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6 Major Hair Grease Benefits | Can It Help Black Hair Growth

Here I've listed out some hair grease benefits that include black hair growth and more! I've also given information about is hair grease bad for your scalp?

As someone with curly hair I have attempted several methods from natural remedies to commercial hair products to increase my hair growth. And most times I have failed miserably!

And if you've had similar experiences I know that can for sure be quite disappointing.

Well, before you give up completely, try out this one last remedy – hair grease!

Yes, hair greases are very rarely heard of when it comes to “hair growth”. But could it actually be the secret to major hair growth? Is there something that can really do that?

Go ahead and check out this article to find out more!

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What exactly is hair grease?

hair grease benefits

Hair grease is a commercial hair care product that is made mainly of petroleum jelly and mineral oils.

It is most often used to help reduce the loss of moisture from the hair and help keep the hair sufficiently hydrated by locking in moisture in those with curly hair. 

Therefore, it keeps the hair well-moisturized and away from hair dryness.

It can also help prevent excessive moisture from entering into the hair strands, which can cause the hair hygral fatigue, which is also bad for the hair.

Hair Grease Benefits For Hair Growth

is natural hair grease good for your hair

1. Helpful for moisturizing porous hair

For those with very curly hair, high hair porosity can be a big disadvantage.

Curlier the hair, the more loosely packed the hair cuticles are and therefore, the moisture can enter easily, but also escape just as quickly. 

This is because the cuticles on the hair shaft are raised at all times.

Hence, by using hair grease, it can help keep the hair well-moisturized. This is because the hair grease acts like a hair sealant. 

It will trap in the moisture and act like a barrier to the hair strand, preventing excess moisture from escaping and making the hair dry.

So hair grease can thereby help control frizz, once the hair regains its moisture, the hair will soon become smooth. This can also reduce hair damage and split ends from occurring.

2. Makes curly hair more manageable and tangle-free

Hair Grease For Hair Growth

Well, for those with curly hair, this issue is no secret! The curlier the hair, the more difficult it becomes to manage it. 

So, there are days when you want to style your hair with a cool hairstyle, but your curly hair can literally kill the vibe because it doesn’t stay in place!

But if you use hair grease, this problem can be solved because hair grease acts like a barrier to the hair strand, thus making the hair strands look smooth, with lesser frizz. 

This is what makes the hair more manageable and will give you more liberty in styling your hair with a new hairstyle.

is hair grease bad for your scalp

3. It can help protect the scalp from inflammation and dryness

There are times when the products we use can tend to not just dry out our hair, but can also dry out our scalp. Dry scalp can lead to conditions like dandruff, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis etc.

Therefore, if you apply a little hair grease on your scalp, when it is damp, it can help lock in the moisture on the scalp and will thereby reduce scalp dryness.

Since hair grease is heavy and can cause buildup, do not use it too often on your scalp.

4. Hair grease helps maintain growth in hair length

One of the main reasons why curly hair has to be trimmed very often is because the ends of the hair strands tend to become dry very easily, because the natural hair oils (sebum) from the scalp do not flow easily along the length of the hair.

Thus, over time, the ends of the hair tend to develop split ends and the hair becomes rough and damaged resulting in hair breakage, tangles and frizz.  

Due to this damage, the hair needs to be trimmed very often in order to get rid of the damaged portions, so as to prevent the damage from the tips spreading to the rest of the hair strand.

Every time the hair is trimmed, a few inches of the hair is lost, thus cutting down the length of the hair.

This issue can be solved to a big extent, because hair grease will keep the hair moisturized, reducing the frequency of hair trims, thus retaining the length of the hair.

5. Easier To Use For Black Type 4 

is hair grease bad for your scalp

Hair grease is very easy to use. You can simply follow your regular hair care routine once you’ve had a head bath and use this as the last step (when your hair is still damp), just before air drying your hair.

All you need to do is rub a little hair grease between your palms and evenly apply it all over your hair and scalp, gently massaging it in

6. Hair grease is cost effective

Hair grease is relatively cheaper as compared to the other commercial hair care products. 

Also, you only will need to use a small amount for your hair, so you can use the same product for a longer time.

Hair grease is one of those products that require to be used just once or twice in a week, as it is not a daily-use product, making the product last longer. 

So, this aspect too can help you with the cost factor.

Hair Grease for Hair Growth: Fact or Myth?

Well, I’d like to say that it is a fact that hair grease does work for hair growth, but not directly. So, if not directly, then how, you may ask? 

Well, let’s discuss this. Since hair grease is mainly made up of mineral oils and petroleum jelly, it cannot promote nourishment to the hair from within in order to grow.

Instead, the way hair grease promotes hair growth is by keeping the hair sufficiently moisturized and thus letting the hair stay away from hair damage like dryness, split ends, breakage etc.

So, when the hair is well-moisturized, it is damage-free. When the hair is damage-free, then the hair can grow at its normal pace without the requirement of it being trimmed too often and this is how hair grease can promote hair growth.

But in general, both mineral oils and petroleum jelly are mainly lubricating agents and moisturizing products that can provide hydration to the hair and can also prevent the loss of moisture from the hair strands.

So, in my opinion, even if hair grease is not directly contributing to the growth of the hair strands right from its follicles, it is contributing to maintaining the grown hair to retain its length and ensure that the growth process is a smooth one.

does hair grease grow hair

Is Hair Grease Bad For Your Scalp and Hair?

Well, this goes without saying, every hair product does have disadvantages, while it also has its advantages. 

If hair grease is used too often, it can have a few disadvantages. But if it is used in the right way, its advantages will overpower its disadvantages.

Here are some of the common problems you can face while using hair grease:

1. It can make the hair fragile

Since hair grease is a lubricating agent that acts like a barrier to the hair, there is a possibility that it will not let other hair care products penetrate into the hair shaft easily. 

Therefore, these products may collect on the hair strand and cause buildup. 

Thereafter, it will be even harder for external moisture to enter into the hair strand, leading to hair dryness and this can end up making the hair brittle and fragile. 

Hence, it is advisable not to use hair grease too often.

hair grease for black hair

2. Hair grease can weigh down the hair

Hair grease can make the hair stand limp, if used too often because it is a heavyweight product that can settle down on the hair strands and form a layer, weighing down the hair strands.

Therefore, using hair grease in moderation and using a very small quantity each time is advisable. Also, do not leave the hair grease on your hair for too many days.

3. It can block the hair follicles

Since hair grease is yet another hair care product and it contains mineral oils and petroleum jelly, which are products that do not wash off very easily, it can lead to scalp buildup.

When there is buildup on the scalp, it can clog the hair follicles leading to suppressed hair growth. 

Therefore, it is important to wash off the hair grease properly once it has been used and make sure that there is no residue left on the hair strands or on the scalp.

4. Hair grease can make your hair look greasy

Since hair grease contains mineral oils and petroleum jelly, it can often make your hair look and feel greasy, if you apply too much of it or if you haven’t washed your hair properly in your previous application of the hair grease.

The final takeaway

Well, I’m sure that while some people may not feel that hair grease can have any effect on the growth of the hair, some really love this product.

So, I guess the only way out is to try it out yourself and find your answer! 

Nothing can really go wrong with trying hair grease out for hair growth, because it is simply a moisturizing agent and curlier the hair, the more moisture it craves.

When curly hair is well-moisturized, the better it will grow. 

So, it kind of all boils down to the growth of your hair after all, irrespective of whether you look at it directly or indirectly.

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