How to Get Deep 360 Waves for Hair.

How To Get Deep 360 Waves For Hair In 5 Easy Steps

Want to try a new look? Here’s how to get deep 360 Waves for waves. Read on to know more!

If you’ve seen the famous American rapper Nelly, then I’m sure you’ve seen him sport the 360 waves look! Looks uniquely classy, doesn’t it? 

Well, if you are someone who is on the lookout for a new hairstyle to try, then maybe you can go in for the 360 waves this time.

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But let me give you a head’s up before you decide to get them. 

As cool as these 360 waves may look, they not only require the ideal hair type and texture, they also require sufficient time and patience to attain these waves, as it is a time-consuming process.

So if you have the time and patience to try out this cool hairdo, then go ahead and read this article.

It will tell you all you need to know about 360 waves, how to get them, aftercare tips and how to get rid of them as well (if you want a change in style over time).

And guess what? You don’t need to look up another site to answer a few of your other related questions, as I have penned down some FAQs as well!

So let’s get right into it!

What are 360 waves?

How to Get Deep 360 Waves for Hair

360 waves are curls that are laid downwards over the head to form a ripple-like pattern all around the head. 

This pattern can be formed over constant and consistent brushing of hair over a period of time to attain the desired look.

How to get deep 360 waves 2023

Step 1: Get your hair ready for the waves

Trim or cut your hair preferably shorter in length (for those with straight hair type, slightly longer), in order for the waves to form.

Caution: If you have any sort of scalp conditions, psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, etc, make sure to get it cured before deciding to start the wave formation process.

Step 2: Begin to train your hair into developing waves

how to get waves with straight hair for beginners

For the waves to form well, brushing damp hair will make it easier and there are three ways you can do it.

Method 1: When you are showering and you’ve shampooed your hair, you can brush your hair there and then.

Method 2: When you have just got out of the shower and your hair is damp, you can brush your hair.

Method 3: Apply a little moisturizer on your hair to dampen your dry hair (if you decide to brush your hair when it is dry) and then brush your hair.

Step 3: The brushing

how to get 360 waves overnight

This step is very important because the direction in which you brush your hair will determine the type of wave formation you are going to get.

It is important to form a routine and permanent direction of brushing and stick to it.

Now to get the perfect 360 waves, the pattern of brushing should be in three sections, as follows:

Section 1: The top portion of your head

This section of hair requires to be brushed using forward strokes in the direction towards your forehead and eyes.

Section 2: The sides of your hair

This section of hair requires to be brushed using downward strokes in the direction of your lower jaw and chin.

Section 3: The back of your hair

This section begins at the top of your head (the crown area), towards the neck. This section will have to be brushed downwards from the crown of the head right to the hair near your neck.

how to get 360 waves
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Here’s what is most important when it comes to forming a brushing routine:

  •  It is important to note that you need to consistently follow a brushing pattern making sure you brush evenly in all sections.
  • Each brushing session should last around 15 to even 25 minutes depending on your progress. The longer you brush your hair the faster the waves will begin to appear.
  • Brush your hair at least two to three times a day, consistently, until you see the results and then you will require to continue brushing your hair in order to maintain the waves.
  • The wave formation process can take anywhere from one to one and half months, with consideration to your hair texture, length and hair type. 

Straighter hair types will take longer for the waves to form.

Step 4: Wave hair care

how to make waves with short hair

In order to keep the waves in place after brushing, it is important to use a setting spray or hold it in place with a durag (especially when you are going to sleep).

If this isn’t followed, the chances of the waves getting ruined easily are very likely and this will delay your process of wave formation.

Using a durag during wave hair formation is very essential as it will not only protect the waves from getting disrupted but it will also help maintain sufficient moisture in the scalp and hair.

Step 5: Maintenance once the waves have formed

Once the waves have formed they are required to be maintained to be able to remain in that position. 

This means that you will have to continue brushing your hair and wearing a durag while you sleep in order to keep the waves in place and undisrupted.

Tips to keep in mind when getting 360 waves

getting 360 waves easily tips

Haircuts: Get haircuts every 3 weeks to a month and the hair has to be cut in the direction you have been brushing it in. So this has to be made known to the barber beforehand.

