Are Monat Products Good for Black Hair|

Are Monat Products Good for Black Hair ?

Wondering whether are Monat products good for black hair? Read my honest review to find out whether this is the right product for you!

On every hair care-related social media page I open, I find something or the other about “Monat” products. After a point, it got to me! I kept wondering, what the hype about these Monat products is all about. Were their products actually that good?

But in my case, if I want to find answers, I make sure that I try out a product of the brand in question, myself, so I’ll know whether the product brand is actually a good one or not so much.

I have 4C curly hair and Monat products are known to be suitable for all hair types! I was absolutely intrigued to see whether it would work on my curls, would it help regrow my hair, and would my hair feel moisturized, I had lots of questions!

So, I took law in my own hands and decided to do a little research of my own and try out one of the Monat products myself.

Here’s my review of the Monat Renew Shampoo, along with all the details you need to know about this brand.

Are Monat Products Good for Black Hair?

Are Monat Products Good for Black Hair?

Are Monat Products Good For Hair Growth?

Monat products contain many natural ingredients which can help promote hair growth. They contain some essential ingredients like procaine and capixyl.

Procataline is an ingredient that helps maintain the levels of the antioxidant protein expression in the follicles of the hair. Thus, it helps push the scalp towards limiting the death of hair cells.

On the other hand, capixyl is another ingredient that can reduce hair-damaging substances like free radicals and DHT or dihydrotestosterone and can push the hair towards growth and also strengthen the hair follicles.

Also, as per research, many people have experienced an increase in their hair growth after using Monat products.

Monat Hair Products: Side Effects

Although most people have claimed to have good experiences after using the products by Monat, there are some who have experienced certain side effects.

This could be because there are certain ingredients in products that do not agree with some people and thus have reactions when used.

Here are some of the possible side effects that you might experience: 

1. Allergic reactions

While their products are considered safe for everybody, some people have sensitive scalp skin, while some people are allergic to certain ingredients that the Monat products contain. Thus, there have been people who have experienced allergic reactions upon using their products.

This can be solved by patch-testing their products to check for any allergic reactions, before usage.

2. Excessive scalp skin shedding

When people switch from one product to another, the body takes time to get used to it and adapt to the new product used.

Especially when this switch is from a product with harsh ingredients and the new product is naturally based, this switch could cause the shedding of the scalp skin in order to get rid of the toxins.

3. Treatment regression

Some people used Monat for a while and did experience its benefits, but over time, they discontinued the use of the Monat products and they began noticing that the benefits they received while using Monat, had regressed, meaning, their hair returned to its original condition, as it was before the Monat products were used.

4. Hair fall

For those with very sensitive scalps, the Monat products may have caused a certain amount of hair fall.

Another reason some people may experience this hair fall for some time is that their bodies are just adapting to the new product being used.

Are Monat Products Safe for Color-Treated Hair?

Monat has a specific shampoo designed for color-treated hair in particular called the ‘Colour Enhance Perfectly Platinum Shampoo’.

But just like all their shampoos which are designed to work well on any hair type, all their shampoos are also designed to work well on color-treated hair or even chemically-treated hair.

Monat Scandal, Hair Loss and Balding: Is it True?

Over the years there have been quite a few class action lawsuits filed against Monat, alleging that their products are causing hair loss and other scalp conditions.

But is this all just another scandal? Is this information true?

Well, as per a report published online, a spokesperson from Monat, Gene Grabowski refuted these claims and spoke about how their products could be tested at any reputed lab and they can assure the people that there is no such ingredient in their products that can cause such harsh reactions to so many people.

Grabowski also said that although their products are naturally based, they do understand that there could be some who experience such reactions, but it is unlikely to happen to the majority of their products’ users.

Another spokesperson from Monat, Brittany Pillars, as per research, said that Monat was forced to use litigation as their last resort in order to stop defamatory attacks online and claimed that they were victims to fake claims from attackers and haters of their company.

Pillars also said that their products undergo clinical testing and there are hundreds of truly satisfied customers using their products to date.

It is now known that the company has also sued people for their defamatory acts and it was done in order to protect the company from such acts.

Monat Renew Shampoo and Conditioner: My Review

So my hair was experiencing severe dryness and it lacked moisture to a large extent. While I also experienced some amount of hair loss and lack of hair growth, I chose to tackle one problem at a time and thus bought the Monat Renew Shampoo and Conditioner to first treat the problem of hair dryness.

Whenever I review products, I make sure to review them based on certain factors so that the readers of my reviews find it easy to come to a conclusion of their own.

So for this product, I reviewed it based on a few parameters and these are the ones I chose:

Scalp and hair cleansing:

This aspect tests how effective the shampoo is, in terms of how well it cleanses the scalp and hair of dirt, grime and buildup.

Gentleness on the scalp and hair:

This parameter tests whether the product felt mild or harsh on the scalp in consideration with all its ingredients.

Effectiveness and efficacy:

Here I review whether the product lived up to its expectations and delivered the promised results.

Smell and fragrance:

Lastly, in this parameter, I review whether the shampoo smelled mild or harsh in its fragrance.

Here’s my experience after using the Monat Renew Shampoo and Conditioner:

So what I really liked about this shampoo was that it did not contain any sulfates or parabens, but it still did a great job at cleansing my hair and scalp.

After each wash, my hair felt more refreshed and my scalp felt lighter as the buildup reduced over time.

why i stopped selling monat

Also, since it didn’t contain any sulfates, it felt super mild on my scalp and this was a thumbs up for me as I have mildly sensitive skin and it suited me just fine.

I have very curly hair and it is super hard maintaining these curls when the hair is dry! So I was hoping that this shampoo would help moisturize my hair and it actually did!

is monat good for hair growth

Initially, my hair felt only slightly moisturized after the first week of using it, so I really couldn’t tell whether this shampoo was working or not.

But after using it for a month, that’s when the changes in my hair began to show and I could feel my curls feel much more hydrated. My hair felt softer than before and it brought back life to my dehydrated locs.

While this shampoo is designed to hydrate the hair, I also observed that my hair growth seemed to have increased and this is something I noticed after using this shampoo for around 3 months, while also my hair fall had reduced considerably! So it definitely benefited me more than I could ask for!

monat hair products side effects

I used this shampoo along with its recommended conditioner and it was a super perfect combination. The conditioner was light and didn’t weigh down my locs. Also, the conditioner didn’t leave any residue on my hair once it was washed.

This shampoo is known to have a floral scent along with lemon. But to be honest, I didn’t really smell anything floral or lemon, but it did smell very nice and the fragrance was subtle. So I really liked the smell because it suited someone like me, who is super scent-sensitive.

monat hair products review

Overall, great product and it fulfilled its promised results.

Are Monat Shampoos and Conditioners Sulfate Free?

Yes, Monat Shampoos are sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) free and their products are naturally based as their shampoos are made with ingredients that are closest to their natural sources and are blended with other ingredients to make a safe formulation.

They also use high-quality vitamins, botanic ingredients and essential oils so that people gain the most benefits from their products.

The Final Takeaway

For those of you who were on two minds whether you should try out Monat’s products or not, well, I hope this article could help you make your decision.

It is essential to remember that each person’s hair type and skin type react differently to different products and that’s the main reason why individual results vary.

Therefore, trying and testing a product out yourself would be the best option if you really want to know whether you can benefit from a particular product and to what extent.

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