Best Japanese Hair Dye Products For Grey Hair

Best Japanese Hair Dye Products For Grey Hair

Many people become troubled by gray hair as they get older. However, coloring your hair at the beauty salon every time can be costly. 

In such cases, one option is to use a gray hair dye treatment that provides moisture to your hair while taking care of your gray hair on a daily basis. 

This time, we have selected and introduced 19 popular gray hair dye treatments recommended by our editorial team. You should choose items that can take care of gray hair while repairing your hair.

My Nature All-in-one color treatment

200g 3300 yen (regular purchase)

Key Features:

・All-in-one care possible

・Provides deep dyeing yet gentle on the hair and scalp

Works not only on dyeing gray hair but also on hair damage and scalp care, problems that increase with age such as swelling and dryness An all-in-one gray hair dye treatment. It stains beautifully from the first use.

We are particular about the blend of dye ingredients to achieve good color development and prevention of fading. Carefully selected plant-derived ingredients that won't damage your hair and scalp can also be used for scalp care.

Repair dryness after coloring with "jojoba oil'' and "argan oil.'' It uses approximately 94% plant-derived ingredients, so it is recommended for those looking for natural items.

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Refine head spa treatment color

140g 1980 yen

Key Features:

・You can take care of gray hair while doing a head spa.

・Gives hair firmness, body, and volume.

・Gentle scent of natural aromas

A gray hair dye treatment that covers hair color and can also be used as a head spa cream.

It contains "German Fango" mud made from crushed volcanic rock from southern Germany, and natural minerals repair hair damage. Furthermore, the mud absorbs impurities from the scalp, leading to clean skin.

Three types of treatment ingredients, "keratin'', "collagen'', and "penetrating amino acids'', dye damaged hair while repairing it, resulting in a glossy finish.

The head spa promotes blood circulation, leaving a cleansed scalp and firmer hair.

There are a total of 5 color variations, and you can mix and match different colors, so you can enjoy creating your own original color. You can relax with the scent of natural aroma ingredients.

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Angfa Scalp D Beaute hair color treatment

200g 2852 yen

Key Features:

・You can take care of your scalp while caring for gray hair

・Deep color that won't fade

・Improves dryness of hair

A gray hair dye treatment that gently protects the moisture of your hair and scalp, containing moisturizing ingredients derived from natural plants.

Contains "penetrating collagen" to moisturize the hair, while the triple pigments of "penetrating pigment", "coding pigment" and "naturally derived pigment" penetrate and give a deep color.

The moisturizing ingredient "zein'' coats the surface of your hair, giving it a deep dye and long-lasting color. The moisturizing and glossy ingredients "organic oil'' and "sodium hyaluronate'' give your hair firmness and shine every time you use it.

Free of diamines, silicones, ethanol, parabens, petroleum surfactants, and mineral oils. Additive-free design that cares for your hair and scalp.

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Rohto Pharmaceutical 50 Megumi scalp care color treatment

150g 1650 (Amazon) yen

Key Features:

・Economical as it only needs to be used once a week

・Moisturizing ingredients prepare the scalp environment

・Permeates well into dry hair

A gray hair dye treatment that gives a deep color with just one use and can be expected to last a long time. It is cost-effective as you can maintain your hair color by using it once a week.

The moisturizing ingredient "seaweed extract'' prepares the scalp environment, repairs hair damage, and leads to shiny hair. 

Not only can it be used as a treatment after shampooing, but it can also be used on dry hair. If you want to dye your hair thoroughly in one go, we recommend using it on dry hair.

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Ten Star Color Treatment N Ⅲ

250g 1980 yen


Key Features:

・Long-lasting natural hair color

・Easy to use for your hair and scalp

An easy-to-use gray hair dye treatment containing "natural original henna extract'' that

gives firmness and firmness .

Penetrates inside the hair and fills the cavities, giving it firmness, body, volume, and shine.

With the "Micro Color Coat Formula", micro-sized penetrating pigments that are gentle on the hair and scalp are fixed inside the hair. 

