12 Awesome Sew-In Weave Hairstyles To Try Today

Wigs can really switch up your appearance, but sew-ins last longer. And here are some stylish sew-in hairstyles you can ask your stylist to create.

A lot of women, especially those with coily 4c hair opt for wigs or sew-ins to keep their hair tamed and also to create protective hairstyles.

Sew-ins don’t always have to be done for braids or coils, you can get these extensions in a variety of styles as I’ve explained below.

Just make sure you are buying the right hair for the purpose. I always get Remy human hair extensions to create my sew-ins.

And if you show your hairstylists these cool, trending sew-in hairstyles, you can sport a new look for a few weeks without having to actually do anything to your natural hair.

Sew-In Hairstyles

Here are some of the sew-in hairstyles you can try instead of your regular protective braids. These sew-in hairstyles can be done with both leave out and closure style of sew-ins. So you don’t have to worry about that. Just pick the look you like!

Long Curly Sew-In Hairstyles

sew in hairstyles 2021

I love the long curly sew-in look. It’s simple, it’s elegant and it’s easy to maintain. You can choose from the type of curls you want - looser, 3b or tighter ringlets.

It’s also easy to control the length of these types of hairstyles. You can keep the long curls at waist length or cut a few inches off and leave it mid-back length.

It’ll look just as good either way. I’ve noticed these types of long curls always look good on women with rounder, chubbier faces as it takes away attention from the face area.

Short Sew-In With Layers

short sew in hairstyles

My one pet peeve is that a lot of people think sew-ins are supposed to add length to your hair and that is not technically true.

You can get short sew-in hairstyles too. There are so many varieties of short looks including bobs, pixie cuts, etc.

fI really like this short sew-in hairstyle shown above. The layers here add a bit of volume to the hair and the angles frame your face in an attractive way.

Plus, these hairstyles are also easy to maintain. Much more than longer, curlier styles shown before.

Voluminous Curls Sew-In

full sew in hairstyles

The one reasons why a lot of women (inlcuding me!) opt for sew-ins, is because our hair isn’t bouncy or voluminous enough.

But you can change that with by getting these voluminous curls hairstyle. The picture above shows type 3b curls, but you can switch it up and get a curly hair weave similar to your natural texture or in different styles.

You can also opt for full body waves instead of curls to get that same voluminous effect.

Straight Waist Length Sew-In

top sew in weave hairstyles

If having the versatility of creating new hairstyles is what you’re looking for in your sew-in weaves, you should simply opt for a straight waist length one.

The straight hair is uber manageable. So you won’t have to worry taking care of it like you would for curly, coily hair.

Also, the straight texture of the hair gives you multiple opportunities to create the hairstyles you like. You can braid your straight hair, pull it up in a bun, curl it using a curling iron, or simply leave it straight and free.

When I get a sew-in that’s supposed to be more long-wearing, I usually opt for straight, waist length so I can change things as desired.

Bob Sew-In With Fringe

sew-in hairstyles with leave out

This is another variation on the short sew-in hairstyles I’ve talked about before. If you don’t exactly want to get a sew-in for something like a pixie or a boy cut, it’s completely understandable.

But there are still several short hairstyles you can do, like this bob with fringe. You can adjust the length of the bob according to your desire.

I usually keep it just an inch or two below the chin to give that perfect, face-framing effect.

You can also switch things up with the fringe. Here, the fringe is a fuller, blunt style. But you can opt for softer, see through bangs, rounded bangs, curtain bangs and other styles.

Deep Waves Sew-In Hairstyle

wavy sew-in hairstyle

Another type of hair I love for a sew-in is the deep waves texture. It’s a common hair texture you can find in Brazilian hairs and even Indian hair sometimes.

These deep waves are more pronounced and begin a few inches away from the roots of the hair unlike a full body wave that is seen across the hair strand.

The deep waves hairstyle is excellent if you want to add volume to your hair. If someone has thinning, fine textured hair, I usually recommend going for deep waves sew-in to add more bounce.

You can also create several hairstyles with ease if you have deep waves sew-ins similar to straight, waist length hair.

Ponytails, buns, and even braids look amazing on wavy hair anyday.

4c Natural Curls Sew-In

sew in hairstyles 2021

Okay I get, sometimes you just want to look like yourself. And there’s nothing wrong with being proud of your natural hair.

So if you love your coily, kinky hair and do no think you can do better, you can simply opt for sew-ins in your natural hair texture.

If you don’t have type 3 hair, you can still find hair in type 4 (which is more coily and closer to the “Afro” texture).

These sew-ins are simply helpful in extending the length of your hair - a huge problem in my books thanks to shrinkage.

And it’s not just about type 4 African American hair, you can pick from any hair that is closer to your natural texture.

Bob With Side Part Sew-In

short sew-in hairstyles black women

Now here’s another example of a lovely short sew-in hairstyle. I find this type of side part is a much better look than the fringe in the other example if you have fuller, rounder faces.

The bobs, again can be lengthed and shortened as you desire. I also love a good asymmetrical bob with different lengths at both ends.

I feel the side part sew-in look frames your face very well. When it comes to bobs like these, I always suggest getting a longer length (a lob so to speak!) as it helps create different hairstyles if needed.

Sew-In Hair With Ombre Balayage

ombre sew-in hairstyle

You don’t always have to go for virgin human hair when it comes to a sew-in. Some of the color-treated hair can save you time and money by cutting down your salon visits.

My natural hair is very prone to damage and dryness, so I often go for these sew-in color-treated hairstyles instead.

I love ones with an ombre or balayage style as it’s very trendy right now. But you can get it in a color you like.

Also if you’re opting for a ombre sew-in, go for hair with wavy or curly textures as it really brings out the ombre to the forefront.

A-Line Bob

short sew in hairstyles 2021

I like an A-line bob as it looks so cool and different to your regular bob hairstyles. While the good, old classic bob has it’s advantages, the A-line one looks really edgy.

And it’s not very out of the ordinary or rebellious either. So you can look completely professional when wearing this sew-in hairstyle and still be stylish.

Also, A-line bobs look best in the straight hair texture as you can see the difference in lengths in the front and back more precisely. But you can also opt for one in wavy hair texture.

The A-line bob is also called the high-low bob as the bob length is longer at the front and shorter at the back. It’s also great if you want to give the illusion of long hair.

Middle Part With Waves

shoulder length sew in weave hairstyles

A middle part is a great hairstyle look. The best part about this hairstyle is that it suits almost every face type. It really accentuates smaller, heart-shape faces.

And it also suits broaders, rounder faces as it looks like it’s elongating your face, making it appear more oval.

You can choose different hair textures to go with middle part, but I like the look best with waves. I feel straight hair and a middle part can get too severe for certain face types and curls can overwhelm smaller faces.

But wavy hair looks fantastic with a middle part, especially slight 2b body waves.

Side Swept Hairstyle

sew-in hairstyles with closure

If you’re not a fan of the middle part (and cling to your millennial roots!) just try the side swept look instead.

You can go for side swept curls as shown or opt or sew-ins in a different hair texture.

I’ve always found sew-ins to be much better than other types of extensions as they stay for longer. So despite the regular maintenance, I get these on a regular basis.

There are other types of extensions that quick weaves and regular weave extensions. You can create several different hairstyles using these as well.

Tape or glue-ins are easiest to work with, but they might not offer as much variety in hairstyles.

So it’s sew-ins for me! What about you?

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