How To Do A Chic Rolled Updo

How To Do A Chic Rolled Updo | Easy Step By Step Tutorial

If you want to learn how to do a chic rolled updo including different styles like doing a low rolled updo, French twist updo, and a vintage hair roll, here’s a step by step tutorial. 

A chic updo is one of those hairstyles you can never go wrong with! It’s elegant, classy, and it keeps hair out of your face.

It’s one of those hairstyles that you can wear easily on a bad hair day and still look your sophisticated best.

Now wearing a chic rolled hairstyle is easy if you have straight long hair. But did you know this hairstyle can be adapted to short hair, curly hair and black Afro hair as well?

If you want to learn how to do a chic rolled upto in minutes, I’ve got a guide showing you how to create this hairstyle in different styles. Take a look! 

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How To Do A Chic Rolled Updo 2022 

There are several different styles of a “rolled updo” and also many different ways you can create it. I’ve listed out several hairstyles that come under the category of “rolled updos” to make it easier for you to choose.

Let’s start off with the easiest way of creating a chic rolled updo, using a hairband.

How To Do A Low Roll Updo (using a headband)

If you don’t have time in the mornings to create fancy hairstyles and a 2-minute rolled upto, here’s what you can do.

Firstly you’ll need to get a good quality elasticated headband that sits firmly upon your head without being either too loose or too tight. Then, you’ll need some bobby pins to hold your hair in place.

Step 1: To create this hairstyle place the hairband over your head, leaving a section of hair in the front. The hairband should be situated low, in the middle of your head going all the way to the back of your head.

roll hair style girl

Step 2: Divide your hair into sections that are 1-2 inches wide. Starting from the ear take these sections and tuck them around the back of the headband to create a “roll” of sorts. Keep tucking it until all the hair is neatly formed into a bun.

how to do a hair roll

Step 3: Repeat step number 2 and tuck all the sections of hair in your headband to form a roll.

chic rolled updo

Step 4: Use the bobby pins to pin any stray hairs into place to give a neat and even look.

How To Do A Chic Rolled Updo (using the ponytail method)

How To Do A Chic Rolled Updo

If you don’t have a headband handy or want an updo hairstyle that is more secure, you can use the ponytail method for creating a chic rolled updo.

Here’s how you go about creating this style. Before you start, keep handy a hairband (not a headband, a wrap-around or hair tie), a comb, some bobby pins, and hairspray (if needed).

Step 1: You have to start off by brushing your hair so that there are no tangles or knots in it. Then, you’ll have to tie off the front section of your hair using a hair tie at the back of your head. If you have bangs or want hair to fall in front of your face, you can skip this part.

Step 2: Next, take all the sections of your hair comb it backwards and tie it securely into a ponytail on the top of your head. The ponytail shouldn’t be too low,  but you can adjust its height depending on how high up you want your updo.

Step 3: Now take your ponytail and wrap it around itself using your index finger till you get a roll. Make sure you make a tight roll and that the ends of the hair are safely tucked inside. 

Step 4: Bring this roll to the top of your head and pin it in place using a clip or several bobby pins.

Step 5: Tuck any loose strands out of the side using a bobby pin to give a neat, chic look. You can even finish off with some hairspray to make the roll stay longer without getting messed up. 

The best thing about this sort of chic rolled updo is that you can accessorize it very easily as the elastic hair tie makes sure your hair is held more securely than the hair tie.

You can add a flower right between the “roll” on your hair or you can add a fancy hairband in the front. 

How To Do A Vintage Hair Roll

One of the reasons why I love doing a chic rolled updo is because it gives a very vintage look to your outfits. It’s like just doing this hairstyle can instantly add elegance to your ensemble. 

The steps for creating this hairstyle are very similar to those of using a headband to create to a low roll updo. But there a few modifications that give it that vintage twist (literally!) and a more elegant look overall. 

Here’s how to do a vintage hair rolled updo:

how to do a vintage hair roll

Step 1: Brush your hair out to remove any knots and tangles and wear the headband so it’s positioned low on your head. You can choose to leave the front portion of your hair outside the headband or not according to your preference.

Step 2: Divide your hair into three equal sections of 3-4 inches wide (this width might vary depending on the thickness of your hair)

Step 3: Tie the back section of your hair with an elastic hair tie at the very end leaving 2-3 inches behind.  

how to do a vintage hair roll

Step 4: Roll this back section of hair tightly with your fingers and then tuck it inside the hairband to form a “roll”. 

Step 5: Secure the back section into place with bobby pins to make sure the roll doesn’t get messed up or come up easily. 

Step 6: Take one of the front sections of your hair and twist it tightly to make a rope-like braid. Bring this rope-braid behind to cover the “roll” on your back and secure it into place using a clip or bobby pins.

how to do a vintage hair roll

Step 7: Repeat the same thing with the other front section of hair till you have a braided section of hair over your rolled updo. 

Step 8: You can finish this hairstyle by adding a few accessories like floral clips or combs on the braided section. Also, do not forget to add some hairspray to the vintage rolled up to make it stay secure for longer. 

How To Do A French Twist With Short Hair

Okay, so can we do a chic rolled updo with short hair? Yes of course we can! And no I’m not talking about adding extensions to your hair (it works, but this isn’t what the tutorial is about!)

Before we start, I have to warn you when I say short hair I mean short bob lengths or “lob” length hair. If you’ve got a pixie cut or a buzz cut, there’s nothing you can do expect wear a wig or extensions. 

Here’s how you can do a stylish French twist updo on shoulder length or long bob hair lengths. 

Step 1: Brush your short hair to remove any knots and add some hair mist or conditioner to make styling easier (as it can get difficult to get a hold of short hair)

Step 2: Take the top portion of your hair and tie it up using an elastic hair tie. 

Step 3: Now divide your hair into 3 different sections - left, right and back. Make the back section is a bit wider than the the side sections. 

How To Do A Chic Rolled Updo for curly hair

Step 4: Tie the side sections of your hair using a hair tie to form pigtails.

Step 5: Twist the top portion of your hair into a rope braid and pin it flat to the back of your head. You can even braid it if you want. 

Step 6: Twist the side sections of your hair into rope braids and secure them using a hair tie to the back section to form one low ponytail of sorts

How To Do A Chic Rolled Updo

Step 7: Now take the back section of your hair, and loop it in the cavity formed by the side sections using your index finger and keep looping it till a roll is formed. Secure this roll with clips or pins and you’re done! 

How To Do A Chic Rolled Updo for short hair

I believe that everyone woman should know how to do a chic rolled updo on her own. It’s a classic hairstyle that is so easy to create.

You can wear it to your workplace, to a formal occasion, to a wedding, or to date. And as it keeps the hair out of your face and still manages to look stylish, it’s a good option for school as well.

If you want you can even add accessories to your chic rolled updo to create different looks that suit the occasion.

A funky headscarf tied around your bun can add a chic yet playful look to your date attire while a classy string of pearls can be the perfect accessory for your bridesmaid hairstyle.

So in a lot of ways, a chic rolled updo is a creative way to express your personality without spending excessive amounts of money or time styling your hair. 

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