How Japanese Electric Hair Brush Work

How Japanese Electric Hair Brush Work

The Electric Burr Brush is a beauty device that has become a hot topic on social media in recent years. It is said that by stimulating the scalp, you can take care of damage and get beautiful hair. But as it is expensive, many people want to know the effects before purchasing. 

This time, we interviewed Kazuya Kitasato of "Far Beyond" who was one of the first salons to introduce Electric Burr Brushes. 

In addition, we will tell you all about our editorial department's Electric Burr Brush experience. Also find some beauty salons and spas where you can try out the Electric Burr Brush.

What are the effects and precautions of the Electric Burr Brush?

About the mechanism of Electric Burr Brush

An electric brush with a low frequency function is a beauty device that stimulates the scalp approximately 1,000 times per second when applied to the scalp, allowing it to move associated muscles that are said to be unable to be moved on their own. 

In addition to addressing swelling and stiffness throughout the body, it can also be expected to have the effect of making your face smaller and your skin beautiful.

It was made popular by the entertainment industry and social media. In addition, the LED light that activates muscle exercise and cells tightens the skin from the root of the pores and cares for the arrector pili muscles that regulate pore opening, leading to healthy hair growth.

Expected beauty effects of Electric Burr Brush

Effects on hair

By encouraging muscle exercise using low frequency waves and activating cells with LED light, hair can be grown in a healthy manner. However, the effects of hair loss and hair growth are not mentioned medically, and hair does not necessarily grow.

Lift-up effect

Since the head and face are connected by one layer of skin, when you apply the electric Bali brush to the scalp, delicate stimulation is transmitted to the face, which tightens the skin, relieves swelling, and lifts the skin. Recommended for people who want to get closer to a smaller face.

Beautiful skin effect

The red LED light attached to the Electric Burr Brush stimulates pore contraction and collagen production, while the blue LED light suppresses sebum production. It is said that using an electric brush in the morning and at night will help your makeup go on better the next day.

Relaxing effect

Low frequency waves work to improve blood flow and metabolism in the scalp, relaxing the stiff scalp and body, so it has a relaxing effect. However, there are individual differences, and it can be said that people who feel that it feels good are likely to feel that way.

Prevention of gray hair

The Electric Burr Brush, which promotes blood circulation in the scalp and activates cells, can also treat gray hair, thinning hair, and dry hair. Although it does not directly prevent gray hair, it is said to make it harder for them to grow.

Who is an Electric Burr Brush recommended for?

Recommended people:

・People who are concerned about body stiffness due to posture

・People who are concerned about facial swelling

・People whose hair lacks volume or thickness

・People who want to improve their scalp environment

・People who cannot go to a salon ( You can easily perform home care by purchasing an Electric Burr Brush)

Are Electric Burr Brushes dangerous? Precautions when using

Only products that meet the standards that have passed the test are distributed, so they are safe as long as they are used correctly. However, when using it, be careful as it can be dangerous to get it close to your throat or eyeballs. 

Additionally, people with pacemakers and pregnant women tend to lose their body balance, so it is generally best not to use them.

When touching your skin, you may not feel the effect if you do not apply a special lotion, if you press the tip of the brush too much, or if you use creams, oils, or other oil-containing products. Note: Do not wash with water or use the bathroom.

If you feel the Electric Burr Brush is painful, it may be because you are not using a special lotion or your skin is not wet. 

Also, since there are individual differences in how the Electric Burr Brush feels, it is best to try applying the Electric Burr Brush to your hand before using it. The LED light emitted from the brush side can be harmful to your eyes if you look directly at it, so be careful.

Common usage mistakes

・If it comes into contact with your skin, do not apply special lotion.

・Press the tip of the Electric Burr Brush too hard.

・Do not wash the Electric Burr Brush with water. If you are washing with water, there is a possibility of a malfunction

. If you are also using creams, oils, or other products that contain oil.

Disadvantages of using Electric Burr Brush for daily care

Basically, there is no problem if you use it correctly, but you may feel that the disadvantage is that there are many precautions to be taken when using it. 

Also, Electric Burr Brushes are expensive, so if you buy them without trying them out, you should be careful as they may not suit your skin. It might be a good idea to rent it or try it out at a salon before purchasing.

Are Electric Burr Brushes expensive? About types and rental of Electric Burr Brushes

Comparison of purchasing an Electric Burr Brush and using a salon

If you purchase the main unit:

It will cost around 168,000 yen to 200,000 yen (“Electric Bali Brush 2.0”, which can also be used for the body, is a separate price).

If you rent it:

It will cost 19,800 yen or more per week.

