands have a lot of twists and turns the natural oils from the scalp do not get distributed throughout the hair as well as they would on say straight, 1a or 1b hair textures. 

So curls (and even wavy hair textures!) are very prone to dryness. And we all know that where there's dryness, there’s frizz.

On the other hand, if you're someone who has always had very frizzy hair, I think it’s time to put the hair straightener down. You might actually have curly or wavy hair textures instead!

If you want to know how to style your frizzy curly or wavy hair, then here are some easy styling tips you can incorporate into your routine. 

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How To Style Curly Frizzy Hair 2022

To make your curls or waves appear less frizzy and more well-defined, here are some hacks you can use while styling curly frizzy hair. 

Comb Hair From Bottom To Top While Detangling

how to style curly hair in the morning

The biggest mistake most curly haired folks make is while detangling their hair. Curly hair is generally very dry, so it can get tangled very easily.

If you do not brush or comb curly hair then it’s very likely that you will damage your hair cuticles. And open hair cuticles are the number one cause of frizz. 

So I suggest going from the button to the top of your hair while detangling it. Doing so prevents the tangles on your hair from being pushed down and snowballing into a larger knot. 

And of course, do not forget to use a wooden, wide toothed comb for this purpose. Wooden detangling combs help prevent static which can also make curly hair appear poofy.

Also a wide toothed comb is more gentle on the hair shaft and doesn’t cause as much friction as the bristles of a brush do. 

Use A Conditioning Mask Before Styling Hair

how to style curly hair after shower

The biggest trick to styling curly frizzy hair is to keep it well moisturized. Curls can get dehydrated easily and look very coarse, frizzy and poofy. 

So using a hair mask before washing and styling your hair is a great way to ensure your curls look good!

Also using deep conditioning masks are important if you have chemically-processed or color-treated curly hair. This makes your curls more prone to damage and consequently frizz.

If you don’t have a store-bought hair mask at hand, a simple styling hack is to use a nourishing oil like olive oil, jojoba oil, or coconut oil as a mask instead.

You can simply coat your curls with these oils and leave it on for 30-45 minutes before shampooing and styling your hair. 

I have really coarse and curly hair and sometimes, I use a hot towel or a thermal cap to increase absorption of the oils on my hair. It works wonders!

Dry Hair Using A Diffuser To Stop Frizz

When it comes to styling curly frizzy hair, it’s all about the basics. Most people focus too much on using the right hair serum or curling iron that they forget that frizz can be reduced greatly by simply drying your hair the right way.

Heat and friction can both cause hair cuticles to open, leading to dryness and exacerbating the problem of frizz. So both vigorous towel drying and using a hair dryer is out of the question while styling curly frizzy hair.

If you want your hair to stay frizz-free and maintain its texture without getting puffy, you should first use a microfiber towel or an old t-shirt to wring the excess water out of your curls first.

Next, you can apply your products (I usually use a hydrating serum to add moisture and leave-in conditioner to lock it in) and then diffuse hair.

You can either scrunch your curls and leave it to air dry or use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer if you’re in a hurry. 

Get Regular Trims To Prevent Frizz

how to style caucasian curly hair

As I’ve mentioned before, open hair cuticles can lead to frizz. And these raised, open cuticles are a side effect of sorts of damaged hair.

So if you’ve got split ends, your hair tends to look more frizzy.

If you want to style your curls to make them look smooth and defined then I highly recommend getting a trim every 6-8 weeks. 

You don’t have to take off much, just an inch or two would suffice. But if you’re really worried about shrinkage and want to grow out your hair then ask for a “dusting” instead of a trim.

Dusting involves using thin shearing scissors to basically remove the frayed ends from your hair. And the best part is you never lose more than half an inch of your hair length. 

Apply A Curl Defining Cocktail

Of course, the easiest way to keep your curly frizzy hair well-styled is to use the right hair products. 

While most people apply a leave-in conditioner to moisturize curls before styling. I also recommend using a curl defining serum. 

But if you really want to show frizz its place, then go for cocktailing. Nope nothing involving alcohol here.

Cocktailing is the process of mixing two or three hair styling products to create a sort of super-speciality hair care mixture. 

Most stylists suggest mixing a hydrating leave-in conditioner, a curl defining serum that adds definition and gives hold to your curls and an occlusive product like coconut oil that prevents loss of moisture. 

Use The “Pineapple Trick” To Keep Curls Well Defined

easy hairstyles for curly frizzy hair
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So you’ve followed all of these tricks to keep your curly hair frizz-free. But what about the next day? Do you have to repeat all of this again? 

Oh, don’t worry. Just try the pineapple hack!

This involves gathering your curly or wavy hair into a high ponytail at the end of the day and wrapping it up in a silk bonnet or scarf. Sort of like a pineapple!

Now this will prevent curls from getting messed up in your sleep and reduce friction-related damage as well. 

Oh, and don’t forget to use a silk scrunchie for the ponytail as well. 

Easy Hairstyles For Curly Frizzy Hair

Check out some of the top haircuts for frizzy hair right here!

Short Curly Layered Bob Haircut

easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair
Source: Instagram@frankiesarahwhite

Face Framing Ringlets

how to style caucasian curly hair
Source: Instagram@rrooffiiaa

Curly Poofy Ponytail

Easy hairstyles for poofy hair
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Loose Curls With Side Part

Medium length naturally curly hairstyles
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FAQs on Styling Curly, Frizzy Hair

I often get asked several queries on how to style curly hair so it's not frizzy. So I’ve answered some of the frequently asked questions below. Check it out! 

Why does my curly hair get frizzy?

One of the main causes of frizzy hair is dryness. When the moisture inside your hair strands is less than the moisture outside in the air, the water molecules in the environment enter your hair through the open cuticles changing its shape.
And curly hair is very prone to dryness as the sebum on the scalp's natural oil doesn’t coat the hair from root to tip as it does with straight hair. So curly hair is more prone to frizz and gets poofy and unmanageable more often.

Which haircut is suitable for frizzy curly hair?

A lot of stylists recommend getting layers to deal with frizz. The layers hide flyaways from frizz and add volume to hair naturally. Layers also help curls retain their natural shape and pattern.
But be careful not to get too many short close layers as it can sit atop of the head making hair look more poofy. Medium to long hairstyles with loose layers is the most suitable haircut for frizzy curly hair.

Does cutting hair make it less frizzy?

Yes, it absolutely does! Sometimes split ends and damaged hair ends can also lead to frizz by leaving hair cuticles open. So giving your hair a little trim is always a good idea to prevent frizz. Also, getting a layered haircut can help with frizz as it adds curl definition and volume to your hair.

Is short or long hair better for frizzy hair?

Both short and long hair can be suitable for frizzy hair. It’s all in the way you cut and style it. Cutting your hair short or at least medium length will get rid of the damaged ends and instantly give you a sleeker hairstyle. On the other hand, longer hair weighs more and can keep your hair from getting too “poofy”. To sum it up, it’s not the length of the hair that matters. What’s necessary for frizzy hair is to get layers to increase curl definition and keep them moisturized.
why is my curly hair frizzy

Final Thoughts On Styling Curly Frizzy Hair

Curly hair is more prone to frizz as it’s more prone to dryness. So it’s important to keep your curls or waves moisturized to make styling easier.

This involves using deep conditioning hair masks before and leave-in conditioner after washing your hair.

Also, using the right hair drying techniques (diffusing or air drying instead of blow drying) is also imperative to keeping curly hair frizz-free.

And lastly, if you have curly frizzy hair, it becomes super important to select the right hairstyle. 

I suggest going for layers that help define your curl pattern. 

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