Can You Use Purple Shampoo for a Bleach Bath?

Most women want to kill two birds with one stone–bleach their hair and combat unwanted brassy tones at the same time. Yep, it’s attainable. But rushing this process might cause you even more time to achieve the beautiful hair you’ve been wanting.

Using a purple shampoo in a bleach bath might not be as effective as you think. In fact, it’s actually dangerous. One of the most common misconceptions is that they can lighten their hair and prevent orange tons while they’re bleaching their hair. The truth is, it wouldn’t work.

If you’re one of those women who are thinking of using a purple shampoo for a bleach bath, think twice. Read along this article first and learn more about the proper use of purple shampoo.

What is a bleach bath?

can you use purple shampoo for a bleach bath
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Bleach bath is a hair treatment type that involves diluting bleach and soaking your hair on it to wash off your hair’s current color. This technique uses hydrogen peroxide mixed with shampoo to make your hair color lighter than its original color.

This is a great and effective process for stripping off your hair’s original color without damaging its locks. It prevents your protective layers from being washed out. All it does is to remove your hair dye so if this is your only goal, bleach bath is a great and safer option for your hair.

And it’s kinder to your hair because the bleach is diluted with shampoo and water compared to purely bleaching your hair like what most hairstylists from your favorite salon do.

However, this process might not be effective if you’ll only do it once. The frequency of the treatment varies from person to person. You might need repeated treatments depending on how dark or light your hair is.

Can you use purple shampoo for a bleach bath?

can you use purple shampoo for a bleach bath 2022
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Yes, a bleach bath involves diluting the bleach with shampoo and water. But is a purple shampoo a good option for this treatment? Probably not. Here’s why.

Purple shampoo is known for its powerful benefits in preventing unwanted orange tones from accumulating to your hair. But it might not be a good option to mix it with bleach during a bleach bath process.

You might think that it’s a good idea to prevent brassiness, but the truth is, it will just eat all the purple pigment, leaving your hair with no effect. Result? You’ve just wasted your purple shampoo, my friend.

So it’s best if you’ll wait to finish the bleach bath first before washing your hair with a purple shampoo. In this way, your purple shampoo can act on its own and do its job properly.

No need to try killing two birds with one stone. Try doing things one step at a time instead and you’ll see the difference.

Can a bleach bath resolve your orange and yellow tones?

So what happens when you bleach bath your hair? Will it fix your orange and yellow tones? The answer is no. As mentioned above, bleach bath only strips off the dye from your hair, bringing your hair strands to their original color. But it doesn’t necessarily remove unwanted orange and yellow tones.

The orange and yellow tones that appear from your blonde hair came from your original hair color. So it’s impossible to get rid of using a bleach bath. You can only resolve these issues with the use of other hair products such as purple shampoos.

But just like what is mentioned above, you can’t just add a purple shampoo directly to your bleach bath mixture since it will do nothing to your hair. A waste of time and a waste of your resources.

1. Preparing for a bleach bath

Now, it’s clear. It’s time to start your bleach bath! But do you just need to hop in with the bathing process? Definitely not. Here’s what you need to do to prepare for your very first bleach bath.

2. Use a clarifying shampoo for washing your hair.

Before starting with the bleach bath process, make sure to get rid of all dirt and residues from your hair. These elements will hinder the bleaching process and interfere with the effective activation of the bleach to your hair.

3. Leave your hair wet before the bleach bath.

Don’t blow dry your hair after washing it with a clarifying shampoo. Start dividing it by section if you have long hair. Secure it using pins or claws to make sure all your strands will be covered with bleach.

4. Wear old clothes.

The bleach bath process might be messy, just like when you’re dyeing your hair. So might as well wear old clothes because stains are inevitable. At least you won’t have any regrets in the end!

You can also put some Vaseline into the areas of your clothes where bleach might drip. This will prevent stains.

5. Maintain good ventilation in your area.

And most importantly, give the bleaching area some room for air. The bleaching process itself can be toxic especially when you inhale the mixture. Open your windows or do the bleach bath in an area where air can freely circulate. Don’t do this in a room without windows or you might suffocate.

Final thoughts: Are you ready for your bleach bath?

using purple shampoo for a bleach bath 2022
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Everything’s ready. You’ve prepared everything you need. Are you good to go? Of course! Just keep in mind that you can’t do the bleaching process and getting rid of unwanted tones all at the same time. It’s merely impossible so don’t try mixing your purple shampoo with your bleach bath mixture.

Dilute the bleach with water and regular shampoo instead. In this way, you won’t waste the power of your purple shampoo. Once the bleaching process is all done, then this is the perfect time where you can start washing your hair with a purple shampoo to take care of unwanted tones.

Remember, it’s better to take one step at a time instead of trying to kill two birds with one stone. Let’s do this, girl!

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