In addition, a moisturizing coating film covers the hair surface and prevents color fading, so your natural and beautiful hair color lasts for a long time.

In addition to diamine compounds, it does not contain silicone, parabens, oxidizing agents, or fragrances, so it is easy to use even on sensitive skin. There are 6 colors in total and a wide variety of colors, so it's nice to be able to try out different colors.

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Kiwami Gray hair color treatment

150g 5478 yen


Key Features:

・Natural, deep color

・For healthy, beautiful hair with firmness and elasticity

・Easy to use, gentle on the hair and scalp

A gray hair dye treatment that is not only gentle on the hair, but also focuses on color. The deep, natural color and elegant finish look like a salon treatment.

Contains many beauty ingredients such as "Roman chamomile'' and "rosemary,'' which repairs hair and makes it shiny.

Furthermore, the naturally derived "plant extracts" penetrate deep into the hair roots, giving hair firmness and body, leading to healthy and beautiful hair the more you use it. 

With 7 additive-free formulas including non-silicone, paraben, and mineral oil, it is gentle on the hair and scalp.

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Wellatone hair color treatment

200ml 1782 (Amazon) yen

Key Features:

・Smooth and shiny hair color

・Color magnet formula is gentle on the hair

・Comfortable scent that changes in 3 levels

Contains botanical-derived ingredients such as jojoba seed oil, avocado oil, and sunflower seed oil.

A salon-inspired gray hair dye treatment containing "Shine Essence EX.'' Fills your hair with moisture every time you use it, leaving your hair smooth and beautiful.

It uses a "color magnet formula" that binds positively ionized dye to the negatively ionized hair surface, allowing you to color your hair while protecting it.

Leave it on for 5 minutes at a time and it will be firmly absorbed into your hair to maintain its color and shine. The scent changes from fruity to floral to sandalwood, giving it a pleasant fragrance-like feel.

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Dr.Ci-Labo hair color treatment speed 3

235g 3520 yen

Key Features:

・Provides deep color in 3 minutes at a time

・Easy to use・


A gray hair dye treatment that balances hair dyeing power to condition hair and scalp with a gentle feel.

It takes about 3 minutes for each application to create a solid color, and after about 3 applications, the pigment has been absorbed to the point that you can barely notice the presence of gray hair. 

At first, use it 4-5 times in a row every day, and once it's dyed, use it 1-2 times a week to maintain your hair color.

In addition to natural "gardenia'', "turmeric'', and "safflower'', "basic dye'' and "HC dye'' are used as pigments. It doesn't damage your hair, has a pungent smell, and doesn't irritate your scalp, so it's easy to use even on sensitive scalps.

Contains an abundance of beauty ingredients such as "Provitamin B5'' and "Silk Protein'' for hair damage care, and interacts with "skin protection ingredients'' that keep the scalp healthy, resulting in supple, lively, and beautiful hair from the roots. lead.

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Oshima Tsubaki hair color treatment

180g 2728 yen


Key Features:

- Creates a natural hair color

- Contains 3 beautifying ingredients

- Fragrance-free, easy-to-use, scalp-friendly

This gray hair dye treatment contains 3 beautifying ingredients: camellia oil, camellia ceramide, and hydrolyzed silk.

It protects the scalp while adding firmness and body to the hair, creating moist, supple, and glossy hair. The more you use it, the more your gray hair will gradually become dyed, giving you a natural finish.

The product has the same weak acidity as hair and scalp, so you can color it without stress.

It is gentle on the scalp with no mineral oil, parabens or diamine additives. Tsubaki color is also fragrance-free, so you can comfortably care for it even in a closed bathroom.

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Salon de pro color treatment

180g 734 (Amazon) yen


Key Features:

・Care for dry hair

・Turn hair without volume into soft hair・


A gray hair dye treatment that can treat gray hair, dryness, and lack of volume all at once, and can also be used to prevent discoloration after hair coloring .

The post-shampoo treatment gradually dyes gray hair while the moisturizing ingredients and camellia oil add moisture and shine to the hair.

Furthermore, since it contains seaweed extract, it provides firmness and firmness, resulting in a soft and smooth finish.

