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The Ricky Vaughn haircut is a simple cut that can be worn by anyone, regardless of their hair type or style. The name pays homage to the famous sports star and actor who wore this haircut in his heyday.

The cut was popularized in the early 1990s, when it became known as "the Al Pacino." It remained a staple in men's fashion until the early 2000s, when it began to fall out of favor.

In recent years, the Ricky Vaughn haircut has made a comeback and is now one of the most sought-after hairstyles for men over 30.

This article will teach you how to achieve this classic look with step-by-step instructions and tips on how best to style it at home with minimal effort on your part.

Who is Ricky Vaughn?

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Ricky Vaughn, the main protagonist in Major League 2 and the deuteragonist of Major League, is a former minor league pitcher who had a problem with his control. He went into baseball, signing with the Charlotte Hornets as a first-round draft pick in 1981.

Furthermore, he was known for throwing a fastball that reached 100 miles per hour (mph), as well as a slider that had "unbelievable bite." His pitching led to him being called up to play for the Cleveland Indians in 1989 after he had been traded from the Chicago Cubs.

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When he joined the Indians, he became known for his signature pitch: the "Wild Thing." This pitch was so fast it caused opponents' bats to explode when they tried to hit it.

In Major League 2 (1993), Ricky Vaughn joins forces with Jake Taylor after he learns that Jake has been banned from Major League Baseball because of his alcoholism problems; they help each other get back into Major League by playing for their respective teams—the Cleveland Indians and New York Yankees—and winning them over.

Ricky Vaughn Haircut Name

Ricky Vaughn Haircut 2022

Ricky Vaughn's jagged hairstyle became iconic during his heyday as the star pitcher for the Cleveland Indians baseball team. Though he was not known for his pitching skill, Ricky Vaughn was known for his aggressive and violent behavior on the field, as well as his unique hair style.

His hairstyle has been around for decades. It is a jagged, Mohawk style haircut with shaved sides and back. The Ricky Vaughn haircut can be cut in a variety of lengths and styles, but it is most commonly seen as a shorter style with jagged edges on the sides and back.

Jagged Hairstyle

Jagged hairstyles are all the rage right now—and for good reason! This hairstyle is perfect for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd, but isn't interested in making a major commitment to their look. It's also great for those who want to try something new and edgy without going too far over the edge.

The trend is huge in the fashion world, and it's even being used to signify power and strength. You can have a jagged haircut with any length or color of hair—no matter what kind of style you're going for, this look is sure to stand out from the crowd. And if you've never tried one before, you should definitely give it a try.

Steps on Making Ricky Vaughn Haircut

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Making a jagged haircut is not as hard as you might think. If you have never cut your own hair, it is best to let a professional do it the first time. They can help you determine how much hair to trim off and what style will work best for your face shape. After that first cut, though, you can easily do it yourself!

Step 1: Make sure your hair is clean. You don't want any grease or dirt getting in the way of your cut.

Step 2: Get a good pair of sharp scissors, preferably with rounded tips that won't snag your hair as much as pointed ones would. Don't use regular kitchen shears—they're too dull.

Step 3: Take a section of hair from the top of your head and start snipping away! The key here is not to be afraid; just cut away at it until it looks like what you want your final product to be like, then move on to another section and repeat until all of your hair has been cut into jagged pieces instead of long ones!

Step 4: Now move on to the back of your head, starting at one side and moving across until you reach the other side (repeat this step if necessary). Use a comb and scissors if you have any trouble getting the length right or are unsure about how much hair you want removed at each stage of this process.

Step 5: Lastly, use a razor to remove any strays around your ears and neckline before styling as desired!

Tips on maintaining Ricky Vaughn Haircut

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Ricky Vaughn Haircut is a popular, high-maintenance haircut that requires consistent maintenance to look its best. While there are many ways you can maintain your Ricky Vaughn Haircut, we recommend you follow these tips:

Use Brush with Natural Bristles

Always use a brush with natural bristles when brushing your hair. This will help distribute the natural oils in your hair evenly throughout all of its strands, which will make it look shinier and healthier overall.

Use a Spray Bottle with Water

Use a spray bottle with water in it before styling your hair with a blow-dryer or curling iron. This will help prevent frizz from occurring while you style your hair, which can be especially helpful during humid weather seasons like summer!

Apply Conditioner

Apply some conditioner to your ends every time you shower so that they stay smooth and healthy-looking, as well as preventing split ends from forming over time!


So, now you know a little more about Ricky Vaughn Haircut. You're probably wondering what to do next.

The first thing we recommend is to try out one of the haircuts on our website. You can look through our gallery and see which one appeals to you. If you have a picture of a hairstyle that you like, send it over to us, and we'll see if we can recreate it for you!

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