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Can you use purple shampoo for gray hair?

Are you one of those women who impulsively want gray hair? Understandable because of how beautiful it gets once done! Lucky are those who have natural silver or gray locks since they no longer have to spend money to achieve that beautiful look!

But that doesn’t just end there. In order to maintain that beauty, you need to have an effective hair care routine that suits your hair type. With this, we’ll help you get started on taking care of your gray hair and make it last longer.

Wanna know the best practices? Read along this article to find out.

Can you use purple shampoo for your gray hair?

can you use purple shampoo for gray hair
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Whether you have natural gray hair or just dyed it yourself, it’s pretty hard to maintain that shade since it accumulates brassy tones overtime. But it’s not impossible to do! With proper products, you can ensure your gray hair looks beautiful for a long time.

One of the most effective maintenance products for your gray hair is a purple shampoo. Though it’s popular for its game-changer benefits for blonde hair, it’s effective for your silver locks too!

The purple pigments contained in a purple shampoo is an effective agent for canceling out yellow and brassy tones to keep your gray hair vibrantly beautiful all the time.

How does purple shampoo work?

A purple shampoo is a violet-pigment shampoo that contradicts brassy tones for gray and blonde hair colors. Once used, you will eventually notice your hair becomes luminous and healthy.

This shampoo won’t turn your hair into violet. The only thing that will do to your hair is to keep its gray or blonde shade healthily beautiful all the time. It prevents the accumulation of unwanted yellowish and brassy shades especially after several months.

Why go to the parlor regularly if you have a hair product that can help you maintain your lovely hair color, right?

Factors to consider before using a purple shampoo

using purple shampoo for gray hair
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Of course, you don’t just use a certain hair product without checking your hair first. There are some factors you should look at first before using a purple shampoo to make sure you can maximize its benefits for keeping your gray hair beautiful overtime.

Hair porosity

The first and most important factor to consider before using a purple shampoo is your hair’s porosity level. The more porous your hair is, the less frequently you should use a purple shampoo. Why? Definitely because when your hair is too porous, the purple pigment in the shampoo has a higher chance of turning your gray hair into a purple tone.

This is a hassle especially if it’s not your plan to switch to purple hair. Although it’s just a temporary pigmentation, it’s still not efficient since you have to do the process all over again or at least wait until the purple tones fade.

To test your hair’s porosity, you can start by using purple shampoo at least once a week. If you notice your hair is more porous than you expect, make it once every two weeks. From there, you can slowly create a routine depending on how your hair reacts to the frequency of usage you’re trying.

Grayness level

As mentioned above, purple shampoos are an effective hair care product for gray hair. But you can only maximize its benefits if you have a lot of gray hair and light colored ones. Of course, this only applies to those who have natural gray hair. For those who have their hair dyed, you might probably have a perfectly colored one.

If your gray hair is anything below level 8, any purple shampoo won’t actually work. Your hairdresser can help you determine which level you’re currently at if you have no idea about it.

Dark hair amount

Lastly, make sure your hair is not in a dark gray shade. Purple shampoo won’t also work if your gray is dark. Most importantly, make sure your gray hair isn’t mixed with other colors because purple shampoo will find it hard to do its job since it’s not suitable across all hair colors.

So if you’re currently in the process of becoming gray, you must wait until all your hair is gray before using a purple shampoo to maximize its benefits.

How to use purple shampoo for gray hair

Ready to use a purple shampoo for your gray hair? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! We’ll give you a quick step by step process on using a purple shampoo for the very first time.

Get your hair wet with warm water.

Most people tend to wash their hair using cold water. But little did you know that it’s healthier to use warm water especially if using a purple shampoo for your hair? The warmer the water you use, the better your cuticles will open to absorb the product you’re using.

It also loosens up dirt and excess oil in your scalp, leaving it smooth and free from unwanted elements as you wash your hair.

Apply the purple shampoo.

After rinsing your hair, gently scrub the purple shampoo from your scalp down to your hair ends. Lather the shampoo just like what you do with a regular shampoo. Let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing your hair.

Rinse it thoroughly.

You might think that rinsing your hair is a no-brainer process. But the truth is, it can be more complex as you thought. If you didn’t rinse your hair enough, purple shampoo residues might stick on your scalp and eventually turn into dandruff flakes.

So as you rinse your hair, make sure you scrub it thoroughly that no product is left underneath.

Keeping your hair gray using a purple shampoo

using purple shampoo for gray hair 2022
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Whether you have natural or chemically-dyed gray hair, it’s important to make sure it’s kept beautiful and healthy all the time. Say no to bad hair day! So with that, choosing the right hair care products is essential.

Picking a purple shampoo brand might be tricky at first. But through research and some experiment, you’ll surely get it on your way. Good luck on your hair journey!

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