It is available in 5 colors and available in a wide variety of colors, it is also recommended to use as a countermeasure against fading after hair coloring.

Even if you start to notice discoloration, you can easily take care of it with daily treatments.

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Hula girl color treatment rich

250g 2200 yen


Key Features:

- Contains highly moisturizing ingredients

- Conditions the scalp environment while dyeing gray hair - A hair color treatment that dyes gray hair while caring for the hair and scalp, with

a refreshing scent of natural essential oils, "Hawaiian Botanical.''

Macadamia nut oil and coconut fruit extract, which have high moisturizing properties, moisturize your hair, and shea butter protects your hair from damage.

Due to the effects of "vanillyl butyl" and "menthol", the perceived temperature changes from hot to cold. It also tightens pores and maintains a healthy scalp environment. 

The "natural essential oil'', which is a certified organic ingredient, adjusts the sebum balance of the scalp and leaves you relaxed with a refreshing scent.

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VITALISM Kulo color treatment

200g 2948 yen


Key Features:

  • Natural finish
  • Easy to use,
  • Herbal floral scent

A gray hair dye treatment that contains 70% of the ingredients with treatment effects such as "royal jelly extract,'' "water-soluble collagen,'' and "aloe vera leaf extract.''

The dye used is easy to use and can be dyed without breaking down the hair cuticle, so you can dye your hair naturally while caring for your hair and scalp. 

The product also has aloe, argan oil, plant extracts, and collagen to condition your hair and scalp.

It is easy to use and contains no silicone, diamine or paraben additives. Also, since it does not contain ammonia, there is no irritating odor, and it has an open and pleasant herbal floral scent.

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Hatsu Moe hair color treatment

200g 2640 yen


Key Features:

・Easy to use on delicate scalps

・Contains 3 types of beautifying ingredients

Hair Moe is a gray hair dye treatment that eliminates any diamine-based pigments that can cause scalp problems, giving your hair a shiny and shiny finish while coloring it .

It does not contain parabens, mineral oil, legal dyes, or oxidizing agents, so it is recommended for sensitive scalps.

The treatment also contains a herbal barrier ingredient, which is a combination of plant ingredients such as aloe, perilla, and rosemary, to prevent damage to the scalp.

The "wrapping method'' that absorbs the pigment from above the cuticle allows you to dye it in a way that is gentle on the hair and scalp.

Three types of hair-beautifying ingredients, including camellia oil, cupas butter, and olive oil, repair hair that has been damaged by hair color. 

It is slightly acidic, the same as your hair and skin, and the more you use it, the more you use it, the more it will give your hair a shiny and youthful look.

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Cielo color treatment

180g 1182 (Amazon) yen


Key Features:

・Repairs damage while coloring

・For moisturized and glossy hair

Cielo is a gray hair dye treatment containing "Sea Mud Mineral EX'', a hair repairing ingredient that

can also be used to prevent color fading after hair coloring .

Mineral-rich Okinawan sea mud and highly adhesive hyaluronic acid work on the hair and scalp, allowing you to dye your hair while repairing damaged hair.

It also contains beeswax, a glossy ingredient, and black rice extract, and seaweed extract, which are moisturizing ingredients, making your hair moisturized and shiny.

The product is paraben, ethanol, ammonia free and weakly acidic. Easy to use with a faint fresh marine scent. Recommended to prevent color fading after hair coloring.

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Saios color treatment

180g 748 (Amazon) yen



Key Features:

・Provides deep coloring from the first use

・Beautiful glossy finish

Saios treatment dyes your hair well without damaging it with its "rich color formula'' that

can be used on both wet and dry hair .

It contains a well-balanced blend of various carefully selected dyes, resulting in a rich finish that dyes well from the first use.

The product also has double keratin, "Cocodimonium Hydroxypropyl Hydrolyzed Keratin'' and "Hydrolyzed Keratin,'' which penetrates deep into the hair and treats damage. For a glossy finish that shines from within.

It can be used on both wet and dry hair, and if you want a more intense color, the key is to apply a generous amount to dry hair.

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