Brushing your hair when it is damp, is always recommended for the best results of wave formation.

Gentle Hair Wash: Do not wash your hair too vigorously when trying to develop waves. If you scrub your hair too hard, the wave’s formation will get disrupted and the process will go in vain. 

So wash your hair or rinse it mildly, just enough to keep the hair and scalp clean and free from dirt.

Remember to keep your hair moisturized. Because of the constant brushing of hair, there is a likelihood that the hair can get dry and succumb to hair damage. 

Therefore, to protect the hair from damage, using a good moisturizer is recommended.

Avoid using pomade too often. Pomades are thicker and dense in consistency and can clog the pores on the scalp and inhibit proper hair growth and be a cause for scalp infections in the long run.

Wear Durags: Using a satin or polyester durag is one of the best materials for hair care. 

These materials (unlike cotton) will help reduce any sort of friction between the hair strands and will prevent any sort of hair damage, especially when you sleep.

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How to make you 360 waves coarser and deeper?

Here are a few general tips that may help you achieve 360 waves on hair that look coarser and go deeper, even on shorter hair lengths

  1. Use heat to style your hair - One of the best ways to achieve 360 waves on hair is by using heat. By heating your hair above the normal styling temperature, you will help to create more movement and volume.
  2. Use a light spray mist - A light spray mist can also help to style your hair in a 360 wave manner. By spraying a light mist from close range, you will be able to create more movement and volume in your hair.
  3. Use a curling wand - A curling wand can also help to style your hair in a 360 wave manner. By wrapping the wand around your hair in a circular motion, you can create waves and curls in your hair.
  4. Use a paddle brush - A paddle brush can also be helpful when styling your hair in a 360 wave manner. By using the paddle brush to distribute the product evenly throughout your hair, you can achieve more volume and movement.

Hopefully, these tips will help you achieve coarser and deeper 360 waves on hair!

#1 - Does your hair type matter to get 360 waves?

A lot of people have this common question in mind.
Well, like I mentioned before at the beginning, yes, 360 waves do require more of a short, curly and coarse hair texture to be able to form properly.
The thicker the hair, the harder it will be for the waves to form.
That being said, those with straight hair types needn’t be discouraged.
You can get 360 waves on straighter hair types as well, but will most definitely take a longer time to form.
So that means those with straighter hair types, deciding to get 360 waves will mean patience, consistency and proper hair care.

#2 - How long does it take for 360 waves to form?

Well, it does take long! When I say long, I am talking anywhere between one to one and half months long.
At this point, I would say that more than attaining the results, the process here in getting the 360 waves is in itself more important.
To put it simply, if you lack consistency during the process, it will take longer for the waves to form.

#3 - Are 360 waves different from 180 waves?

Well, there are no major differences in the types of waves you can get on your hair.
The process for any type of wave pattern formation is usually the same, other than the direction of the brushing.
Another difference is in the way they form. While 360 waves go around your whole head, 180 waves will form only around the top of your head.

#4 - Can you get rid of 360 waves?

To get 360 waves the process takes a long time and then it has to be followed up with aftercare, which requires brushing, haircuts and styling.
So if the aftercare process isn’t followed diligently, it will begin to disrupt the waves.
This will mean that you need to stop brushing or styling your hair, along with using hair gels or hair relaxers to hasten the process, if you want to get rid of the waves quickly.
Once you have disrupted the pattern, you can also use setting spray to hold the hair in that disrupted manner.

#5 - What are the things you will need to get 360 waves?

· Wave brushes, preferably those without handles (those you can cup within your palm).
· A wave shampoo and conditioner (if you do not have either, you can use a regular shampoo and conditioner).
· Setting spray, preferably (for regular use) or pomade (for occasional styling purposes).
· A durag (this piece of cloth needs to be tied around the hair in order to protect the waves when you sleep).

The final takeaway

Getting 360 waves requires consistency and effort, but it looks totally cool once you’ve got them! 

So if you’re one of those people who love to experiment with new hairstyles, follow the steps and tips mentioned above and I’m sure you’ll be able to get the perfect 360 waves over time.

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