Market price per salon visit (Tokyo)

Hair salon: Approximately 6,000 yen to 15,000 yen per session (Please note that it cannot be used in conjunction with color or perm)

Relaxation salon: 6,000 yen to 30,000 yen per session (sometimes including massage)

Approximate visit:

1 week to January If you purchase an Electric Burr Brush once every year, it will be an expensive purchase of about 200,000 yen, so you should first go to a salon to find out whether stimulation such as EMS is suitable for your skin and how to use it correctly. It would be a good idea to try it out easily.

What are the types of Electric Burr Brushes and their differences?

What are the types of Electric Burr Brushes and their differences?

Denki Bali Brush (R)

A low-frequency mobile beauty device that provides salon-quality scalp care. Approximately 1,000 delicate stimulations per second work on areas of the body that are of concern, such as the face, neck, shoulders, and décolletage. Originally intended for commercial use, it became a hot topic and became widely distributed. 

Care for your face, head, and décolletage with the Denki Bali Brush (R) 2.0 + body face attachment.

With body attachments, you can care for your arms, stomach, legs, and whole body. By exchanging attachments, you can lead your whole body to a lively and healthy state. A brush-type low-frequency beauty device that has evolved for use on the entire body.

Products similar to Electric Bali Brush

Miese Scalp Lift

This contains 12 electrode pins output a unique low- and medium-frequency EMS specifically designed for the scalp, stimulating scalp muscles that tend to become stiff. 

While brushing, it stretches your scalp with approximately 7,000 micro-movements per minute. It stimulates the facial muscles from multiple angles and focuses on the deep layers of the scalp. You can feel like you're being massaged.

When choosing an Electric Burr Brush, choose based on the body part you want to use it on, or consider purchasing similar products based on your concerns.

In addition, the Electric Bali Brush is recommended for people who want to improve their scalp environment and skin. And the Mises Scalp Lift is recommended for people who are concerned about scalp stiffness and facial sagging.

Try the Electric Burr Brush at the salon! My Experience 

I actually tried it!

I was a little anxious to see if there would be any pain from the electricity, but I headed for the treatment. We bring you the real voices of people who have experienced Electric Burr Brushes for the first time.

The salon I visited 

" Far Beyond (Meiji Jingumae Station) "

Address: 5F Sukegawa Building, 6-29-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Access: Immediately from Exit 7 of Meiji Jingumae Station on the Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line and other lines

The Trial plan

[Limited to 3rd visit★Scalp care with Electric Burr Brush (R)] Cut + head spa & Electric Burr Brush (45 minutes)

120 minutes 11,000 yen (regular price 13,750 yen) 20% off

The Flow of treatment


First, check your facial condition with a consultation.

Check the current state of your face while receiving a hearing from a therapist. Since the face is connected to the head through a single layer of skin, the scalp tends to become stiff and hard, which causes the face to become swollen. Therefore, we decided to lift up the face by promoting blood flow to the head.


Experience the Electric Burr Brush now! Not only for the scalp but also for the neck

Brush slowly with a soft sensation that the tip of the brush touches. The closer the brush is to your scalp, the easier it is to feel the current, and the moment you touch it, you will experience a tingling sensation similar to an electric bath. It wasn't as painful as I expected, and I was addicted to the moderate comfort.


After the treatment, your head will feel lighter and your eyes will be brighter!

After the treatment, your scalp will feel soft and your head will feel light and refreshed. My eyes look brighter, my expression brightens, and my face line seems to have lifted, so I'm very satisfied! I'm glad that they provide detailed explanations during the treatment so you can feel at ease during the experience.

Impressions after undergoing the treatment

"The electric brush gave me a tingling sensation the moment I applied it to my scalp, but as I moved the brush, I hardly felt the current, so it was more comfortable than I expected. I found it very comfortable, but you may like it or dislike it.

When I brushed my hair by myself, I didn't know how much pressure I should use or how fast I was brushing, so it was likely to be painful, so I felt relieved when I had a professional do it for me.

I could see the effects, but the most pleasing change was that my entire head felt refreshed.It is said to be recommended for people of the generation who are concerned about anti-aging care such as lifting and hair growth, so I would also recommend it to my mother.'' 

Advantages of experiencing an Electric Burr Brush at a salon

“It all started when a customer consulted us about their thinning hair, and since it was an area that couldn't be addressed with hair salon care, we wondered if we could do something about it.

The electric Bali brush can also be used to reach out to people who are suffering from thinning hair, and it can help our customers. We introduced it because it helps people with their concerns.

Recently, more and more people are becoming beauty conscious, so I would be happy if we could make good use of the latest technology that can address facial swelling and skin issues.'' (Kitasato)

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