How To Dye Hair Like Narcissa Malfoy

How To Dye Hair Like Narcissa Malfoy From Harry Potter: DIY Step By Step Guide

Wondering how to dye hair like Narcissa Malfoy? learn how to dye your hair like Narcissa Malfoy in this step-by-step guide!

Do you remember the 2020 skunk hair trend that went viral on TikTok? Narcissa Malfoy from the Harry Potter series was the inspiration behind that trend.

I’m going to be honest here. When I first saw Narcissa, I did not expect her hair to become so popular.

But then again, TikTok has made funkier things go viral. So, who am I to question this?

Narcissa Malfoy is played by the talented Helen McCory. In the movies, Narcissa is seen sporting a clavicut with side-swept bangs that frame her eyebrows.

Very Slytherin House, don’t you think?

How To Dye Hair Like Narcissa Malfoy
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How To Dye Hair Like Narcissa Malfoy

Dying your hair can be tricky and can easily go wrong. If you’ve never worked with bleach and hair colour, it is best to consult with a hair professional. I would advise you to get your hair dyed by a professional who has some experience and knows what they are doing.

how to dye my hair like narcissa malfoy
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If you’re feeling adventurous and want to dye your hair at home, you will require a few things to do it right. Make sure to keep the following supplies readily available:

Gloves: Dyeing your hair can be a messy business. Gloves will protect your skin from the harmful chemicals that may be present in the hair dye.

what is narcissa malfoy hairstyle called

Hair dye: Narcissa has jet-black hair at the top. So, you can get some black hair dye or if you want a slight variation, you can pick up some dark brown hair dye. You can opt for either semi-permanent or permanent hair dye.

Developer: A developer helps the hair dye penetrate the hair shaft and become permanent. It contains hydrogen peroxide, and the level of hair developers depends on their oxidizing potential (which is basically how much hydrogen peroxide it contains).

narcissa malfoy hair color

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Bleach powder: Since the underside of Narcissa’s hair is white or platinum blonde, you will require bleach to strip the pigment from your hair and make it white. You don’t want to skimp out on the quality of the bleach you use. So, invest in a tried and trusted brand.

Application brush: If you have watched videos online of people using their hands to dye their hair and think you should do the same, please don’t. Use an application brush to apply your hair dye. It’s so much easier and less messy. Also, an application brush will be a boon since you are working with two shades of hair colour.

Non-metallic mixing bowl: You will want to use a mixing bowl that is made of a material that doesn’t react with the bleach and the chemicals that may exist in the dye and developer. Your best bet is a bowl made of plastic or rubber.

This is because hair is twisted and turned to fit under the shower cap. However, hair foils are wrapped around smaller sections which ensures that the hair dye is evenly spread.

narcissa malfoy hair without bleach

Hair foil: Many people believe that using a shower cap is enough. But this is a big mistake that many people make. Using a shower cap makes hair dye spread unevenly which results in uneven colouring.

Sectioning clips: Sectioning clips keep hair out of your face so you can see what you’re doing and help secure the sections of hair properly. They come especially handy when you are using more than one colour of hair dye so that you don’t accidentally dye the wrong piece of hair.

Toner: Since you are working with bleach and aiming for white or platinum-blonde hair, you will need a toner to achieve the perfect shade. Toners help remove any unpleasant brassiness or uneven colour.

Rat tail comb: This comb helps make sectioning your hair easy. The pointed “rat tail” end is made just for this purpose.

Petroleum jelly: Every house has a tub of Vaseline petroleum jelly lying, forgotten, at the back of your medicine cabinet. It is going to help keep the dye off your skin and prevent staining.

Reference pictures: I cannot stress enough on the importance of this. Reference pictures will help keep you on track while sectioning and dyeing your hair.

reverse narcissa malfoy hair
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narcissa malfoy inspired hair
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Final Takeaway

The Narcissa Malfoy hair colour is a trendy look that takes a bit of commitment and effort. But with the right products and supplies, you can achieve the perfect dual-toned hair.

This hairstyle requires you to use bleach and hair dye that may contain chemicals. These products can have a damaging effect on hair.

So, it is important to take precautions and invest in good quality hair care products that are designed specifically for bleached and coloured hair.

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