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Ramona Flowers is a fictional character from the comic series Scott Pilgrim vs. the World by Bryan Lee O'Malley. She's a former resident of New York and an American expat who works as a delivery girl in Canada. She has seven nasty ex-boyfriends, but she falls in love with Scott Pilgrim whom she met while working. In addition, she has the power to travel through subspace.

In the comics, Ramona is portrayed as a "deliberately ambiguous" character; she's described as being "both incredibly strong and incredibly vulnerable", which means that she's sometimes very confident but sometimes not. She's also said to be "a bundle of contradictions".

Ramona has brown eyes and long black hair. She's often seen wearing a black leather jacket and blue jeans with Converse sneakers. She lives in Toronto with her roommate, Roxie Richter, who she later dated.

In the movie adaptation, she wears a lot of red—her signature color—and has short hair with bangs. It's also dyed black at times (but not too long).

What is Ramona Flowers Haircut called?

Ramona Flowers Haircut 2022

Ramona Flowers' haircut is called the Wavy or Wolf haircut. It's a very diverse hairstyle, and it has many variations. It can be worn straight or curly, short or long, and with different bangs.

She has a natural curl and wave in her hair that allows her curls to bounce around as she walks. Her hair is also long enough that if it were straightened out, it would fall below her shoulders. But Ramona doesn't want to be taken seriously—she wants to be fun and carefree (and maybe a little rebellious). So rather than straighten her hair or make it shorter, she keeps it curly because she knows that this will be more conducive to her personality and lifestyle choices.

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Moreover, Ramona Flowers' hairstyle is a very short style, with a lot of volume. The hair is cut at different lengths to create a ragged, layered effect. It is a style that's been around for decades, but it's still as popular as ever. In fact, there are multiple variations on this classic look that make it perfect for any taste and style. This works best for those with fine or medium-length hair.

Ramona Flowers Haircut in the Comics

In the story, Ramona is a woman who is dating the title character, Scott Pilgrim. She has a very complicated relationship with her hair—she cuts it off when she's upset and grows it back when she feels better.

In one scene, we see Ramona and Scott sitting in a barber's chair as he gets his haircut. Ramona asks if he likes her new haircut, but he says he doesn't really care about hair that much. He just wants to be with her, no matter what she looks like.

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Ramona's long hair is usually tied up in a ponytail or bun and has blue highlights running through it (which are not seen in the movie). In this comic strip from Volume 1: Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life (p. 68-69), Ramona can be seen cutting her own hair short, except for two long front strands on either side of her face.

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Her hair has slightly grown out in the second book, but the lengthier side parts have been trimmed to chin length, even out the length of her hair. Her hair is styled again in the third book, although it is a variation of her second cut, with just a little more hair on the sides.

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Ramona gets a new wavy hairstyle in the fourth book (officially titled "Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together") after getting her hair cut short. Then, in the fifth and final book, she trims it even shorter than that, keeping the wavy, mid-length look but shortening it with the addition of a star-shaped hair clip.

Steps in Making Ramona Flowers Haircut

Sectioning Technique

When it comes to creating the perfect Ramona Flowers haircut, you want to make sure you're using a 3-part sectioning technique. This will help make sure that your bangs are cut evenly and that your hair stays in place throughout the day.

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Cutting the bangs

Next, cut your bangs a little above your eyebrows. The length of your bangs is up to you, but we recommend going for something that is just a little longer than a traditional pixie cut.

Cutting the Sides

After this, you'll want to cut the sides of your hair in an A-line bob shape, but make it look boxy instead of rounded. This will give some dimension and movement to the haircut, as well as allow for easy styling with products like mousse or gel.

Best Ramona Flowers Haircut 2022
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Leaving a Two Long Strands

Finally, leave two long strands on both sides of your head so that when you put up your hair in a ponytail, it looks like they're coming out at the top of your head (like Ramona Flowers!).


The Ramona Flowers haircut is perfect for someone who wants to try something different and fun. It has a small amount of layers that gently frame your face, while the rest of your hair is worn straight. But if you're looking for perfect symmetry and are ready to part with a bit of length, this is the perfect haircut for you.

We hope this guide has helped to shed some light on the beauty of Ramona Flowers haircut. If you're still a little hesitant about taking the plunge, let us leave you with one parting thought: as a non-trend.

This hairstyle is here to stay; it will be around after your favorite hairstylist's latest craze has come and gone. So why not go for something timeless in the first place?

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