How To Determine Your Hair Goals

How To Determine Your Hair Goals For 2024

Determine your hair goals and start on the right path to achieving them with this helpful guide. We will discuss the different aspects.

Embarking on a hair journey without a clear destination in mind is like setting sail without a compass. As we edge closer to 2024, it's the perfect moment to chart a course for your hair's future.

Whether you're dreaming of luscious locks, contemplating a bold color transformation, or aiming for healthier strands, defining your hair goals is the first step to achieving the look that reflects your truest self.

At HairEveryday, we believe that your hair is a canvas for self-expression, and setting goals is essential for crafting the masterpiece you desire. In this guide, we'll navigate through the process of pinpointing your hair aspirations.

We'll help you understand the importance of aligning your hair goals with your lifestyle, the significance of hair health as the foundation of any style, and how to create a plan that's tailored just for you.

How To Determine Your Hair Goals For 2024

To determine your hair goals for 2024, assess your current hair health and consider your lifestyle, maintenance commitment, and personal style. Reflect on your desired image and how you want to feel with your hair—be it more confident, professional, or adventurous. Research trends, consult with a trusted stylist for personalized advice, and set realistic, achievable targets whether it's improving hair health, trying new styles or colors, or growing out your locks. Establish a routine and select products that align with your goals to ensure you work towards the hair you envision for yourself in the year ahead.

Figure Out How You Want Your Hair To Look

Hair Goals: Longer hair 

This is a common objective for many women. Long hair has traditionally been thought to be opulent and appealing. 

That's not to suggest short hair doesn't exist, though. The truth is that it's entirely up to you how long you want your hair to grow.

Just keep in mind that maintaining long hair requires effort, but if this is one of your hair goals, the advice below can help you get there: 

  • Always keep your hair hydrated. 
  • Always maintain the strength of your hair. 
  • Basically, balance the moisture and protein in your hair. 
  • When you wash, style, detangle, and handle your hair, take care to prevent damage.

Hair Goals: Thicker hair 

Since hair is largely determined by heredity, it is more difficult to reach this hair objective. But it is possible to create the "appearance" of thicker hair. Even the individual strands of your hair might be made temporarily thicker. 

Among the techniques for thicker-looking hair are: 

  • getting layers cut into your hair 
  • greater section styling. For instance, more substantial twists 
  • greater curls 

Use herbal remedies like mehndi and cassia to temporarily thicken your strands—it's a common and very effective method. Both temporarily thicken the hair shaft and have similar strengthening benefits.

This provides the impression that the hair is thicker. Henna, however, has a more robust impact. I apply a full-strength solution of henna to my hair once or twice every three months.

Hair Goals: Stronger hair 

Even if you don't want longer hair, you might still want thicker hair. Even maintaining your present hair length requires stronger hair.

You can reach this hair goal by strengthening your hair with protein treatment (or henna). 

If you notice that your hair is brittle, you might want to conduct protein treatments frequently until your hair is resilient enough to withstand maintenance treatments.

Make sure you are eating enough to maintain good health, which includes your hair, since it comes from within. 

You might need to increase your protein intake or cut out simple carbohydrates from your diet. If you are lacking in particular nutrients, taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement can help, but always consult your physician first.

How To Determine Your Hair Goals For 2024

Hair Goals: Shiny hair 

Shiny hair comes more naturally to brunettes than it does to people with lighter hair. That's just how dark hair reflects light, unfortunately.

You might still face obstacles. The following advice can assist you in achieving your aim of having lustrous hair: 

Keep product buildup out of your hair. In other words, be sure to clarify if necessary. 

Your deep conditioner should contain a natural oil, like jojoba. 

Make the final rinse of your deep conditioner chilly if you have hair with normal or high porosity. Always massage hair care products into your hair roots by smoothing them into your hair. The hair shaft must be repeatedly smoothed for this.

We do not have a magic wand to give you your desired hair in a matter of seconds, however, we can use our knowledge to inspire you with some hair objectives and ingredients that are appropriate for your hair type.

Check out a selection of our most well-liked hair goals for your particular hair type by selecting it from the list below.

Or You Set Hair Goals Based on Hair Texture

Straight Hair

Straight hair might be more susceptible to absorbing these oils if you have more naturally moist, oily scalp. Oil-controlling ingredients can help you avoid needing to wash as frequently.

Add Vitamin E and rosemary leaf extract to your mix to provide volume because straight strands of hair tend to sit more flatly on the forehead than curls that give lift.

To give your root that natural texture, add "volumizing" to your list of hair objectives. 

When blow-drying and curling your straight locks, did you include ingredients like quinoa thermal protection and sweet almond extract to your formula? Damage from heat is real. Thermal protection-enhancing ingredients are a need. 

Add Grapeseed oil and linseed extract to your recipe to straighten your hair.

Wavy hair

Give these wave elements that recognize how to really showcase them off for a better definition of wavy curls. 

Add Chia seed and linseed extract anti-frizz ingredients to your product because your hair's texture may create a little frizz in the humidity and heat. In the shower, use moisturising products to combat frizz. 

Apply tamarind extract and Moroccan argon oil for thermal protection. Do you frequently choose the straight look? Shampoo can help you protect from heat; your hair will appreciate it. 

Ever felt like your curls and hair texture have altered over time? Add Grapeseed oil and linseed extract anti-aging ingredients to your mix.

The nutrients your hair requires to stay young can be provided by incorporating some anti-aging products into your daily hair care routine.

Add locust bean gum and baobab seed extract to your recipe.

Curly Hair

Since curly hair dries out so easily, nourishing chemicals in your shampoo can really make a difference. Watch as your hair looks younger than ever as you seal in moisture. 

Coconut oil, aloe vera, and frizz can cause your curls to appear, well, less curly. These ingredients can be added to your recipe to define your curls. Include substances that will enhance your curls and make it stand out. 

Speaking of shine, including chia seed and linseed extract in your hair goals, your distinctive curls will be more noticeable the more shine there is. 

Add Acai oil and amazonian babassu to your mix to treat split ends since curls is considered to be more prone to breaking and split ends.

Coily Hair

Deep conditioning is a must because tight coils are prone to drying out. However, chemicals that provide deep conditioning, can significantly improve shine and reduce breakage. 

Shea butter and avocado oil added to your mix will extend and nourish your hair with substances that prevent breakage. Blue-green algae extract and pea sprout extract were added to your formula.


Last but not the least, you should use what you know about your hair goals to pick out a styling product that’ll help you achieve them.

Remember, no matter how good your products are, they won’t give results if you don’t follow an effective regimen. So be sure to follow all the steps we discussed above and get ready for some stunning hair!

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